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A Dream Last Night

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This is about a dream I had during sleep last night, and although it may be considered a fantasy, it felt very real while I was having it and I would like to share it here for those who I believe will appreciate the story.

I do apologize if it’s too long, I think I may have gotten carried away… but hey, aren’t good readings always given a proper build up before they reach their climax?


First of all, I am an 18 year old Caucasian with green eyes and light brown hair which I like to use short. I am medium built with quite some hair on my pubes and my legs, but I'm not what you would call a muscular jock, although I'm not skinny either.

In my dream, two close friends of mine appeared, for now we'll call them Joe and Max. Both of them are 18 as well. Joe has brown eyes, is more muscular than me but does not have a six pack of any sorts (neither do I). He has dark brown hair which is almost always messy. Unlike me, he is extremely hairy, since I have seen him shirtless countless times at the beach or places of sorts. He has a great amount of hair on his chest, arms and legs and (at least in my dream) no pubes, since he shaves them. One thing I have always envied of Joe is that he has really large feet; he uses size 45 shoes (If I'm not wrong that is more or less a size 13).

Max, on the other hand, is skinnier than me, but is not a complete skeleton either. He has barely any body hair, but his skin is the lightest of the three of us (we are all Caucasian). His head hair is of a light reddish tone, and is also very messy. He has no freckles, but does have several moles on his face. His eyes are green just like mine, only a little lighter. And, just like Joe in my dream, has no pubes.

So, the dream started out this way: I was in a large, empty space of white color. I was all alone and I did not know where I was. All I knew was that it was boiling hot. Up to the point of making me sweat. I was sweating all over, but I did not feel that I was wearing any clothes. I took a look at my body and I realized that I was naked, standing on some solid form of a white floor. My seven inch cock was flaccid and my legs were feeling quite cold. Suddenly, my whole body felt warm. Not only warm, wet. Then I noticed that I was standing naked on water, and that the whole white room was a large bathroom, and that my body was submerged in water from my feet to my thighs.

I could not see much, though, because the whiteness of the room turned out to be steam. "Damn it", I thought, "It sure is steamy in here... I can't see anything!"

But suddenly, I realized that the body of water I was standing in was actually a very large bathtub, or more like a Jacuzzi. Not only did it have water, I also had a decent amount of foam and bubbles. Above me was a shower which, for some reason, was spurting water over my body. I was taking a shower in that strange room. I did not find a logical explanation on why would I have the Jacuzzi full of water (and a bubble bath, those things are rather expensive where I live) if my only intention was going to be to take a hot, relaxing shower, or why wouldn't the Jacuzzi overflow with so much water, or why on earth wouldn't I use a curtain in case anyone would decide to bust inside the bathroom. In any case, I was quite comfortable and relax, and little by little I could determine certain aspects of the bathroom.

First of all, I was only at one corner of the Jacuzzi, which had the shape of a huge European bathtub. It did have curtains, but I wasn't using them. From my point of view, I was in the downside left corner of the whole bathroom. The length of the bathtub must have been of two meters long and one meter wide, and the room was about three times its size. On the opposite side of the room, facing the bathtub was a large white wall with no particularities whatsoever. On the right wall, on the other hand, I could see a yellowish wooden door, far away from my reach, and a large sink with a mirror (which could not reflect anything, it was completely covered with steam). The sink was large enough to be sit or even laying back on it to take a nap.

Then I realized I had soap on my body, and that I was soaping myself. For the moment, I was dreaming of having a shower in a large, luxurious bathroom. Everything seemed normal, until I turned my head around to see the rest of the bathtub.

I was not facing them, but they were both there and probably they had been there the whole time. Joe and Max were lying on the bathtub, sitting on it with their legs spread apart and leaning over the edge of the Jacuzzi. They were both flaccid, but had really large dicks, especially Joe. But they weren't really doing anything, they were facing the opposite white wall, just soaping their body and their pelvic area, but with no masturbation whatsoever. Now I have to say this was a real turn-on, despite the fact to me the whole thing seemed normal. In fact, while they were at that I thought that they must have wanted to take a shower and decided to join me. In my head that seemed pretty logical, of course, but now that I'm awake I'm wondering just how much weed I must have had last night to dream this.

