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A Friend and Her Mom

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If only we had stayed in touch.


A Friend and her Mom

Many moons ago I had a young lady friend Jo, who I fancied something rotten (she lived with her divorced mom Vicky, who was also rather tasty, even though she was 20 years older than I). Now I was 8 years older than my friend and she had a boyfriend of her own, but he worked odd hours so I used to take her out on weekend afternoons or in the evenings from time to time, to the cinema.

Sitting next to her in the darkened cinema was great, yet intensely frustrating, having a hard on at being so close to her yet not being able to touch her. Often I had to go to the toilet during the intermission and jerk off just to calm myself down.

After returning to their home following an afternoon at the cinema, that had included one of my intermission relief sessions, she asked me about my current sex life, which as I explained to her, was at that time purely do it yourself masturbatory pleasure.

She asked me what got me turned on and I replied that Men's magazines did the trick, that sometimes a model from one and an erotic story from another were used to get me going and help me cum.

She then surprised me by asking me to show her. Feeling myself turn bright red, I replied that I didn't have a magazine on me so I couldn't. Smiling, she just left the lounge and ran upstairs, allowing me to gather my thoughts and adjust my cock in my jeans. All this talk had got me hard again.

I heard her run back downstairs and she entered the lounge with several magazines in her hand. Several Men's Mag's.

'Here, see if these will help you' she said grinning.

Slightly taken aback, I looked at the magazines she had put down on the floor in front of me, picked them up and started to flick through them.

'They're David's' she said, 'He thinks I don't know he has them'.

David was her boyfriend.

'Why does he have them?' I asked. 'If I were him I'd be cumming over you and not them' I said.

'I know you would, and I suspect you do cum because of me' she said grinning again.

'What?!' I spluttered.

'Hey, I know you get hard next to me at the cinema, and I reckon that you go to the toilet during the intermission to jerk off don't try denying it, I've noticed the damp patch in your jeans when you come back to your seat'.

Shit, busted I thought.

'Sorry Jo, but you have an effect on me' I managed to say.

'Good to know' Jo replied. 'Now get your jeans and boxers off and show me what you do when you're looking at magazines full of models and reading stories!'

'And what I do thinking of you too' I muttered.

'Better yet' she beamed. 'Here, maybe this will help you get in the mood?'

With that, she took off her t-shirt and let me get a good look at her breasts. Pert breasts, with hard nipples just longing to be suckled on.

'Where's your bra?' I asked, stupidly.

'I took it off when I went upstairs, I want you hard and jerking off NOW!'

Never one to argue with a lady, I hurriedly removed my jeans and boxers. My cock sprang to attention, pre cum dripping off the end.

'Nice' Jo said.

'Very nice indeed' said another, familiar voice. There, standing smiling at the lounge door was Jo's mom with a grin on her lips and a twinkle in her eyes.

'What's the problem lad?' she said to me, 'You're getting two sets of eyes looking at that gorgeous cock of yours. I can see the effect don't deny it'.

Indeed I couldn't, I was as hard as I'd ever been.

'Mom, you're home early' said Jo blushing.

'Glad I am, Jo, glad I am'. Vicky said, undoing her blouse. 'Here lad, hang on I just need something'.

With that Vicky headed off for the bathroom.

'Eye's on me boy!' said Jo. 'Come on, stroke it, stroke it like you know you want to'.

With my eyes fixed on Jo's superb breasts, and her hands rubbing them and playing with her nipples, I grasped my hard cock with my right hand and started stroking away.

Jo's eyes were intently looking at my hand movements over my cock.

'Mmm nice. David won't let me watch him jerk off. Silly of him really as we fuck'.

My cock twitched as Jo talked dirty.

'Steady boy, no eruptions yet, I want to watch you for a while'.

'So do I lad, so do I!' said Vicky from behind me. God she could move quietly! 'Here, try this, it may help you, and us ladies too'. Vicky said as she produced a bottle of baby oil and drizzled some over my hand and cock like she was cooking in the kitchen.

Wow, what a sensation. Smooth, slippery, wet and juicy all at once. Fabulous.

I started to close my eyes savouring the new feeling.

'HEY!' said two voices, 'Here we are showing you our tits and you go close your eyes!'

Chastened I opened my eyes to see mother and daughter kneeling down in front of me, either side of my cock. Both were playing with their breasts and nipples, both looking between my slippery, shiny cock and my face.

'That's better' Vicky said. 'Now, how does this feel?' she asked as she tickled the underside of my balls with her index finger.

'God! Trying to make me cum or something?' I gasped.

'Well, yes, we are actually' replied mother and daughter.

'Fuck' I uttered. 'It's working, I'm ready to explode. Have you got some tissues?' I asked.

Laughing loudly Vicky said, 'Silly lad, you've tits and faces here to cum on, and you want tissues?'

'Come on, YOU KNOW you've fantasised about cumming over the pair of us while you've jerked off at home. Haven't you?' she asked in a husky voice.

'Yes' I gulped looking down at them. Each now had one hand between their respective legs, playing with themselves as I played with myself for them, their other hands holding each other.

'Cum on my face' said Jo 'PLEASE'.

'Here, let me help you lad' said Vicky. She took her sticky hand from between her legs and wrapped it over my hand as I stroked my cock. Her other hand held her daughters chin.

'Cum on lad, cum on, cum on her face' she muttered as she took over the rhythm of my stroking hand.

Faster and faster she stroked me until I gasped and let fly my cum. My cock pumped hard, spurt after spurt of my cum landing over Jo's face thanks to Vicky holding my cock, guiding the spurts.

'Mmm, great!' said Vicky.

'Nice, very nice' said Jo grinning like the Cheshire cat. The Cheshire cat with creamy cum on it's face.

'Now doesn't that feel better lad?' asks Vicky wiping the last of my cum off my cock with her hand before swallowing it.

'Yes' I managed to croak.

'Oh, and by the way boy', said Jo, 'You won't need those magazines for a while when you cum a calling for me, and you won't need to use the intermission break to get a jerk off in. You can do it next to me'.

'No, you won't need them lad, and that's cum a calling for US'. emphasised Vicky. 'I want some more of your cum too lad, lots more, and besides, we can have a movie night here, just the three of us, all snugly and slippery, and sticky'.

What a day. What a following year.



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