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A Crazy Night

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Well one night me and a friend were hanging out and having fun, just watching tv and talking about this and that. All night long for whatever reason I was kind of horny, but I hadn't thought I would have the chance to take care of it, oh how was I wrong! Oh yeah, I'll give you all a description of us both, I'm 5'9 and 180 and a lil bit chunky, he's 5'9 too and he's about 140 or so. I've got brown hair and he's got blonde hair.

Well the night wears on and we start to horseplay a little bit, and we decided on wrestling. But since I wasn't wearing any underwear and he said he wasn't either, we'd change into some briefs. So he goes and strips his pants off and is naked in front of me with his limp 3 inch dick and nicely shaped balls hanging. Well I got a lil hard and turned around so he wouldn't see it and took my pants off and put my briefs on. Well we start to wrestle and I felt his hard dick against my leg and I immediately got rock hard too. At that point I was a bit distracted and he grabbed the back of my briefs and pulled them all the way off! But we kept wrestling and I kept trying to find ways to press my hard dick into his body, and at one point I had him pinned and our hard cocks were pressing into each other. Then I found my chance to strip his briefs off and I found out he has a 7 inch rock hard dick too!

We both kept wrestling though, and each of us were trying to find ways to press our cocks into to each others bodies, as we were getting slippier and slippier from the sweat and massive amounts of precum. At one point I get him into a schoolgirl pin with my cock hovering above his mouth and he got salty when I would hit his face and mouth with it. Well somehow he was able to shift my balance and I fell face first and he got on my back and put me in a full nelson. As soon as he did that his hard, hot and wet cock slid in between my ass cheeks rubbing against my anus, I almost came at that feeling. Well I had to give in and didn't want too, but had too. Then I rolled onto my back and he was still straddling me, our rock hard dicks were rubbing together and I started to move my hips so they'd cause our dicks to rub together and he started matching my motions. We were both panting and almost ready to cum when I told him to stop and that I always wanted to do something and he's like 'What?' and I'm like 'Swordfight!' we stood up and used our hard dicks like swords and slamming our dicks together and towards to the end we just gave up the game and started jacking each other as hard as we could, eventually giving each other mind blowing orgasms.

There's more to the story but I can't tell it here and we've had many more sessions! Thank you Solo Touch! lol Had to finish myself off to finish the story.



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