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A Costly Obsession

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Sometimes I wish I didn't like to watch women play with themselves so much-HA!


My wife and I were married for almost 14 years before I was able to watch her masturbate. She knew I had times when I needed to 'take care of my plumbing', and wasn't fazed by it. Yet every time I suggested she join me, she'd smile and say 'That's OK, I don't need to thank you-go 'head. See ya soon.' She never denied that she ever did it, but it was never part of our sex life. I'd go to our bedroom or bathroom for my own solo adventure.

Things changed when we went on vacation with our twelve-year-old son. After a week in various hotel rooms, with our son just a few feet away in his double bed, we were just not able to have sex.

On the eighth or nineth day I was dying. I awoke early with a wicked hardon at about the same time as my wife. I whispered to her that I had to get off and that I was going to the bathroom. She whispered back-'me too.'

Quietly we went into the bathroom and turned on the light. A fan came on and we knew that should hide any sounds we might make.

'How we gonna do this?' my wife whispered in my ear. I motioned to her that I was going to lay a towel down and lay in the tub, and putting a folded up towel on the tubs edge, suggested she straddle it facing me, placing one foot down on the tub between my legs, so I could see all the action at just about eye level. Within seconds we were in position and with a slight childish giggle from my wife,(we were so wicked) got to work on our aching sex.

I thought I was going to explode in a matter of seconds, and tried to hold off for my dear wife. But she really surprised me. Within a minute or so her pussy was swollen beyond anything I'd seen before, and a thick clear juice was seeping out in spoonfuls. She leaned back and rested her hand on the toilet-shoving her pussy closer to my face, her other hand making frantic tight circles on her clit. Her inner lips swelled and turned to crimson red within seconds right before my eyes.

I was so fascinated by the sight before me I was almost unaware of my own surging dick aching for release as I stroked it like a madman. Her breathing was rapid like she was shivering, and she looked at me-her eyes glazed over as she concentrated on the glorious sensations eminating from her pussy.

'Are you going to cum soon?' I whispered.

'yea-' she panted back.

About five seconds later she exploded, her hand tearing at her pussy, and looking down at herself, watched as a small squirt of thick goo shot out, followed by contraction after contraction. She pushed down hard on her clit, as if grabbing at her pubic bone. I watched fascinated as pulse after pulse ripped at the muscles surrounding her wide open vagina, pushing out small trickles of pussy juice. She raised her hips, humping the air just inches from my face. I could smell that distinctive scent of a horny pussy as it sucked in then pushed out air. Her pussy seemed to have taken on a life of it's own, and it was an incredible thing to watch. About ten seconds after she started, I exploded and shot a weeks load of cum a foot above me. Seeing me cum sent her off again-she pulled herself open, and looking down at herself, seemed to enjoy watching another short orgasm surge through her pussy. She looked at me lovingly and raised her eyebrows as if to say 'Wow'. Breathless, we let out a little laugh basking in our orgasmic glow, completely satiated and drained in under three minutes. Neither one of us had come so quickly before. She also told me that that was the first time she 'watched' herself as she came, I guess because she wanted to know how it looked for me.

After that she would join me once in a while, we even had a 'race' once and placed 'bets' on ourselves, but not more than maybe a couple times a year. In a playful way she knew she could use it for leverage. One time when I didn't think it was necessary to buy a new diningroom set, right in the store she whispered, 'I'll play with it for you' I signed the credit card slip with a raging hardon. I sped home and video taped it. Over the years I have taped over 40 'sessions', and she has acquired a hutch, her own computer, a new car(that cost her five recorded masturbations), an HDTV etc-you get the idea. Any major purchase that I don't go for (because I don't think we need it) she knows she can get it if she wants it bad enough and have fun at the same time. It a weakness-I'll admit it. I love watching her get herself off. She's an angel-she has never taken advantage. I joke with her over how much these sessions 'cost' me, but it really is a mutual arrangement that satisfies us both-in more ways than one!!



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