Anyway, there were no words, no speaking whatsoever. I continued with my shower and they continued with... whatever that was. To me, the logical thing to do was to finish my shower, get dressed and leave. They, however, seemed to have other plans. But things changed when suddenly, the door at the other end of the room opened. A man in his mid-twenties came through. He was dark skinned, had black hair which was kept short and a black beard, which wasn’t that long but still had not been shaved for a couple of days. He was dressed in what appeared to be janitor’s clothes, and had an Indian vibe. He was most likely and Indian, since his eyes were black. He was wearing brown shoes and seemed to be expecting something. Then, the mysterious man took a seat on the sink, and watched. He just watched and kept watching us. More precisely, kept watching them. He was staring at Je and Max, to see if anything was going on. I was confused, but paid no attention whatsoever to the man. Then I could see that Max asked Joe “Do you think he’ll go away?” to which my hairy friend replied “he better do so soon, I can’t keep it much longer.” I did not really understand what was going on, but then I realized they wanted the Indian man to leave. Minutes passed, which seemed like hours, and yes, I was still having that freaking shower.

Well with the passing time, the Indian man did not leave. I kept peeking at my friends who were still bathing besides me; until something happen which until know I cannot understand very well: Joe started stroking his flaccid dick, until it grew to an amazing 20 cm size (8 inches), which was incredibly thick and beckoned me to touch it, but I didn’t because, despite the homoerotic moment, I was still convinced all I had to do was shower. So yeah, his dick started growing and he kept stroking quite slowly, but pleasantly. It was a nice thing to watch and all, since he had a shaped pelvic area, his balls were considerably big and had foreskin, which I do not. Then I noticed that Max started stroking as well, his dick being about the same size as mine only of a red color. They were both slowly stroking their cocks, with their eyes fixed on the Indian man, who looked back at them anxiously.

Then Max whispered to Joe “Man, do you think you’ll be able to keep it up at this pace?” to which Joe replied “No, I don’t think I can hold it, but he won’t leave!” and so on they kept stroking. I could notice my own dick growing in size, but still I was taking the shower. The whole moment was making me more and more horny. I could feel the steam make me sweat more and more. Then, before I realized it, I was facing my two friends, who were slowly stroking themselves looking towards were the Indian man was supposed to be. They were both focused on their focal point and so was I. I was unable to move my sight, but still I did nothing. I just stood there, I wasn’t even soaping my body any more, and all I did was watch. In my head, I really felt a desire to feel Joe’s big dick, but my dream muscles did not seem to respond, and the shower above me still poured hot water onto my body. I just kept staring at Joe and Max and their foreskins moving up and down. Suddenly, they both stopped. Joe did not let go off his cock, but Max did, submerging his hand in the water. Then they both looked at me with questioning eyes. It had been the first time in the whole dream they had looked at me, or recognized my presence at all. I on the other hand did not stop looking at them. I felt an urge to kneel and grab both dicks and play with them, but I didn’t. Max, however, seemed to be thinking the same way as I, because he raised his left hand and started stroking Joe’s dick, no longer looking at me, but at him. Joe however kept looking at me. I couldn’t stand watching that much longer, and then I realized that something was wrong. But what was it? Everything seemed to be pretty normal (well, as far as that situation could be referred to as normal), at least everything I could see. Then I decided to turn my head around the room. The observation kept the same… Until I realized the Indian man was finally gone from the room.

Then it all happened. As if it was fated from the beginning of my dream, the whole thing transformed itself from the innocent picture I had up to that moment to a sexual dream fantasy… Man now I feel kind of guilty.

So once again I turned my head towards my now fully horny friends. Max was now focused entirely on Joe’s dick, moving it up and down in a regular pattern, a bit faster than before. It was amazing watching the friction in Joe’s foreskin, and how he dribbled pre cum and it dripped from his huge dick to the bathtub water. I could see that his dick was lubed thanks to the pre-cum and a bit of soap. Joe, on the other hand, was now playing with his right nipple using his right hand, both of his nipples were fully erect, and at the same time he was watching me stand right there. He was watching me, giving me a straight look in the eyes, when he suddenly closed his eyes and laid his head against the wall. He was now in ecstasy, but there was no cum. Meanwhile, Max stopped stroking him. He let go off Joe’s dick, and instead started to stroke himself. But he didn’t get much of a chance for it, since Joe grabbed Max’s dick in the blink of an eye with his right hand and started giving it furious pumps. Max then retook the job he was working on Joe’s dick with his left hand, and so they were both now having a mutual masturbation session right in front of my eyes.

