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A Few Solo Driving Experiences

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I discovered masturbating while driving in my car about a year ago.....And it has been my favorite thing to do ever since! It all started when I was visiting my boyfriend who lived a few hours away. I brought my pocket vibrator with me on the trip, since I knew I would be using it with him. After the weekend was over, I got in my car to head back home, and I started getting some crazy ideas. I've always been an exhibitionist at heart, but haven't had much chance to do any actual exhibiting. In broad daylight, I started to pull down my spaghetti strap tank top so that it barely covered my nipples. After doing that for a little while, I then moved on to pulling it down all the way around my waist while I drove. All of this was turning me on so much, and I remembered that I had my vibrator in my bag, so I pulled over to the side of the road, pulled it out of my bag and slipped it inside my pants and panties. I was not daring enough (this time!) to pull down my pants, so I just took care of business under my pants. Within minutes, I was having an earth-shattering orgasm! I can almost always get several climaxes out of each masturbation session, so I kept going and stopping every so often, because I was constantly horny, and was able to cum four times over the course of the three hour drive.

Ever since that time, I have taken the opportunity to masturbate while out driving as much as possible. Another time, I was feeling extra courageous, so I pulled into the drive through lane at a fast food restaurant. Luckily the wait was kind of long, so I was able to pull down my top so that my nipples were just barely showing again, and then slid my vibrator down into my thong while I waited in line. There was a big truck in front of me, and the way that the line was curving, he could see me quite well in his side mirror. I could tell he knew what was going on, his eyes were absolutely locked onto mine! This was the first time that I had actually been watched while getting myself off, even though there was no actual nudity. Next thing I knew, it was my time to order, so I placed my order quickly, then left my window down so the man in the truck in front could hear me moaning softly. I was making direct eye contact with him through his mirror while I came. It was amazing!

My last story was from a time I was driving home from a very steamy date. I had on a really sexy outfit, which included a revealing top and short mini skirt with nothing on underneath. By now, I always carry my vibrator in my purse, so I pulled it out, hiked up my skirt till it was round my waist, and started to go to town with my little toy. When I pulled up to a stoplight, I see a young guy in a tall SUV pull up to my right. I turned my head so I could get a good look at him, and I see him turn towards me, then his gaze lowered as he realized what I was doing. The smile that instantly appeared on his face was exactly what I was looking for!!! The light turned green, and we started driving, he was keeping pace with me and giving me thumbs up, and other words of encouragement. I ditched my vibrator, and just started using my fingers instead. We kept this up for several blocks before his lane turned into a turn only lane.... then he was forced to turn and we parted ways. I came just a few blocks later, thinking about my first experience where someone actually saw my bare pussy, and watched me pleasure myself.

I'm sure I will have many, many more driving experiences, and I will be sure to share them here!



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