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A Doctor's View

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Interesting site.


Being a doctor I don't usually have a lot of time to peruse a site like this and quite frankly I stumbled across this site by pure chance. I forget what I was researching when I read a few stories on here, one by another doctor or med student. I wished to comment on his story about sexual escapades in school.

First, let me say I probably discovered masturbation in the usual way. I was fourteen and my hormones were running rampant. All I could think about was actually having sex with a girl and couldn't stop wondering what an actual vagina would feel like clamped around my penis.

I tried designing various devices to substitute for a vagina but these were the days before silicone so my best was a plastic bag filled with a little vegetable oil, in between two cushions.

Later I found my hand worked best and wherever I was it was always at the ready.

I'm not sure how to comment on a particular post, plus I forgot the name of the story but it was about a med student and his sexual experiences with class mates. Particularly about a girl from another country, I believe it was Myanmar or Burma.

I too had a foreign student in my classes, we knew each other for at least three years and learned a lot about one another's culture.

This student, I am quite sure she is an excellent doctor at present but in entirely different field than myself, was hindered by her religious beliefs and views. During the times when it was necessary to examine each other's bodies she would get a failing grade from me because she refused to examine the male genitalia.

The professor wanted to know why she had received a passing grade from each of her classmates but me. I explained her problem in front of the class and then it was up to the others to explain why they passed her if she was refusing to do the required examinations.

The professor told her she should either change her religion or drop out of med school for he most certainly would fail her if she again refused to do her assignments.

It turns out I was the only one that could be trusted to be sure she did so and I was given the task of being her patient/subject. All the others in class let her slide when it came to see each other in the nude. There were many such times and we learned quickly to shed our modesty.

To this day I wonder why some came into the medical profession with such Victorian views. I, to this day, have noticed some, mostly females but some males, with a very unhealthy attitude towards prurient interests.

This female student was from India and spoke with quite a heavy accent and sometimes it was hard to understand her and thus explained the miscommunication we sometimes encountered.

As I stated before I was given the task to bring her up to speed on the male body. She did in fact drop her religious views and from then on her views on sexuality were quite concupiscent. I do believe she used her religion as an excuse because she didn't trust herself to act properly around the opposite sex. There were many such times to relate to you.

Quite surprisingly, she never hesitated when it was her turn to get naked. We never had a problem when it was our turns to examine her.

I remember fondly the second time I was her subject. She did the absolute minimum and examined my genitals with a cursory glance. Refusing again to touch me. At this time latex gloves were not required as good hand washing was thought to be more than enough. These were the days before Aids and such things weren't given a second thought. Her refusal made me laugh and she wanted to know what was so funny. I told her if I were to be asked to grade her she would get a D.

This must have got her goad. She told me to stand in front of her and she did the required hernia check, lifting my penis with the other hand while she palpated my testicles.

This led to miscommunication because I swore she asked me for a better look when really she said 'How was that for looking?

I got up on the examination table laying on my back with my hands to my sides. As she turned expecting to see me putting on my shorts she saw my penis, still quite flaccid pointing towards my head. She acted offended and I asked her what the matter was.

'How dare you get an erection in front of me.'

'I'm not erect.'

'Of course you are, I can see you with both eyes.'

Of course she wasn't looking. My penis was laying flat against my body. Granted it was a bit larger than when we started but it certainly wasn't close to being erect.

I asked her if she had ever seen an erection and she stated that of course she hadn't and didn't ever want to. I demonstrated that I was indeed flaccid. She was put at ease.

She asked me her grade and I stated that it went up to a C. She demanded to know why and I stated she forgot to do quite a few procedures. We were then taught that the prostate should be included in all examinations of a male subject, now we know that simple enlargement is natural among the elderly and to be expected.

She told me to get in position and she would do what was required. As a subject you were to act as a layman and do what ever the doctor asked.

I asked what position she wanted me in as I knew of at least three ways to do the examination.

She told me to bring one knee up to my chest so I naturally assumed she was doing the required check for liver enlargement and was leaving the prostate for later.

She came over without the required finger so I closed my eyes expecting to feel her hands palpating my lower abdomen. When I started to feel a finger pressing on my anus, it was my turn to be surprised.

'Don't you think you should use a lubricant? I would prefer if you did.'

She acted a bit aloof with the request but opened a drawer and proceeded to apply it to both hands. My eyes were again closed so when I felt the required digit I didn't think anything of it.

As she slowly slid a finger in she grasped my penis with her other hand, I assumed to judge when her finger reached the target.

As she palpated my prostate and her hand on my penis wasn't helping matters I could feel myself becoming aroused. At first she didn't notice. Her hand was slowly tugging on my penis as her other hand was massaging my prostate. There was no stopping it, it felt good and I liked it. Furthermore I was done with walking on egg shells trying not to offend.

It was now that my attitude changed. I wanted to offend her, I was willing my penis to grow to it's fullest. I was watching her eyes, she stopped what she was doing when she realized I was growing in her hand. She pulled it away and just stared. I will never forget the look on her face.

'Oh blessed be. It's beautiful. How big does it...' She stood and watched. 'Are you going to ejaculate?'

'Do you want me to?'

'Yes, yes I do. I want to see it.'

'Put your hand back on it.'

'Like this?'

'Yes. and with that I taught her to stroke me to a climax.

She performed like she had been doing it for years. When I did ejaculate she squealed in delight. She put her head down even so her eyes were level with the head of my penis. I naturally had my hand around her and was fingering her vulva through her panties. These were the days before women wore pants so it was easy to work my hand under her dress. I could feel her wetness seeping onto my fingers. In a moment I had two fingers in her vagina and then rubbed her clitoris. She held on to me and just quaked in her boots, as they say.

It wasn't long before we were enjoying sex together. I always did find her very attractive.

To this day when I hear a woman with an Indian accent I get an erection.

I hardly ever see reference to sex on this site, isn't that the natural progression of things? (Ed. This site explores masturbation only. If you want to further the natural progression of things, see our sister site Whispering Lily!)



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