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A First

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This day was unusual for a number of reasons. I'm usually an evening/night time guy when it comes to sexual arousal. For some reason I was just wound up like a top right from the moment I opened my eyes to start the day. Another oddity was how my wife was acting. She is traditionally a very reserved person when it comes to showing her body. She is very sexy, but doesn't see it and covers herself up at all times. For some reason on this day she was acting like an exhibitionist. She walked out of the shower wearing nothing but a thong and didn't seem to be in any hurry to get dressed. I was dying. Seeing her just added to the frustration I was already feeling.

We have two kids and having a quickie was out of the question. Our littlest one gets into everything and we need to keep an eye on him at all times. It was clear that I was going to have to take care of things myself, but I was going to need to find an opportunity. My Wife was going to work in just over an hour and the kids were heading to a sitter so I figured I wait. The problem was I had been walking around half erect all afternoon and it wasn't getting any better. I decided to go pretend to take a nap to kill the time. I was a little tired, but there was no way I was sleeping with how I was feeling. I was going to just rest my eyes and wait it out.

After about 20 minutes or so my wife comes in to get changed for work. We talked for a minute and to my complete surprise she just started changing in front of me. I've seen her change before, but it was the order she was doing it that was shocking. Normally she'll change an article of clothing at a time and skillfully hide body parts. Today, she just dropped everything and kept talking. I don't know if she could sense my 'problem', but it seemed she was having fun adding to it. I was ready to explode, literally. She just stood there. I could see her sexy, naked body perfectly in the light. It was beautiful.

She finished getting dressed and left the room and I couldn't take it anymore. I reached into my pants and started stroking with an intensity I don't think I've ever achieved before. I was wearing lounge pants without any underwear so access was easy. My pre-cum gave me more then enough lube to make the sensation a once in a lifetime experience. It seemed like seconds, and I blew a huge load right in my pants. I figured that was the best place for it because I would clean up after everyone left. The weird thing about this orgasm was...I instantly fell asleep. It was bizarre. The last thing I remember was feeling my 'deposit' running down between my legs and the next I was waking up about a half hour later and everyone was gone. Even as a teenager I never had an orgasm that was that quick and that intense.

As I awoke the first thing I noticed is that the load I had left in my pants was cool. The pants were soaked and my penis was still covered in semen. At that moment I started to remember what I had just done and all of the other things that added to it's success. First off, the panties my wife had taken off were laying at the foot of the bed and that brought the visual of her sexy body flooding back into my mind. I was hard again an didn't hesitate to start pleasuring myself. I found it really hot that I was using my own cum as lube for this session and it didn't take long and I shot another load into my pants. I felt drained, but this time I stayed awake.

I got up and took my pants off and even I was stunned with the sheer volume of fluid that came out of me. I went and took a quick shower to rinse off the rest. The whole time I was showering I was thinking about this unreal day. I'm not a young guy anymore so to have gotten myself off twice in such a short period of time, and that quickly, was baffling.

I came back into our room and was checking to see if I had made a mess of our sheets and I was stunned to feel another erection developing under my towel. The images dancing in my head were just too much. I dropped the towel and grabbed myself and started up again. I just stood there jerking my cock and thinking about my wife. This time was a little more typical in length, but when I came to orgasm it almost hurt. My knees went weak and there was very little cum, but what did come out shot onto the bed. I hadn't made a mess the first two times, but I sure did this time around. Should have been more careful. I was just standing there naked, penis a little sore after blowing a third load in less then an hour and all I could think of was....WOW, that was awesome.

My wife knows I masturbate and I told her all about what had happened. I think she was a little flattered because it was all because of her. I don't know if I'll ever be able to repeat what happened that day, but I hope she keeps trying to set me up for it.



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