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A Drive With My Cousin Long Long Ago

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This happened quite a few yrs ago but I remember it like it was yesterday.


This event took place one summer evening in the back of my dads station wagon. I was the youngest of five and once a year we would attend a reunion that was about a two hour drive from where we lived. For as far back as I can remember the week after this reunion there was always a kid swap with my aunt and uncle that lived about an hour from us. Because they had six kids in their family usually one or two of the kids from our family would spend the week at their house or vice versa because we were all about the same age and got along quite well. Well this year was no different because this year it was decided that karen (the youngest of their family at 14) would drive home with us to be picked up the following weekend. Karen was cute in her own way and to be honest having not seen her since Christmas I was surprised how she had turned into quite a looker.

Because her and I were close to the same age and a few years younger than the rest of the siblings it was only natural her and I spent a lot of time together when we were around each other.

Well as we were loading up the family wagon to go home that night she asked if we could sit in what we always referred to as the way back seat which faced the opposite direction and didn't really have a lot of leg room for me because I was getting close to probably six feet tall by then but naturally being the nice guy I agreed to sit back there with her.

About a half hour into the trip it had got dark and everyone in the car was starting to fall asleep except mom and dad and Karen herself said she was getting sleepy and within a few miles started leaning toward me and nodding off. Another disadvantage to the way back seat was it always was the coldest place in the car and before too long Karen woke and said she was cold and asked for the blanket we always had stored back there.

Because of the lack of leg room my gangly legs were more over on her side to give me more room and it wasn't long she was curled up on the seat and again asleep and leaning on me.

As the miles went on her head was leaning more and more until she was resting on my lap.

Naturally being a 15 yr old boy with a cute girl (cousin or not)resting her head on my lap my biggest fear comes to life, yes..getting a hardon and sure enough I was and absolutly nothing I could do about it! As the ride went on all I could do was wonder how to get out of this seating arrangement because if she would wake up there's no doubt she would notice the bulge in my shorts that the side of her head is now practically resting on. Then my worst fears came to life..I felt her head move as if she was waking up..but then stopped so I figure..good I got away with it this time. Just as I was about to breath again when she moves again and I saw her eyes open a bit so I take this moment and ask if she'd like a pillow and she kinda half smiles and says if you have one, quickly I reach for one and she lifts her head and I place it on my lap and her head falls back to her position. Now I'm a happy guy...I'd pulled it off she didn't notice and now theres at least a cushion between us and she had fallen asleep again....or so I thought!

Within a few miles she stirs a bit and places her hand under her face at the edge of the pillow with a finger or two resting on my leg. I'm thinking...oh this isn't helping my hardon but but at least shes asleep and now theres a pillow there.

A few miles go by..her fingers move now and now all of her fingers are touching my bare leg (remember back then no one had shorts that went to their knees like now these were like a gym short kinda thing) Her fingers were just inches from my raging cock and she moves them again..this time a little closer still pretending to be asleep. By then I'm very aware of her hand as it moves off the pillow completely and resting on my leg and almost touching my cock.

Not knowing just what the hell to do, I squirm a bit hoping her hand would move away from it...but just the opposite..she places her hand on my cock. But she's still acting as if she's still sound asleep and I'm not knowing for sure if she is or not.

But about then it left me with no doubt when her fingers slid up the leg hole of my shorts and ran against my cock outside my underwear.

This whole thing was getting more than I could process, my sexual experiences at this point in my life other than masturbation was making out with a girl for 15 minutes after a school function. And now I'm in the back of the family wagon with almost my entire family within 10 feet of me and my cousin decides she's going to get frisky.

Now with her fingers going the entire lenth of my cock she decides to get more daring as I feel her fingers searching for the leg opening of my underwear. All I can do is sit as still as possible while her hand finally reaches the tip of my cock and lightly begins pulling it toward the leg opening. I can barely breathe as I look down and now see my cock exposed to the light of the traffic not inches from her now wide open eyes with her finger running up and down the shaft and then her finger and thumb playing with the tip.

About then all I can think about is stopping her but before this goes any further but as any male reading this will know..at 15 and first real sexual contact with a female, any female, my cock starts thinking for me and I let it continue. It is now standing straight up in all its pride with her hand firmly sliding over it pushing against the pillow thats no longer hiding it when she finally takes a hold of it and squeezes it.

I flinch a bit when her hand makes it to my balls and squeezes them as well but then she's right back to my pole. She then lifts her head and frees the pillow that's still under head and pulls it toward my exposed manhood in what I assume is an attempt to hide it. After the repositioning of the pillow and blanket her head returns to my lap and her hand takes a grip of now throbbing cock and slowly begins stroking and rubbing me, exploring every inch of me down there with her hand and fingers.

Now I'm faced with my next situation..she's 14..does she know what happens when you do this to a guy for any length of time? I certainly do and that moment is getting closer with every stroke of her hand. But while this thought is going through my head I'm also thinking of throwing all caution to the wind and touching her..if only through her clothes, so with my free hand I reach to her butt and begin to rub it, moving from the exposed skin from the bottom of her shorts back to her butt. Getting braver I reach from the back side my hand between her legs to where I'm guessing her pussy might be and apply pressure, I must have been on target because I could feel her legs parting. Well with the thought of my fingers sliding up and down her crotch and her hand now stroking me its too much for my inexperienced cock to take and I feel my balls tighten and my cock jumping. I stop rubbing her and tap her shoulder in a feeble attempt to warn her whats about to happen.

The warning is ignored or not recieved and she continues her actions as my entire body tightens,

I grab her shoulder and squeeze as I feel my load release, I have no idea where it's going and it can't be good but at this point it's out of my control as I feel spasm after spasm releasing a gooey mess going somewhere.

After what was by far the most amasing orgasm I'm ever experienced in my entire young life I'm terrified to look down to my lap to assess damages, her hand is still gripped on my shaft as I feel the last bit of cum extracted from my cock.

I look down and she's looking at me and smiling as her hand releases its grip, she pulls her hand from under the pillow and its covered with cum. She has this puzzled look on her face then as if she's asking me what she should so with it. My dicks covered as well as is the poor pillow that looks as if it took the brunt of it. The cleanup begins as I take the pillow and begin wiping my cock, she sees this and does the same with her hand, all this as I look out and see the lights of our small home town on the horizon, She quickly squeezes my now deflating cock once more as I start stuffing it back in my leg hole of my shorts.

As we drive under the streetlights I again make a quick inspection of any evidence of what just happened and then say something like oh we're home,that was quick and with that the whole family wakes and begins small talk including Karen that adds..wow I think I slept the whole way here. The car unloads as we are the last to get out. We wait till everyone is heading in the house before we exit still with fears of that one glob of cum that might have got away.

We both do a quick inspection of each other and ourselves and walk to our house as I carry her small suitcase she stops me at the door and whispers to me...that was fun...thank you and says..now you owe me, smiles and walks in the house.

The next five days was an incredable learning adventure with every chance we got but it never involved anything more than touching each other or ourselves and yes that was both of ours first sexual experience that night.

Thanks for reading.



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