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A Fatties First Experience

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I'm twenty two and I've never had a boyfriend. I'm about five six and I weigh 210 pounds. Lots of people tell me I have a pretty face and I receive lots of hints that if I lost some serious weight I would have no trouble attracting guys. I relieve myself sexually but only once in awhile when I'm ready to explode from sexual tension.

Last week I went to the reception of a family member who had gotten married. I was seated at a table with family as well as with two women whom I didn't know. As the evening wore on I was really enjoying talking with the one young woman who was around my age. She had a terrific personality and every once in a while she would touch my arm to emphasize something she was saying. One time she actually ran her fingertip over my arm and it sent goose bumps through me. I also learned that she lived just a few miles from me and that she was single. Her name is Margaret. At the end of the reception Margaret and I exchanged phone numbers and promised to keep in touch. I couldn't believe that such an attractive woman would pay so much attention to me. Physically, she is the complete opposite of me.

Two days later Margaret calls me and invites me over her apartment for dinner. Of course I go and after a great dinner we had a glass of wine while we talked. We sat opposite each other and Margaret wore a rather short skirt. Every once in a while her knees would part and I could see up her skirt. One time I actually saw the tops of her stockings and her white thighs. As we continued talking Margaret now had her legs parted and she kept them parted. I tried not to look but I couldn't help myself. To me, seeing what I was seeing was terribly erotic and I found myself getting sexually stimulated. This had never happened to me before with a female. Actually, I've never had any sexual experience with anyone.

Then, Margaret says, "do you find me attractive?" I told her I did as the butterflies darted about my belly and groin. She then said that she found me to be attractive. She was serious! Margaret then said, "do you enjoy looking at my legs?" I just nodded. She now opened her legs even wider and told me to feel the softness of her thighs. I got on my knees in front of her and put my hand up her skirt. I never felt so excited in my life. I rubbed my hand over the insides of her thighs and I let my fingertips brush against her crotch. Margaret then took my hand out and stood up. She hiked up her skirt and told me to pull down her panties. I was still on my knees at this point. I pulled them down and was staring at a totally bald pussy. Margaret moved forward so that her pussy was almost touching my face. I'll never forget, she said to me, "kiss it." I pulled her hips to my face and began kissing her pussy.

She then told me to stop and said she was going to take me into her bedroom and fuck me. In her room Margaret removed all of her clothes. Her body was exquisite. She told me to take off my clothes. I was very reluctant due to my fatness. As if she read my mind Margaret told me that she is attracted to big women. I took off my clothes and it felt like my face was on fire I was so embarrassed. We got on the bed and started kissing. I was on my back and she was lying next to me. Margaret then started playing with my huge tits. She squeezed my tits and then my nipples. She asked me if she could slap them and I said yes. For about a minute she slapped both of them quite hard back and forth. She also tweaked my nipples. She told me to raise my knees and open my legs which I did. Margaret then started to kiss the inside of both thighs while gently pulling on my pussy hair. I never felt this aroused in my life. I felt her fingertip touch my clit and the sensations just jolted me.

I started to thrust my hips upward to meet her fingers. She then stopped and put her head between my legs. She actually then put my clit into her mouth. It was wonderful. After a short while she stopped and reminded me that she said earlier that she was going to fuck me. She went into her night table drawer and took out a clear plastic dildo which was attached to a form of harness. She put it on and told me to get on my elbows and knees. I did that and then I felt the dildo begin to enter me. Margaret started pumping in and out just like a guy would do. She told me to rub my clit which I eagerly did. After about five minutes of this I came. I was exhausted. Margaret then said, "now I'm going to fuck you up your asshole." I again got on my elbows and knees and Margaret put a finger up my pussy hole. She took it out and told me to spread my butt cheeks which are huge. While resting on my shoulder for support, I spread my cheeks with both hands. I felt her finger entering my butt hole and then she started pumping it in and out. After a few minutes she stopped. The physical feeling of that act was beyond description.

We then reversed roles but Margaret was mainly interested in me performing oral sex on her. Her clit had to be twice the size of mine. I never imagined that a clit could be that big but later I saw even bigger ones on the net. I had it in my mouth and I would alternately play with it with my tongue and then I would go back to sucking on it. I felt her entire body stiffen as she reached orgasm. She then told me to fuck her up her asshole which I did using not one but two fingers. For a petite woman Margaret was endowed with rather large sexual equipment.

Margaret and I agreed to continue our sexual relations with each other and she promised me she would introduce me to a few of her friends who also enjoy sex with women.

I seriously doubt that I'm a lesbian but I certainly enjoyed my first ever sexual experience and it was with a woman.

A few days later I just had to tell someone about my wonderful experience and I told my best friend Jenny. She was shocked and couldn't believe that I would do what I did with a woman. Jenny then suggested I tell my story on this site which I didn't know existed. If any of you fatties out there had a similar experience I would love to hear about it.



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