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A Fetish for Spandex

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I am writing in response to a story submitted by SaraJills (Orgasms in Tight Clothing). In 1988 I developed a fetish for clothes made of the lycra/nylon combination, also known as spandex. I was mesmerized by the silkiness, elasticity and shininess of this material.

It is always exciting to see women running or cycling and wearing long, shiny tights. It is, in my opinion, one of the best methods to show off a beautiful set of calves or thighs, and I hope women from all over take note of this. Black tends to be a favourite colour where I live and you see most women wearing black tights, which is why I find it particularly exhilarating to see tights in other colours like green or some other bright colour.

I should stress that, although most of the spandex items I possess today are mostly worn by women, I have no desire in general to wear female clothing like bras and panties. The fact that the first item that I tried was a one-piece swimsuit of my mother, did add a lot of excitement.

Up to this stage I used to masturbate in a somewhat less ordinary way, doing it through the smooth material of a certain variety of underwear that I had. It was, however, while looking at some photos of girls modeling swimwear, that I realized it was time to try something else.

One particular afternoon while my mother was out, I took out one of her swimsuits in her wardrobe. This one-piece swimsuit was made of 100 % nylon, but still, the feeling putting it on was amazing. At later stages I tried on two others swimsuits, made of the nylon/lycra combination. I always washed and cleaned them properly after masturbating in them, in order not to arouse suspicion.

It was only about five and a half years ago that I started buying clothing made of spandex, mostly because I spent the biggest part of my life in a small town where a man buying these things might have raised a few eyebrows. I'm now living in a very big town and there is obviously a much broader variety of stores to choose from. The first item I bought was a short, blue, men's type of tights. It was not too long before I moved on to buying the longer kind of tights, usually only found in the women's section. Early in 2001 I found the courage to buy a swimsuit at a different retailer. This was a black, rather small but very smooth one-piece swimsuit. A number of months later I bought a similar one at the same store, and these two items are still some of my very favourites.

Since early 1999 I have accumulated about 70 to 80 different items made of spandex. There are quite of lot of 3/4-length tights (some black, some navy-coloured), a number of short tights (black, navy, yellow, red, green etc), a few leotards of different colours and about eight swimsuits. I prefer to buy the very smooth, stretchy kind of tights, and not too small, in order to have more freedom when I masturbate.

As I don't like washing these spandex items every time I masturbate, I usually finish off the session by taking my penis out and wrapping it in a handkerchief. The feeling is amplified much more when I stimulate my nipples through the material of a swimsuit.

It is always interesting to read about people who share this fetish, especially women. I have not found many posts on the Internet about men who have a fetish for swimsuits, but it is reassuring to know that their wives/girlfriends accepted it quite happily and even participate in the fun. I would love to hear about other men who also snooped around in their mothers'/girlfriends'/wives' wardrobes looking for spandex clothing, especially those who got caught out!



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