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A Day with Melissa

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I would like to tell you about a day I spent recently with my great friend Melissa. Let me tell you about her. She and I have been great friends ever since our schooldays, when we were part of the same gymnastics team. Like me, she is currently in her early forties but has the face and figure of a girl at least fifteen (if not twenty) years younger. She is a slim brunette, about medium height, with a wonderful creamy English rose complexion (which rather belies the fact that she is actually Latin American on her mother’s side). She has a wonderful personality, gentle, sweet-natured and placid and always comes across as being very cool, collected and in control. She has a reproduction of that famous “Keep calm and carry on” poster on her kitchen wall, and its message seems to sum her up perfectly.

Rather surprisingly, Melissa is a divorcee. (All I can say is that if her husband failed to appreciate such a pearl he must be a swine). She has to balance a very responsible and demanding job with bringing up three teenage children, yet always looks wonderfully serene and elegant, even though the divorce left her a bit short of money and she lives in a modest terrace house. (As she says “I let my husband keep the big house and the money and he let me keep my dresses. He had many faults, but transvestism was not one of them”). To add to this picture of an all-round Superwoman I will just add that Melissa is also an excellent cook, a fine tennis player, a gifted musician and a pillar of the local church and of various political and charitable causes.

Oh yes, she’s also bisexual, and has been a lover of mine ever since our days on the gymnastics team, when we fell for one another in a big way. Our friendship, or at least the sexual side of it, was rather interrupted by her marriage; her husband took the view that any form of same-sex love, male or female, was perverted and sinful, so this was an aspect of her personality that Melissa had to keep repressed during her married life. (My own husband, however, has been happy to let me keep my special same-sex friendships, knowing that when it comes to sex, the more I get the more I want. And what man could resist the fantasy of two girls together?) Since the divorce, however, the two of us have renewed our friendship, which has become more special than ever, and we regularly invite one another over for a visit to catch up on old times. And a few other things.

Last week it was my turn to pay Melissa a visit. She had a day off work and her children were at school. I arrived at her house about lunch-time and she opened the door to me in a silk dressing-gown, which she peeled off as soon as I was in the house, revealing that she was wearing nothing underneath except a figure-hugging bodysuit. “Wow, Melissa, you look fabulous!” I exclaimed, slipping my arms around her and giving her a warm kiss while running my hands over her body. She returned my kisses and caresses, but when I started to pay too much attention to her crotch she laughingly pulled away. “That will have to wait, Serena. I’m busy cooking our lunch. Make yourself comfortable”. I took this as an invitation to peel off my dress, revealing my very pretty silk undies underneath, and followed her into the kitchen so she could make me a coffee and we could continue our conversation while she cooked.

Although I knew the meal would be worth waiting for, I was in an agony of desire. The sight of Melissa in her bodysuit was driving me crazy, especially as she knows from experience just how to tease me, brushing against me and touching me gently whenever she could make it seem innocent. She is also well aware of my fetish for sneezing (which I have mentioned in my other posts) and knows how to pander to it. After adding the spice to the dish she was cooking (all Melissa’s recipes seem to contain plenty of spices, probably a reflection of her Latin heritage) she took the bottle and took a deep sniff of its contents, well aware of the effect this would have on her very sensitive little nose. Ah-tishoo! Ah-tishoo! Ah-tishoo! Melissa gave three adorably sweet and musical sneezes and then turned to me with a wicked smile, saying “Oh dear, Serena, some of the pepper seems to have got up my nose! ”She knows, of course, that I just cannot resist the sight of a girl sneezing, and I could not help embracing and caressing her again, but before I could get any further she said with a laugh “Stop it, Serena! If you seduce me now we’ll never get to eat!”

Soon the lunch was ready and we could sit down and eat. As I stated, Melissa’s meals are always something special, and this one was one of the most delicious she has made, but I must confess that I ate it quickly, anxious to get on with the day’s main business which still lay ahead. While we were eating, however, we took the opportunity to discuss how we would entertain one another during the afternoon. We generally like to agree in advance how we will make love, and on this occasion we decided that we were both in the mood for some mutual masturbation with our fingers, something which we both love as we find it the most gentle and relaxing way of making love to another woman. We also agreed that I would make love to Melissa first and that she would then reciprocate by bringing me to my own climax. We normally have a “ladies’ agreement” to take it in turns to come first, and as I had been the first to climax during our last encounter, this time it would be Melissa’s turn.

All this sex talk, of course, was making us feel horny, but at last the meal was finished and I rushed to help Melissa wash up and put everything away, finding it difficult to control my desires for my darling friend any longer. Eventually, when we were finished, Melissa took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. Although she had been teasing me, I knew from experience that she was as eager as me; ever since the break-up of her marriage our friendship and our love-making have meant a great deal to her, both sexually and emotionally. Even while she and her husband were together their sex-life appears not to have been very satisfactory (although this is something she prefers not to discuss in detail) and she sees her get-togethers with me as a way of making up for lost time.

