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A Brief Encounter

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This happened last September. I was driving from Minneapolis to Madison, WI to visit my parents. As I crossed the border into Wisconsin, I noticed a hitch hiker alongside the road. He looked like a clean-cut young guy in his early twenties, so I pulled over and motioned him in. He tossed his back pack in the rear seat, and slid into the front passenger seat. We headed down the road.

He was a pleasant young guy, and explained that he was a student at Eau Claire, where he was headed today. He said he was twenty-one and a senior. He was a good conversationalist, and we chatted amiably for the first fifteen minutes of the trip. There was something in his demeanour, however, some vibe I picked up on, that made me believe that he might be up for some sex.

I turned off the main highway we were on, and went east about a mile to a county trunk road I knew about that pretty much paralleled the main road, but was virtually deserted. I told him that this way we would travel slower, but would get to enjoy the autumn colors so much more. What I really wanted was his cock. I tried to lead the conversation toward sexual matters.

I asked him if he had a girlfriend. He said he had one up until about six months ago, but that she had broken it off. 'Wow', I said, six months without a girlfriend! How do you keep yourself satisfied?' He blushed and said, 'Well, I masturbate.' 'I know all about that', I said, 'I've been married for twenty-three years and I still jack off every chance I get. If you don't mind my asking, how often do you do it?' 'Mostly every day', he said. 'So that means you jacked off today?', I asked. 'No', he said, 'I've been so busy preparing for my return to college, that it's been about a week since the last time. 'A week!', I said. That's a long time for a young guy like you. You're carrying around a big load-you must be horny as hell.' Actually, I am', he said, as I noted a big lump in his pants.

'Hey, all this talk about jacking off has got me aroused', I said, as I massaged my cock through my pants. 'How about you?' 'I'm feeling the same way', he said. 'Mind if I check it out', I asked? 'Go right ahead', he said, as I leaned slightly toward him and reached over to grope his cock. It felt like it was about seven inches long, and quite thick. I estimated that he was about 80% erect. 'Hey', I said, 'Why don't you pull it out so I can get a look at it?' He hesitated for a moment, but then unzipped his fly and reached in and pulled his cock out. 'That's no way to do it', I said. 'Pull your pants down.' He lifted his ass off the seat, and pulled his pants and shorts down around his ankles. His cock was gorgeous. About seven inches, as I had guessed, and it was circumcised but with a moveable foreskin. I reached over and took hold of it at the root, and milked it to the tip. As I suspected, a glistening drop of precum came out of the slit. 'Would you ever let a guy jack you off?', I asked. 'Sure', he said, 'Why not?' I said, 'How about if I pull off on one of these old fire trails for some privacy, and I jack you off for a while? You can then do whatever you feel like to me.' 'A handjob would be great. I'll be glad to jack you off as well.' he said.

I drove down the road and came across a fire trail in about a half mile. I turned onto it and drove in about 300 yards. The road was simply two tire ruts in the ground, and from the tall weeds growing up between the tire ruts, you could see that it was rarely, if ever used. I went to the trunk and got out a blanket I keep there. With his help, I spread it out in a grassy area beside the road. Quickly, I stripped off my shoes, socks, shirt, pants and shorts and he did the same. I laid down on the blanket and he laid next to me. My cock was hard as a rock, and so was his. I reached over and jerked back his foreskin, and another glob of precum came out. I picked it up with my finger and put it in my mouth. I began to stroke his beautiful cock rhythmically. After just a few strokes, he said, 'You know, I think I'd better do you first, because once I cum, I don't know how much I'll be up for this.' 'Fine with me', I said, and laid back down on my back.

He gripped my swollen cock tightly, and began to jack me off pretty rapidly. I wanted him to slow down to forestall the inevitable, but he continued at a fast pace, I knew I couldn't take much of this before I erupted, and precum began streaming from my slit and as it oozed down, it covered his knuckles. He ignored this and kept on jacking. Soon I felt my balls tighten even more, and I could sense the cum rising into my penis. I arched my back and let out a big groan as I shot several long ropes of semen across my chest and stomach. He pulled his hand away. I took a moment to catch my breath, and then started to clean myself up. Happily we had no towels, so I used my fingers to pick up the globs of cum, and put each one in my mouth. I swallowed hungrily. He watched me do this and said, 'I've never seen anybody do that before.' 'Oh, it's great', I said, 'I do it all the time. Love the taste.'

'Now it's your turn', I said. He laid on his back, and I saw that there was a string of precum dangling from his pulsating cock tip. As before, I picked this up with a finger and smeared it on my tongue. I grabbed his cock, and I began to jack him off. I stroked him as rapidly as he stroked me, and before long I noted that he was breathing rapidly, and began to thrust his hips upward. I increased the pace, and within a few strokes he shot an enormous load of cum. I counted the spasms: eight. His cum was pure white as only a young guy's can be, and visibly lumpy. I couldn't wait to get a mouthful. I scooted up about a foot, and began to lick and suck up the globs which had landed on his chest. Then I proceeded to his stomach, and licked up every drop of semen I could find. It was delicious. As I was sucking up his cum, I looked up at his face and saw that he was watching me intently. I then looked at his cock, which had gone down, but only very slightly. There was a drop of cum on the tip, which I lifted off with a finger and placed on my tongue. Then it dawned on me-this guy was only twenty-one-he could go again! I moved my hand back to his cock, and began to stroke it as I had done before. He let out a big sigh, and I knew that there was some more cum in store for me. As much as he could produce, I was anxious to suck up. It wasn't too long that he began to moan, and I increased my jacking pace. Soon, he gushed out another big load, which landed mostly on his stomach. Not as much cum as the first time, but a good size load, nevertheless. I moved up a bit, and began licking up his cum. The bigger concentrations I sucked up with pursed lips, and made sucking noises in so doing. I was enjoying this immensely. As I was finishing up, he said, 'I can't believe you do that.' He was looking at me with a mixture of disdain and disgust. I didn't give a damn what he thought. I was still enjoying the residual taste of the three loads I had just ingested.

We dressed in silence, and got back in the car. I drove back to the county trunk road, and at the first stop sign, I turned left and I headed back to the main highway on which I had first encountered him. 'I'll have to let you off here', I said. As he exited the car, he turned back for a moment and said, 'Thanks for the ride-and everything.' I drove about twenty miles down the road and reflected on what I had done with that kid, and just thinking about it I got a hardon. I pulled off onto another fire trail, and jacked off into my left palm and sucked it all up. It was good, as it always is, but the kid's was better.



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