Joe had his eyes fixed on Max’s cock, and Max had his eyes fixed on Joe’s. Everything was too much for me to handle, I felt my knees crumbling and I, finally, for once in the whole dream, sat down. I was not fully aware of it at first, but I realized I was fully erect. Have any of you ever felt a real life sensation in a dream? Most of you may have felt an orgasm in one of your wet dreams, or the sweat of a nightmare. Well in my case I felt the warm water bathe my body up to my torso when I sat down with my legs crossed facing my aroused friends. The feeling of the dream water was, for me, the ultimate turn-on.

Then Joe opened his eyes and let out a huge moan. But still, no cum! Just what was my dirty mind working up to? After giving such a scream of pleasure, Max let him go from his grip. Joe looked towards me and said “Hey, Tony, you liking this? Well, see what is about to come next.” And boy was he right… As if it was some sort of sign, Joe let go off Max’s dick and Max suddenly stood up on his two legs. His dick, fully erect, covered in pre-cum, sweat and steam was pointing at me, several inches away. But Max did not just stand there; took a couple of steps until he was facing Joe. He placed his legs besides my hairy friend’s and then, he took a seat facing Joe. He put his arms around Joe’s neck, almost embracing him, and Joe used his arms to lift Max a little bit. Then they started dry humping. There was no kissing, just heavy eye contact. It was the hottest frot I had ever seen. Both their dicks were grinding against each other and they were moving up and down, up and down. To be clear, I’m a huge fan of frottage, even though I am straight. I have been into mutual masturbation sessions with a close friend of mine for a couple of years, but it stopped due to several reasons. It was during that period that I discovered Solo Touch, and I got thrilled to learn that there were many others like me who had experienced this form of masturbation and, most importantly, enjoyed it. So, back to the dream, they were frotting up and down, up and down, and I was getting more and more aroused.

And then it happened. Max lifted his head up to the ceiling, closed his eyes, and moaned in ecstasy. And so did Joe. Both of them shot ropes and ropes of cum all over their chests and bellies. They both looked exhausted. Still with their eyes closed, Max let himself down on top of Joe, and Joe embraced him. No kissing at all, just a good hug after a good cum. Then Joe looked at me. Max stood up and sat behind me, still inside the bathtub. He started to rub my shoulders and relaxing me. The whole sensation made me finally spread my legs apart, no longer keeping them crossed. Joe then faced me and placed himself in the same position. We were several feet away, but his feet were touching my thighs. And then, he used his huge left foot to arouse me. First, he gently rubbed it against my right leg, and then he went up little by little until he reached my pelvic area, which was full of pubes, unlike both their unshaved, now flaccid dicks. He started massaging my ball sack with his foot, touching it gently. It eventually made me very blue balled, even for a dream. My dick had been erect this whole time, but I hadn’t noticed the need I had for cumming up until that moment. With his thumb and index toes, he started masturbating me. And so did Max, surprisingly, with his right hand, still from behind me. I got more and more aroused, and then I noticed Joe was up as a mast once again. He then moved closer to me, putting his legs besides mine, until both our dicks were touching. Max then came and sat beside us, and started stroking us both at the same time, with only one hand. Even though it was just a dream, the tickles and the sensations felt very real. But I did not cum during the process. Not in the real world and not in the dream either. But Joe sure did! He cummed all over his dick and mine, and then he laid on his back. For some reason, I felt the necessity of touching his dick, so I moved closer and felt his foreskin. I slid it up a couple of times, and then I just laid my head on his chest. I finally rested, with all the steam in the room clouding my mind.

Then I woke up.

I felt the urge to masturbate to this dream. I believe it has made me realize how much I urge sex, since I haven’t really lived any form of physical contact with anyone other than my previous mutual masturbation sessions. But it sure was one hell of a dream. Now if it were to come true… that I wouldn’t mind.



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