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A Friendly

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A former lover called one afternoon inviting me to dinner and I took her up on it. Ours had been an amicable parting a year earlier and we'd remained friends though we saw each other seldomly. Her current boy friend traveled a lot and was out of town for a few days. She was very clear, without bluntly stating it, that it was a dinner only invitation, that she was quite happy in her new relationship.

I got there about 6:30 and we sat on the deck talking of old times and our current situations. Dinner came and went and the conversation continued. Come 10:00 I got up to leave but she offered to make me a bed on the sofa and I could spend the night.

I agreed and she looked at me after making my bed and starting up stairs and said she expected me to stay down stairs, that she was not interested in sharing her bed with me. I stripped off my clothes, snuggled in and after trying to put a spin on her final statement turning it into an invitation to join her upstairs, fell asleep.

I awoke, as usual, about 4:30, and as usual, with a boner. Took a leak, which help with this condition then went in the kitchen and made coffee. while the coffee brewed I logged on the net using her computer which was nearby and checked out some of the sex sites I frequent and my 'boner' returned with vengeance. Got some coffee, some paper towels, and some lotion from the bathroom and returned to check out some more porn and jerk myself off.

I jumped back and forth between stories and pic's casually playing with myself. Found a two minute clip of a guy jacking off as he watched a couple fuck on the floor in front of him and became lost in this scene as I rubbed my cock. Just as I reached for the lotion the overhead light came on and there at the bottom of the steps she stood wrapped in her robe watching me.

I tried to hide what I was doing which was impossible, then began apologizing as my dick softened. She walked over to where I sat and said it was OK, that she very much appreciated my not coming upstairs to satisfy my need. Went on to say that while her current lover was good in bed, he was a bit up tight about masturbation and wouldn't jack off while she watched and she missed that in our relationship.

With that she opened her robe and let it slip off to fall on the floor pulling a chair up across from mine. Jesus she was lovely to look at as she played with her cute little titties till the nipples stood out stiff on the ends. Then throwing one leg up on the arm of the chair she began playing between her legs parting the hair to expose the pink inner lips and pulling the hood off her clit. She'd touch her exposed clit with her finger and her entire body would shudder. Looking me in the eyes she said she wanted to watch me get myself off.

I was instantly hard again and gripping my cock in my fist I began jacking off as she watched. 'It's been a while, but I still think of sex with you from time to time when I jack off', I said. 'Hope you don't mind.' 'Why should I mind? I picture you jacking off sometimes when he's out of town and I'm doin' myself. No big deal.'

We both sort of settled into a comfort zone as we watched one another and talked reminiscing about the good old days as we casually played with ourselves. We agreed our time together had opened both our eyes where sex was concerned to the playful aspects, the fun and the daring.

Leaning back in my chair I squirted some lotion on the head of my cock and rubbed it in as it flowed down the shaft. The coolness of the lotion was erotic in itself along with the slipperiness. I began stroking in earnest as I watched her diddle herself five feet away.

I could always tell when her orgasm was near. Her eyes wouldn't cross or anything like that, but they would kinda glaze over with a far away look to them. Then her hand would rub rapidly at the top of her cunt and she'd start pinching a nipples, one then the other. I knew when her hips started bucking as if she were fucking she was there.

I watched, delaying my orgasm, as the telltale signals progressed. Then her hips began that thrusting movement and she let out a loud moan throwing her head back at the same time. It was beautiful to watch. She bucked, moaned and twitched for a few seconds then her eyes focused again and she smiled at me saying nothing, just smiling watching me stroke my dick.

She'd seem me jack off often enough to know when I was about to come and sensing my impending orgasm said, 'Come on me Charlie, just for old time sake. Come on me, Please!' I struggled to my feet to stand between her spread legs as she leaned back in the chair still smiling. I stroked rapidly as the point of no return approached, when it hit I gripped my dick tightly stroking in time with each burst of come as I squirted on her boobs and belly 4 or 5 times.

She then stood saying, 'Just for old times sake', and pressed her come covered front against me spreading it all over my chest and belly too and kissed me sweetly. She got us each another cup of coffee to have while we showered. They're still together and when I see them I can't help but think of this wonderful morning. This was six months ago, I keep hoping for another invitation to dinner.



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