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A Devoted Masturbator

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I have been a devoted masturbator since I was in fifth grade and found out that the little fleshy tube hanging between my legs could, if properly manipulated, produce an extremely pleasant but exhilarating feeling throughout my body. After that first day of a dry orgasm, playing with myself became my own private source of pleasure and enjoyment. This is until that fateful day when I had my first unexpected ejaculation. Boy I was worried I had broken something in me and I stopped for a few days, until I again could not resist the temptation to rape myself again. It was not until I got into seventh grade when guys were required to take gym classes and undress in front of each other in just a big old open locker room and take showers nude together, that I found out that guys played with themselves and that shooting was normal.

All through high school, self pleasure became my only sexual relief valve. Although I was force ably raped by two twin blond bombshells sisters, whose physical attributes in both of their twin globes department and moist blond slits decided to have their way with me. Yes they were older than I by two years and they were more highly sexually experienced then this small young shy kid was at that age.

I first became a nudist after joining the Army in 1958. I began reading Sunshine & Health and soon decided to join a newly opened Nudist resort near where I was stationed in Texas. Even though, I was single, I was invited to join. Living a nudist lifestyle while living in a barracks with others was a problem, but I soon found out that walking to the showers nude was acceptable. I also found that by removing my underwear, I could sleep nude under the sheets.

Four years later, after my wife & I were married, I introduced her to nudism. First at home, then outside in our pool and later to socialize nudism at a family nudist resort. She gradually took to it and for the past 48 years we have lived a totally nude lifestyle both at home and any other place we could get away with it. We raised both of our children (a boy and a girl) in a nudist environment, and when the appropriate times came we explained the facts of life to them to include both solo and mutual masturbation techniques of each other by both watching and participating with my wife and I.

In the privacy of our own bedroom, my wife after three years of marriage finally allowed me to perform oral sex on her, and she found she liked it, but to this day she will still not suck my cock. Even though, I have shaved my private area for years, long before it became fashionable (I can't stand all that long sticky hair getting caught in my zipper in the summertime), she will not allow me to shave her. So she goes hairy wild with a thick black forest of hair covering her mound and slit. Yes I must fight my way through the forest to orally please her. Several years ago she had both breast removed due to cancer, so now it is only through oral sex that I can bring her to orgasm while she mutually masturbates me in the typical 69 position.

Because we both continue to live naked all the time at home or in our enclosed back yard, in my older age she has accepted that I will continue to fondle myself constantly throughout the day and masturbate myself in front of her whenever I feel like it.

At age 74 I still only have a six and half in cock which still stands out at a right angle to my body when erect, but usually in its relaxed state the head hangs about an inch below my balls as they normally are pulled up tight to my body. It is only in the summer when my ball sack hangs loose and my cock dangles freely between my legs and bounces from side to side as I walk. It is at those times when my cock is shorter than my nuts.

I love stroking my cock when ever I feel like it. I am grateful that it has provided me with a life time of pleasure by its constant availability for my self gratification, to jerking myself off at any time I decided to take things in hand throughout a long life of masturbation. Now days even though the frequency of playing with myself is constant throughout the day, the frequency of a full blown ejaculation is much less than in my youthful years.



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