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A Day at the Spa

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I recently spent a week at a company business meeting which was held at a nice resort/spa. I had a pretty light schedule, with only one day of work, and the rest play. I spent a lot of time at the gym and the pool, and at night we had the usual dinners/drinks with our associates. Our company is full of fine looking women, and I got to dance with many of them over the course of the various functions. I am 36, single, and quite attractive to women as I keep myself in shape. There was one woman whom I bedded a couple meetings ago, and I hoped to hook up with her but that will remain a one night stand as we danced but didn't go further this time around. There was one more woman whom I had met at our last meeting. We hit it off again and she told me to look her up when I was in her area, which I am planning on this fall.

So on my last day, I hit the gym again and then went over to the spa for my massage appointment. Now I have to say I was pretty pent up after hanging out with all these hot women but not getting any. When I get a massage I usually get pretty hard, especially when my legs get massaged, I just can't help it. I used to worry about it but now if I get hard I just relax and enjoy it. So after all the knots were removed, I got dressed. The therapist suggested I go sit in the steam room for at least 10 minutes. Since I didn't have anything else to do, I did just that. It felt great, and I was the only one in there. I was sitting naked except for a towel around my waist. I relaxed and let my muscles continue to loosen up in the steam. Then the door opened and a pretty good looking guy about my age came in and sat on the level up behind me. I didn't think anything about it until he started talking to me, asking me what brought me here, and so forth. I was sitting down lower and I really couldn't see him, so I turned around. He had loosened his towel and I could see his enormous cock jutting out between his legs. It was semi-hard and very thick, at least six and a half inches round with a big head and nice balls below. Of course, you never know maybe he was European. Turned out he was Australian and was with my company but in another area. Pretty soon, he was totally naked and his huge erection was throbbing up on his stomach. At least eight inches long, he made my seven and a quarter inch, six inch round cock look kind of small which I am not usually used to. I didn't know what to think other than he was trying to pick me up here. So I just went with it. I was horny after not getting any for a while anyway. Turns out I was right!

I started to get hard and I could tell he was looking at me. I modestly covered up and then he said 'Why are you doing that??' Then I looked up at him playing with his tool and reached up and touched his shaft and head. He pushed my hand away and said, 'Let's head over to the shower.' So we put our towels on and headed to the shower stalls where we proceeded to stroke our cocks together. His was really impressive and he seemed to like mine. He wanted to touch my ass which I let him but didn't let him go any further. He put some conditioner on his hand and started stroking my cock while stroking his at the same time. I was a little uncomfortable with the situation as I had only had one other experience like this 10 years ago and really am into women, plus the element of getting caught was a little off-putting. But I let him keep stroking me and then I came pretty quickly all over his stomach. He then started pumping his tool for all he was worth and spurted his come right near mine. Then he washed off in the shower, gave me the thumb's up saying 'That was hot!' and I finished my shower, got dressed, and went back to the meetings. That was one nice, relaxing day at the spa!



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