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A First Experience

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Although the category for this story is designated MF, a more realistic description should be MFF


This is a completely true story. Although perhaps overly long for some, the full story has to be told so that readers can appreciate how this story developed.

For many years I served in uniform in a public service organisation and was fortunate to meet and admire many women of all ages.

Such was the type of roll we performed, much of our duty was performed covertly over lengthy periods, and on many occasions throughout the night.

During one such duty I shared a number of hours with a woman I will call Margaret for sake of preserving her identity.

Margaret was (and still is) a very sexy woman having that certain 'something' that certainly attracted me. At this time I was in my mid forties and Margaret was in her late twenties.

Although not what some people would call beautiful, she had an infectious smile and a mischievous sense of humour. The fact that she had had the most wonderful looking breasts completed my attraction to her.

Over a period of time on this particular night the usual topics of conversation were dealt with and eliminated. We then moved onto the more personal descriptions of our loves and lives. I discovered that she lived with an older man and at that time they were having some difficulties and that their sex life was almost non-existant.

She asked me what my sexual fantasy was and I replied that like many men I loved the thought of two women being sexually active together, moreover that it was my personal belief that erotic thoughts generated by the brain could be as equally sexually liberating as performing the act!

She smiled that sexy smile and said that she would tell me what she had never told anyone else and her story is as follows.

Some years earlier she had worked for a woman who at that time would have been in her mid thirties putting Michelle in her early twenties. This lady was married and apparently well off with an indoor swimming pool. She was attractive, outgoing and fun to be with.

One particular day after completing her work schedule her employer asked her if she wanted to cool off in the pool. Margaret agreed but said that she had no costume. The lady said that it wasn't a problem and as she was not expecting visitors that they could 'skinny dip' which Margaret readily agreed to.

She told me that she had been harbouring sexual thoughts about her employer for quite some time and had fantasised about her and had masturbated several times with her employer the object of those fantasies.

By now her voice had dropped and had become quite husky and to me dripping with sexuality. As we were sitting in the dark she could not see my hand which was covering my stiff penis.

She went onto to tell me that as soon as she saw her employer naked she became sexually aroused and although she had never indulged in any sexual activity with a female before she hoped that her dreams were about to come true. It did concern her that her boss had never outwardly displayed any physical attraction towards her so she knew she could never make the first move.

For the first ten minutes or so they swam up and down the pool with Margaret secretly admiring the curves of this naked woman beside her. She said that it was all she could do not to reach out and stroke her engorged nipples. The sensitivity of the moving water over her own breasts had caused her own nipples to stiffen and the swirling water between her legs and over her clitoris was giving her exquisite sensations.

Then it happened! As they swam side by side, she felt the slightest touch on her breast. The shock electrified her and her mind tumbled. Was it an accident? She thought she had better not respond. They continued swimming, although the conversation between them had somehow dried up. It happened again, this time a more positive touch, a stroke of her breast just as they reached the shallow end and stopped swimming.

She stood in front of the woman and decided to pluck up courage to say 'That was nice'. She didn't get a reply but her boss reached forward and gently stroked her nipple with her nails. Again the sexual shock ran through her as the woman finally said, 'I'm glad you liked it, you certainly seem as though you do' looking directly at Michelle's very stiff nipples.

Not knowing what to do she told me she stood there like a lemon until the older woman took charge. She stepped forward and gently nuzzled Michelle's lips, their breasts touching as she did so. Michelle for her part responded and caressed her bosses breasts, stroking her thickening nipples until she heard a quiet and very satisfying moan.

The older woman then lead her out of the pool and they lay on a padded area covered with their towels. She felt the smoothness of her bosses hands tracing over her breasts across her stomach and down to the inside of her thigh. Margaret was desperate for her to stroke her clit, but the older more experienced lady held back. Margaret said that her cunt was soaking wet (and not only from the pool water)and she felt that she wouldn't be able to last much longer.

For her own part, Margaret was stroking and lightly pinching her partners breasts, eliciting encouraging responses. Suddenly she felt the womans fingers stroking her slit. She opened her legs and the magical fingers slipped inside. One finger then two found their way up inside her and she began to grind against them. The womans thumb found her clit and the orgasm hit her like train. She said that she had never had an orgasm like it and it seemed to last for ever.

Eventually, the woman guide Margaret's fingers to her own cunt and she had her first experience of stroking another womans vagina. She said that the experience of having power over this woman at that point was intoxicating. The more she stroked and finger fucked her, the more sexually vocal and explicit she became until eventually when she orgasmed she squirted over her hand and fingers.

They lay together for a while before getting dressed. Margaret continued by saying that she had several more encounters with this lady and that they remain friendly to this day.

She asked me what I thought of her story and I said that it was wonderful. I also thanked her for sharing it with me.

Our duty finished soon after, but before we parted she gave me her telephone number and with that sexy smile said, 'It will take me half an hour to get home, it would be nice to finish off our conversation'

I did call her and it was certainly worth it!

We developed a relationship based primarily on our shared sexual views and I was able to introduce another lady into it who had similar sexual needs as Margaret and I. Those experiences are subject of another story.



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