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A Certain So-called Sun Club

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This should really be (FMMMMMFFF)


Adjoining where I live is a so called 'Sun Club'. Like many of these places it is really a swingers club. It is separated from my home by an area of forest, not very deep, but quite dense. There was at some time a fence, but that rusted out a long time ago. When I was in my teens, I used to imagine catching sight of some people having sex but the height of the trees made that imposible. What I can see from my bedroom window is the car park. Usually, there arent that many cars there, but last Saturday afternoon it was very full.

I was horny as I usually am these days, and I decided that I was going to masturbate anyway. Then, I had the most delicious idea. I would strip and make my way through the trees and just hang out there. The sheer eroticism of it made me wet as all hell in no time. I walked through the woods and before me lay the large expanse of lawn and the clubhouse beyond.

For a while, I just hung out in the grassy area. Some couples were kissing, and there were two women kissing as their guys watched. Each was hard and I knew right there and then I could have fucked them both. For some reason, I didnt want immediate gratification. I walked, watched, and walked on.

Then I got the idea to explore the clubhouse. The decore was very sexy. There were large leather chairs in the form of giant hands, erotic videos on a large plasma screen. It was then I noticed the sign saying Spa and Sauna. I walked down the corridor and found myself looking at at huge bubbling spa bath. I decided what the hell and took a plunge in it.

Being naked in the spa with four other people was really driving me on. I'm sure the water level rose a couple of inches! One of the couples started making out and it was clear he was masturbating her. I watched until she orgasmed in the pool. Then I got out and walked dripping (in more ways than one) to the Sauna.

I didn't go in, but I did notice opposite was a steam room. I wandered in there and it was impossible even to see across the room. I groped my way around, totally blinded by the density of the steam. It was then that I felt two hands cup my breasts from behind. I froze and the hands explored my body, up and down my tummy and thighs before gently pressing my legs apart to explore my smooth pussy.

I heard a thick male voice say 'All the way?'

I said, 'Sorry, no. But keep doing what your doing.'

I admit I was scared that he would try to fuck me anyway, but it seems that 'No' means 'No' in this place. He was expert beyond my wildest belief. Even though he couldnt possibly have seen me, he brought me to the very edge no less than eight times before tipping me over into a crushing orgasm. All the time I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass. He held me until I had calmed down and then I reached behind him and grasped his cock. I desperately wanted to suck it and knelt in front of him.

It was great not even knowing if he was young or old. My mind went into hyperdrive. Was he some young stud or was I jacking and sucking someone old enough to be my dad? He was shaved too, which made his cock look massive. It was certainly thick as I couldn't close my fingers around it. I cupped his balls and jacked him inches from my face. I could feel him tense and then he said 'Cumming' and blast after blast of hot cum splashed on my face and tits.

I was so aroused and needed to cum again real bad. As mysteriously as he appeared, with a 'Thank you' he had gone. I stood and listened in the steam. I needed to be alone. I felt his cum ozzing down my body and decided to find a bench and rub off. Hands in front of me I groped my way to a wall. No bench! Still feeling for the wall and for a bench I worked my way around the steam room.

I found a bench... and a right breast! Now, I have never done anything sexual with another woman. Sure, once or twice maybe I have thought about it, but never EVER would I have done it for real. Yet here, in this highly charged erotic place, I didnt immediately snatch my hand away. I held this small, very very hard breast with its puffy and erect nipple.

Its owner gasped and I thought it sounded quite a young voice. Her hand covered mine and for a moment I thought I was going to be moved away. Instead, she started to massage her breast using my hand. Then I felt her hand move up between my legs and a finger reached into my pussy. I felt her stand and I groped my way down her body, (Firm, toned and definately young). She was hairless as I am and very wet. I let my fingers play in her most folds and I felt her head lean against my breast before she took my nipple into her mouth.

For a while we just stood there masturbating each other. Then I felt her begin to tense up. I thought she was going to pull away and I said 'What's wrong?'

She said 'I'm gonna cum, and its gonna be messy. I wanted you to know.'

I felt her legs straddle mine and she started to hump my thigh. Then, in a flash, we were kissing. To be honest, I got a little scared. This girl did seem to be very young. I said 'How old are you?' The answer came back. '17. I'm here with my parents. My dad was in here a few moments ago.' (OMG! was that his cum on my tits?) 'They leave me in here while they go and have fun'

By then, she couldnt talk any more and I felt her groan and she came hard on my leg. I actually felt liquid running down my thigh. Then I was there too and my pussy gripped her fingers as I orgasmed. We held each other as we both calmed down.

For a while we just sat and chatted. Turned out her parents are heavilly into swinging. I wondered how safe it was for her to be here. She didn't seem bothered at all. 'Oh, I get what I want out of it. Sometimes I get fingered, other times I get fucked, but this is a good place. If you say 'no', no one will try to make you.' She seemed totally at home with it all.

Then she said 'You're my first girl.' I admitted that she was mine too. She said, 'Umm...can...can I taste you?'

It seemed perfectly natural to let her suck me to yet another orgasm. I asked if I could do it to her. She said 'I really would like that, but I'm not sure you would.'

I asked her why and she said 'When I cum when I am very aroused, I pee. I peed on your leg when I cummed.' For some reason it didnt revolt me.

'That's OK. Let's just see what happens.' I went down on her and as she predicted, when she came, she let a little pee go.

I loved what I did that day and I definately will be going back. This time, I rather think I will go all the way.



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