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A Day to Remember

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Facing facts, I'm a skinny, ordinary looking and unpopular kid. The one thing I have going for me is I am smart. Not bragging; it's an important part of the story. I'm in the 11th grade and although I hate sports in general and football in particular, I spend a lot of time with the guys on the varsity teams. That's only because I tutor some of them. 'Tutor' is not exactly the right word. More or less, I write their papers for them. Mostly English and literature themes. It is tutoring too, to the extent that I want them to understand everything in the paper so they can explain it and make it sound like it was their work if someone ever gets suspicious. Enough of that. One of my 'tutees'-I'll call him V--is an all-round jock and looks like a Viking. He is already being recruited by some top universities for sports scholarships. I made sure I spent a lot more time 'tutoring' him than was really necessary. He loosened up with me to the point where he would sometimes talk about other things besides the paper that was due. Over time, he told me about the girls he was seeing, one by one, telling me what he did with each. Truth is I am about 97% gay. I am sure about that, although I am a virgin, except for a few lame experiences I don't want to talk about and you don't want to hear. One day V told me he had videotaped some of his making out. Now that I wanted to see. He just laughed at me, and it was a nasty laugh too. But afterwards, whenever I was masturbating I would find myself daydreaming about those unseen videos, imagining what might be on them. Some time later, he asked me to do a paper for him that was due the very next day. I myself had a paper due, and a test, so I refused. He wound up begging me, which was SO hot! I told him I would do his instead of mine, and pretend to be sick the next day, but only if he let me watch his video. He was shocked at the request. He tried to come up with a compromise. More money, even letting me ride with him to the away-game that weekend. When he saw I meant business he agreed. I did the paper. That Friday I told him I was ready to collect. He told me to come over Sunday morning when his family would be in church. I was there at 11 AM shivering. I didn't masturbate even one time on Saturday, which was the longest I can remember holding out. I had a huge hardon when I knocked on his door, and my heart was pounding away. He was still in his boxers when he let me in and I could have cum right there I think, if I had had the courage to look right at his crotch. He didn't say much except that he always lived up to his promises; and then he led me to his bedroom. He slipped a tape in the vcr and just stood there, still in only boxers, 'til it got started. There was a lot of empty lead, just showing his bedroom empty; and then shots of him walking in with a girl (who I recognized from school!)They both lay down on the bed, dressed in jogging clothes. They must have had the TV on because they just seemed to be watching that corner of the room. He fast- forwarded. Finally they were kissing--still in high speed-- and he was getting his hand under her top. He fast forwarded through a long segment when he was undressing her. I was surprised that he slowed it down exactly at the spot where he was pulling off his own sweat pants. I guess he knew what I wanted to see after all. Letting the tape run, he walked to the door, laughed and told me not to get anything on the bed. Then he left and closed the door behind himself. I lay back and ascended into heaven. You could see everything. He has the most beautiful wonderful dick on earth. It was huger and silkier than in my daydreams. She sucked him and he came. He had her spit the cum into his hand and he rubbed it over his dick. I came at that point. But then right away he fingered and licked her and then she got on top. He was fucking her while she sat on it. The cam looked right up between his legs and I could see his huge hard dick and asshole at the same time and I came again. The tape ran out about here, while they were both still going strong. I rolled it back to some of the parts I liked and watched them again and I came again. I was not as careful as I should have been and I got a lot on the bedspread. I got a towel from the bathroom and wet it. I went over the bedspread with the towel and some hand soap. A lot of it came out but it left some stains and also the big wet spots from the soap and water. I cleaned myself up and went to find him. He was on the telephone. He asked if I liked it. I said, OH YEAA!!! He said, 'Now you're paid up. See you.' I let myself out. I can't wait 'til he wants another favor so maybe I can see it again. But I remember every second of it and can almost see it in my mind whenever I jack off. It's something I know I will remember forever.



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