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A Driving Examiner's Strange Day

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Sometimes, my male colleagues have stories about girls who, literally, will do 'anything' to pass the driving test. Mostly, they are wishful thinking, but I do know that now and then a candidate will make a brazen attempt to influence examiners? How? Because my husband is one, and a driving examiner as well, and, well, let's say there is other evidence which I am totally happy about.


So, we come to Black Friday. Friday, for some reason is not a good day for driving tests. I have had a run of really dreadful candidates and this particular Friday, I had to stop three tests before the end and drive the candidate back to the centre myself. After lunch I only had two more to do.

The first one was a good looking guy about 19 and he really had it nailed. Not just 'enough to pass' but he had clearly been driving for a good number of hours and was very confident in everything. A clear pass, maybe Friday was looking up.

And then came the last candidate. (For obvious reasons, we will refer to her as Sarah). Sarah was nervous, aren't they all? She almost fluffed the reading of a license plate, and was actually shaking as we settled into the car. She wriggled around a little before putting her seatbelt on.

Then we were off. I would say, we were a litle on the hesitant side of cautious. I was hovering between ticking the pass/fail boxes when she said 'Can I pull over a moment?' Well, that's ok. Some people get scared during tests and if time permits, I don't mind them taking a few minutes.

She indicated, and pulled into a car park alongside the park. She took a couple of deep breaths, and then turned in her seat, bringing one knee right up over the handbrake and explosing a lovely little pair of pale green cotton panties. She looked me right in the eyes and said 'Is there anything I can do to make this test easier?' And she ran a finger right over her slit!

Now, explanation time. My husband and I DO have what you may call an 'open' relationship. That is not to say we shag anything that moves, we don't. From time to time, maybe a couple of times a year, we may have other lovers. We may also have group sex. One thing though, I am not bi-sexual.

However, I found myself staring at this girl's crotch. The panties were moist, no doubt, and her finger was making my own clit jump.

I said to her. 'Ok, here's the deal. I am thinking that you are wound up, because of the test, and that maybe some kind of relaxation might help you during the rest of the test. One thing though, I can't pass you if you are dangerous. So, no guarantees. I am also, not bi sexual. If you need to masturbate, then I will take a walk around the car park.' She said. 'No. Please stay.' And slipped her hand into her panties. Soon, they were around her knees and she was jilling off to what sounded like a really lovely orgasm.

Strange thing is, as I sat there, my eyes riveted on her cute and totally shaved little pussy, and breathing in the scent of her arousal, I desperately wanted to jill off myself, and had she asked me to touch her, I would have!

After her cum, she eased her now very wet panties off and put them in her bag and we continued the test.

Perhaps not surprisingly, she drove a whole lot better afterwards, and yes, she passed.

As I wrote out her pass certificate, she twittered on about thanking me for my understanding. I handed her the form and said 'Leave me your panties'. I couldn't believe it was me saying the words.

Later, that night, I told my husband about my day and produced Sarah's panties. We both smelt her on them, and I put them on while my husband made me cum, while calling me Sarah.

I also kept them on the next day.

So at 30, I found out that maybe I AM bi sexual. One thing is for certain, if I get the chance to find out, I am going to take it!

Damn, I SO have to jill now.



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