She led me into her elegant, delightfully feminine bedroom and we held one another in our arms, melting into a warm and loving embrace. We started to kiss one another on the lips, at first sweetly and gently, then more passionately as our desire for one another began to take over. We opened our mouths to allow one another to explore with our tongues, and all the while our hands were busy caressing and stroking each other’s bodies. We stopped for a minute to remove our skimpy underwear so that we could feel each other’s bodies more intimately, then, naked, sank onto Melissa’s soft, luxurious double bed to continue our kissing and touching. We embraced each other and kissed one another ardently on the lips while our hands stroked each other’s thighs and bottoms. As our sexual desires increased Melissa started kissing my breasts, sucking my nipples and flicking them with her tongue. We felt our passions rising to an uncontrollable level, and started to pant and breathe heavily while we whispered endearments. “Oh, Melissa darling, that feels wonderful.......Oh! Ah-CHOO! Ah-CHOO!” Sexual excitement frequently has the effect of making me want to sneeze, and that was exactly what happened on this occasion. Melissa’s caresses got me so hot I just had to let out two powerful sneezes.

“Bless you, Serena”, smiled Melissa. She is well aware from previous experience that I often experience sexually induced sneezing and knew just why I had sneezed. We hugged again and then Melissa lay down on her back, spreading her legs open wide. I lay down next to her on my side, slipped one arm around her shoulders and gave her another series of loving kisses on her lips. Meanwhile, I moved my free hand down to her crotch and began to caress her moist pussy. Melissa instinctively opened her legs and I started to explore her intimate parts, gently masturbating her swollen clitoris. Her contented sighs showed that she was clearly enjoying my caresses immensely.

Now I mentioned above about Melissa’s personality, how she is always very cool, collected and in control. Remarkably, she even manages to stay this way when she is having an orgasm. (I have always thought that a girl’s personality is best shown by the way she makes love). When I, and many of my other friends, are approaching orgasm we tend to lose control, screaming out loud cries of ecstasy. With Melissa there is none of that. She simply lies back and emits no sound louder than a few sighs and gentle moans. Yet the blissful look that always comes over her face are clear evidence that she undoubtedly experiences incredibly pleasurable orgasms. When she feels her climax approaching her eyes close, she starts to breathe more heavily and rhythmically, her body goes tense and she gives a long drawn-out “aaaaaahhh!” of pleasure as her orgasm hits her. She lies there in a sort of daze for a few moments, then opens her eyes, yawns, give me a dreamy smile and murmurs “Thank you, Serena, that was wonderful!”

I quickly brought Melissa to an orgasm of this sort, then (as I know that she is multi-orgasmic) asked her “Do you want me to carry on?” “Of course!” came the reply. “Keep calm and carry on!” (This phrase has become something of a joke between us). So of course I did. Melissa soon achieved a second orgasm as my fingers thrust more deeply into her. It was as she approached her third that I realised something more spectacular might be on the way. Her eyes glazed over, her face was deeply flushed and her breath was starting to come in pants. She started to arch her body, giving rhythmic thrusts of her crotch against my hand, moaning slightly as her orgasm started to overcome her. Her body became very tense and then, suddenly, went limp as a shudder ran through her body and she came with something between a moan and a sigh. She slumped onto the bed and lay there motionless, here eyes firmly shut.

This almost always happens when Melissa comes several times in quick succession. The first time it occurred I was worried because I thought she had fainted, but she reassured me that she never actually loses consciousness. She finds it difficult to explain in words exactly what does happen, but says that when she feels her third or fourth orgasm coming she gets very excited, her head starts to swim and she goes into what she describes as a sexual trance. She is only dimly conscious of the outside world but intensely conscious of the waves of pleasure sweeping through her body. After she comes she remains in this trance-like state for a few minutes (although to Melissa it seems like hours), conscious of a deep feeling of peace, happiness and serenity.

Having brought Melissa to such a fantastic climax, I was of course feeling incredibly horny myself. I slipped one of my legs over her thigh and began to rub my dripping wet pussy against her, all the time caressing her body and whispering endearments in her ear. This seemed to bring Melissa back to earth, because she opened her eyes with a huge yawn, stretched, kissed me and murmured “I love you, Serena”. She seemed amused by what I was doing to her leg, because she then giggled “Do you want to go on humping my leg, or do you want me to bring you off?”

There was no question. I wanted her to bring me off. Under any circumstances Melissa is a great lover, skilled, gentle and considerate, but, she is at her very best in those wonderful moments when she has just awakened from one of her sexual trances into the relaxed, dreamy state that she calls an “aftertrance”. At such moments all Melissa wants to do is lie on the bed, yawn her cute little head off, snuggle up to me and make love to me, and her caresses are so light and gentle yet effective that I just go crazy with love and lust. Of course, I was already feeling very randy by this stage, so it was not long before Melissa had me exploding into climax after climax as I gasped, screamed and cried out. “Oh, God, Melissa darling, that’s wonderful, make me come, ohh.....I’m coming!!!” (Unlike Melissa I just cannot help crying and shouting for joy whenever I climax.

Eventually it was all over; I had come several times and was just too exhausted to come any more. Melissa and I curled up in each other’s arms and fell into a deep sleep. After about half an hour we woke up, changed into our bikinis and went out to spend a relaxing afternoon in the garden; Melissa brought her radio so we could listen to some soothing classical music. Of course, with it being such a hot day we needed plenty of suntan lotion and we spent some very pleasant moments massaging it into each other’s bodies. In fact, massaging Melissa’s gorgeous bikini-clad body started getting me aroused again, and I suggested going back indoors again to carry on where we left off, but she smiled and shook her head. “I’m too tired, they’re just about to start playing that wonderful slow movement and I don’t want to miss it, and my daughters will be home from school soon. I don’t want them to catch their mum in bed with her best friend.”

Anyway, there will doubtless be more to report next time I spend a day with Melissa.



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