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A Farmers Son (Part 1)

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My first of several very memorable experiences with one of the most beautiful guys I have ever met. And still fantasize about...


I turned fifteen in 1989, and had lived in a small farming town in northern Colorado. I lived within the city limits, and the farmers son- who I will call 'Kyle'-lived in the country on a farm with his sister (a year younger) and his parents. I was really only interested in his sister, as she was a real beauty.

I knew very little of Kyle through other friends in school. And what little I knew was not impressive. One; He was very big for his size-as it turned out-in all areas! Two; He was six months older than me. Three; He worked on his parents farm. Four; smoked cigarettes and was an all around regular THUG. Many of us were told to stay away from him because he was a bad influence.

Eventually, I got to know him personally through another friend, Did I mention how beautiful he was? Well up close He IS!.

Wow! anyway, when I found out he was the brother of the girl I had a crush on, I decided I needed to get to know him better if I was going to be near his sister. I don't know why it did not dawn on me they had the same last name. Duh!

Several weeks of friendly banter and such and I was getting to know him better, and for whatever reason Kyle was growing fond of me as well.

I guess because I didn't talk bad about him behind his back or comment about his smoking and skipping school etc.

I began to hang out with him alot more, but, mostly at school. This was the extent of our hanging out together...until he started driving his car to school, then I would ride around with him until I had to be at home or at work. Nothing much really happened.

Fast forward to the summer; I had already met his parents and they seemed nice enough.(Remember his sister was my main focus).

So, one day I asked his Dad if he needed any extra help on his farm during the summer. His Dad said yes he could use the extra help, So I was hired and Kyle would then go into town and pick me up as I didn't have my own car just yet, then return to work on their farm then take me home in the evenings.

During that summer I learned how to clean every type of animal poop imaginable (hated it) I learned how to bale and stack hay, and even ride horses, drive a tractor even.

My very first male/male sexual experience happened on one special Thursday in April.

One early evening Kyles parents and sister were going into the city-a two hour trip, to visit their relatives and would be back quite late. I had permission from my parents to stay overnight as long as I did not leave the farm.

About four o'clock or so, Kyles parents had left, and we were finishing up our chores (work) and were preparing to go inside and eat the meal his Mom had set out for us, First though, Kyle said we had to go to the horse barn and get washed up.

This seemed strange to me, since we had always showered seperately inside the main house. I was curious as to what he was up too, So I went along...

In the barn was a huge watering pool-like set up for all the horses to drink from, the water was clean and cool. And after a hot afternoon very inviting.

While we were talking about regular guy things, girls, cars, sports and of course-our sexual experiences etc, Kyle commenced to remove all his clothes and wade into the pool- as if he did this all the time- anyway, As he threw one leg then the other over the edge I got a perfect glimpse of his slightly hairy but very large balls and up-until-that-time time only other sight of a naked guy.

Kyle saw me staring at his manhood and seemed to enjoy it as he was getting erect. I was completely dumbstruck at his matter-of-factness and lack of discretion, and he was enjoying every second of my reaction.

For whatever reason, I was immediately turned on by how well endowed he was and how well developed his body was-almost like an adult 'cept with very little body hair and so smooth and strong.

I was just so shocked and after staring at him for what must have seemed like an eternity, I finally heard him telling me to get undressed and get into the water and get cleaned up as well.

He smiled as he looked down at the growing bulge in my jeans, I was mesmerised at the sight of his engorging penis as he sank beneath the water. I hesitated for a bit, then decided to just go for it.

I quickly stripped completely naked and got into the water as well. Quickly because I didn't want him to see my dick-which by comparison was way smaller and uncut. But, I was not quick enough, and he saw me in all my raging glory and was facinated by my uncircumsiced cock.

He asked me all sorts of questions about it. It seemed the more he asked me about it the harder I became. He them asked me if I jerked off and had sperm yet. Of course I admitted I did and frequently. He then waded over to where I was and began horsing around, sort of wrestling. He easily picked me up and tossed me around like a rag doll.

I feebly tried to hold my own but without much success.

Then he stopped and without a word we both mutually reached out to our penis' and groped each other and were just touching at first, abruptly he stopped the groping and grabbed my head roughly and held my head and then pressed my lips to his own, his tongue filled my mouth, his other hand held my torso tightly against his, our dicks were hot against our bellies.

I experienced the most electrifying feeling shoot throughtout my body, I was not cumming or anything, I was feeling both sexually charged and so erotic at what was happening, and with WHO it was happening with, that I felt as though I was melting at the slightest touch of his hand.

After those few excited and tense filled moments, Kyle released me and guided my hand back down to his massively engorged cock and told me to gently stroke it for him. I felt, even in the coolness of the water, the heat from his cock, as well as the heat radiating from his entire boby.

He would not take his eyes off of mine, and I felt as though I was in a trance.

When he proceeded to stroke me with his big rough hand under the cool water, I felt as though I would explode right then. But Kyle was being gentle, and after only ten minutes slowly stroked me to climax, As my small body tensed in his grip, I almost immediately felt the pulsing sensation in my hand of his thickening cock as he stood up out of the water, tossed my hand aside and aimed his spasming and cum spewing cock at my face and chest.

I still can hear his grunting and moaning as he shot string after string of hot jizz all over me.

Then just as quickly as he had jumped out of the water, Kyle grabbed me and held his still erect cock tightly against mine, holding me tight against his body, tilted my head back and this time gently kissing me on the lips, face and neck, and then he was licking up his own spent jizz from my face., I could still feel his hot body gently convulsing against mine in the coolness of the water.

I remained erect for another go 'round, but he whispered something into my ear, I smiled at him, meeting his mesmerizing gaze, nodded and followed him out of the water, dressed and went into the house.... to be continued



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