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A Day Trip

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All True Story


I live in Johannesburg South Africa and was still married to my first wife Rosalind when this happened. I was employed as a sales rep and drove a company owned manual shift Peugeot 404. I called on our client base on a four week cycle with two day trips of about 400 kilometers each.

Our normal routine was to shower and fuck in the evenings and to wank each other or ourselves in the morning before going to work. When doing a day trip, to miss the rush hour traffic, I would leave home very early and would not have time for a wank. I would then do it in the car as soon as I left the city. I even kept a hand towel in the car to spread over my shirt to cum on.

Rozzie, with a few days off from work, said she would like to accompany me on one of my trips. While fucking the night before we agreed that we would both wank the next day in the car.

The Peugeot had a bench front seat, unusual for cars in SA, and when we left the next day Rozzie sat up close and put her hand on my cock immediately. I told her we must wait until we had left the city as I must concentrate on my driving. This did not stop her, and she proceeded to unzip my trousers, remove my erect cock and rub it gently up and down until we were out of the city.

Once out of the city I put my hand between her legs, to find that as usual she was not wearing panties and had a very wet bare pussy. Rozzie stopped wearing panties long before it became fashion and although, did not shave her bush, kept it well trimmed. She was a bit of an exhibitionist, always wore short mini skirts and enjoyed the reaction she got when inadvertently flashing her pussy.

She hitched up her skirt with her legs wide open and bare feet on the cars dashboard. She was a squirter and I said she should sit on the hand towel to keep the seats dry. I put two fingers in her cunt and moved them in and out. I knew her arsehole enjoyed a bit of attention and slipped a finger in there as well. I had to keep my other hand on the steering wheel so asked her to rub her clit, which she did quite happily. It did not take too long for her to have a great big shuddering orgasm squirting onto the dash and all over the car. The towel did keep most of the seat dry though.

My very erect and stiff cock, which was still sticking out of my trousers, was by now feeling rather neglected. Roz spread the wet hand towel over my shirt and proceeded to wank my cock slowly. With my spare hand I gently rubbed my nipples through my shirt. I could feel my cum building and said she should speed up on the wanking. I had a good cum and luckily all of it went onto the towel.

We straightened up our clothing, arrived at our destination and I saw my first client. By mid afternoon I had concluded my business and we were on our way home.

I jokingly dared Rozzie to strip naked for a repeat performance of the mornings masturbation. She said she would if I removed my trousers completely. This I did and was soon driving in just my socks and shirt, but she was stark naked and sitting again on the still damp hand towel.

We were both wanking ourselves as she said she wanted to see how I did it when driving on my own. She now had two of her fingers in her cunt and one up her arsehole while rubbing her clit with the other hand. I was wanking slowly and enjoying the show while still trying to keep one eye on the road. I was very grateful that the roads were not too busy.

We came up behind a 3 ton truck and, due to oncoming traffic, had to slow down before overtaking. As I was wanking and only driving with one hand, when I overtook, I did not manually change gears so went past rather slowly. The driver must have seen what was happening in our car as he then flashed his headlights and made the universal wanking motion out of the side window. We had a good laugh and felt we had done our good deed for the day as now someone else could also have a nice wank.

Rozzie had her normal squirting cum, again onto the towel and then offered it to me. I declined and came onto my shirt. We arrived home still in a state of undress and went inside to shower. The hand towel definitely needed washing. I shudder to think what would have happened if the traffic police had stopped us once we were back in the city. Pre porn SA was very straight laced and we would probably have been arrested.

I have had repeat performances in the car, but the first one always stood out as the best even though I am no longer married to Roz.

I am now going to watch a blue movie where the guy gets a wanking blow job in a car and have a good wank myself, cheers.



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