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A Break From the Internet

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Unplanned memorable experience!


This happened about 4 years ago. I was helping a 18 year old boy with his internet studies in math. He was not getting it, and we had to work pretty hard and long at it. We were alone in my house, my wife was at work and he was being home-schooled. It was fall, but the day was warm, and we both had on shorts and tee-shirts.
After a while, I saw that his attention was wondering so I sugggested that we take a break. He went downstairs for a drink, and I switched to a web site that I subscribed to. It was both softcore and hardcore, but very well done, good photography, very nice looking models, both the men and the women.
When I heard him comming back upstairs, I quickly switched to another site. He asked me what I had been looking at. We knew each other fairly well, and we had talked jokingly about his girl friends, and he always told me most everything that they did. So sex was not something that we had not talked about before. I was not sure whether I should show him this sex site, since there was such a large difference in our ages, but I did anyway.
So I went back to my site and we started looking first at the soft stuff. I begin to make comments about the various girls, and he did too. We were sitting real close together to get a good look, and once in a while we would touch, and that made me feel pretty good, especially his bare legs.
After a while I glanced at his crotch and he had a real biggie sticking up. By that time I had one too. So I thought why not? I just blurted out that looking at these girls pussies made me want to jack-off. And he said he felt like it too. I said well lets do it, and slid my shorts off and my cock sprang right up. I held it just with my fingers so he could get a good look at it, and he couldn't take his eyes off it. It was obvious that he would not mind touching it. By that time I was really hot to look at his 18 year old cock. So I said take yours out too and play with it.
That's all the encouragement he needed. He dropped his shorts down and I saw the most beautiful young cock I had ever seen. I did not want to move too fast and scare him, so I asked him if he wanted to see something more hardcore, and he said sure. We started watching pictures men and women going at it. By that time we were both stroking our cocks. I desperateley wanted to play with his, so I said you have a great-looking dick, could I touch it? He just said sure. I reached over and started playing with it. He seemed to enjoy it. I heard him start to moan very quietly.
I very gently and slowly stroked him up and down. He closed his eyes and slid down on the chair so I could get a better grip. By now I just threw all caution to the wind and got down on my knees in front of him, spread his legs, and took him in my mouth. He did not protest, so I gave him the best blow-job I knew how.
I am not gay, but I have always been curious, and a few times had been with a man before. But this time was by far the most exciting thing I had done with a man! Pretty soon, it did not take long, I could feel him getting reaady to come. I had never let a man come in my mouth before, but this time I really wanted to take a load, especially a young load. He started moaning louder, and then he was bucking his hips at me, then he was coming and coming, I thought he would never stop. I swallowed every bit of it!
We did it a few more times after that, and it was always wonderful, but there is never nothing quite like that very first time!



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