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A Day in the Life of My Niece

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I have had a very unusual relationship with one of my wife's nieces for many years. It all started when Debbie was 18 and I was 38. She came on to me one day and I responded and we ended up masturbating each other. At the start I think both of us were hesitant to take things to the next level so we settled in to a regular routine of mutual masturbation. Several months later we talked in detail about exploring other options but we decided to just enjoy each other as we had been doing in the past. Actually, she was the one who decided to just leave it at masturbation and I went along with her. Debbie is not the kind of girl you want to put pressure on.

I stopped by her house this morning. I was feeling horny. Debbie is now 42 which makes me 62. It is her day off so I thought we could have a little fun. At first she said she would just jack me off because she was really not in the mood to let me masturbate her. I figured that would change.

We got undressed and got in her bed. We have done it with our clothes on before but we prefer to be totally naked. I lay on my back and Debbie sat beside me and started playing with my half hard dick. As usual it did not take long until I was hard and throbbing. She was sitting with her legs crossed and I ran my fingers through her black pussy hair as she played with me. She is what I call and expert with her hands. Her hands alone can make you feel better than some women can with their pussy. As she stroked my dick with one hand her other hand was busy playing with my balls. She had lubed up both hands and was giving my crotch a good work out. I had my legs together. She knows me pretty well and could tell when I was ready to cum. She changed her position so that she was on her side with her head laying on my stomach. She began kissing my stomach and I felt her left hand nudge my legs open. I spread my legs enough to give her access to my asshole. As her right hand increased in speed on my dick her left hand had found my ass. Since that hand was also lubed it took very little effort for her to insert her middle finger into my puckered asshole. Occasionally she would look up at me with a devilish little grin on her face. She didn't have to ask me when I was ready to shoot my load. Like I said, she knows me well. As I felt the pressure building in my balls I felt her finger touch my prostate. She began massaging my prostate and that pushed me over the edge. Soon I felt that familiar feeling that only a guy can know. I was about to cum. And cum I did. Cumming is wonderful under normal conditions but cumming while she is massaging my prostate makes it even better. As I started shooting my load Debbie's face was turned toward my dick and she pumped all my cum out on my stomach with some hitting her face.

Finally after it was over she turned her head and looked at me. She had the sweetest smile on her face. I could see my cum on her cheek and some on her chin. She kissed me on my stomach and said, 'Felt good didn't it?'

Debbie moved back to a sitting position beside me and spread her legs slightly. I noticed how wet her pussy was. She always gets hot when she plays with me as do I with her. She said, 'Look what you have done to me.' With that she spread her legs a little more and a glob of clear thick liquid ran out of the opening of her vagina and down over her brown puckered little asshole. I reached over and caught some of it and tasted it. I said, 'You want me to get you off?' She smiled and nodded her head yes.

I sat up as she lay back on the bed. We kissed for a few minutes, something that always turns her on. I spent some time sucking her little titties. I then moved down to her beautiful pussy. Perfect shaped lips on a mound covered by a thick mass of black hair. The hair around the opening of her vagina was wet and matted together from her juice. Over the next several minutes I spent my time running my fingers in and out of her vagina and slowly teasing her enlarged clit. Debbie has a large clit. When aroused it is about the size of the end of my little finger and about three quarters of an inch long. It looks like a little miniature dick sticking out from its hood. Finally Debbie told me she was ready to cum so I stuck my thumb in her vagina and my middle finger in her tight puckered asshole. I used my other hand to massage her clit. Occasionally I would lean down and kiss her pubic hair. As usual when Debbie cums it's a wild ride. She is very vocal, thrashing her head around and saying things like, 'Oh fuck yes, make me cum. Fuck my pussy with your finger. Oh yes baby run that finger up my asshole as far as you can get it. Fuck my pussy hard. Oh fuck yes I'm cumming. Ohhhhhhh shit yes I'm cummingggggggggggggg.' Globs of thick clear pussy juice squirts from the opening of her vagina. I can hear the squishing sound my fingers are making as I run my fingers in and out of her wet pussy. Finally her ass settles back to the bed and I know she does not want me to touch her tender clit again.

I move up in the bed and give her a gentle kiss on the lips. I then move my head back a little and we stare into each other eyes. She smiles at me and says, 'Oh I love you so much.' I tell her I love her also and then I lick her pussy juice from my fingers. We lay there holding each other and talking for the next thirty minutes or so.

Debbie and I shower together and then get dressed. We kiss again at the door and I leave. I will see her again in a few days. Yes, I enjoy her jacking me off and I love playing with her pussy but I love her very much also. It's funny. I love her as a niece, as a friend and as a lover but she is also like a daughter to me. I am very protective of her, just as I am with my real daughters. Once Debbie told me, 'Jacking you off and having you play with my pussy is as close as a girl can come to doing it with her father without actually doing it with her father.'



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