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A Boy's Awakening

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I began my life-long passion for masturbation quite innocently at a tender age. One evening at bedtime mom and dad were settling us kids (I'm the oldest of four) down to go to sleep. Dad, who was thirty-five at the time, was standing in the doorway to the bedroom, and he only had on his undershorts. I noticed as he stood there that he had his hand stuck down inside of them and was fondling himself. Now this was something I'd seen dad do before but for some strange reason on this particular night, I happened to pay closer attention to it and wondered why he would be doing such a thing.

When I had finally settled down under my covers and everything had gone quite, I decided to find out what exactly was so great about fondling oneself. Since I slept in the top rack of a set of bunk beds, I figured my actions would go unnoticed by my siblings asleep there in the room with me.

I tentatively stuck my hand down in under the elastic waistband of my undershorts. (I have always preferred briefs to boxers). Then moved it down over my hairless pubic mound and found my limp penis laying there against my skin. I gingerly wrapped my fingers around it and more or less just laid there holding it in my hand. Then something surprisingly happened! As I laid there my penis began to grow! This was amazing!

I continued to just lie there with my now erect, albeit small, penis in my hand. I think the very fact that I was touching myself in a special way that I had never done before was in itself enough to cause my hardon. It was feeling pretty good! However, not knowing what else to do with it I simply continued to lie there for the moment, feeling the strange firmness of my hardon in my hand.

I didn't understand why I was feeling such unfamiliar and exciting feelings. I only knew that they were great! My head was actually spinning from the intoxicating pleasures that I was experiencing at the moment.

Then I decided it might feel 'different' if I pulled my hardon out of my undershorts, which I did with a little difficulty I might add. Sure enough, once I had it out, the simple fact that it was now 'exposed' and in a condition I'd never before had it in made it even more thrilling.

As I continued lying there I unconsciously drew my legs up under me placing the soles of my feet together. I then spread my legs open as wide as I could get them. In that position it seemed to focus my mind's attention upon the fact that my little penis was standing up hard and stiff right there in the center of my body. My entire being seemed to be now centered right there in my groin.

I was still holding my penis between my fingers when I accidently gave it a little push. Oh my God!! The mind numbing sensation that swept out from my groin was simply electrifying! What I had done was to rub the head of my erect penis against the underside of the sheet above me causing friction which produced this indescribable pleasure. I wondered if what I had done by accident could be deliberately repeated. So I did it again with the same pleasurable results, and I did it again, and again, and again. In fact, I quickly found that if I positioned my erect penis in between my index finger and middle finger and made an up and down motion with my hand as if rubbing my tummy that the head of it was a lot freer to rub against the sheet. (This, I might add, is a technique that I still practise today occasionally to augment my regular masturbation method.)

The more I rubbed my penis head against my sheet the more enraptured I became. My breath started coming in short gasps. My body felt tingly all over and I tried to spread my legs even further apart to heighten the sensation. I was about to experience my first orgasm! When it happened my body stiffened and my head went into a tailspin as a kaleidoscope of colors flashed through my mind. It was over in just a few moments. Having spent myself my penis became desensitized and quickly deflated leaving me with a wonderful and satisfying feeling.

Although I was only nine years old at the time I do recall that I ejaculated because after I had orgasmed I noticed that my sheet was wet, and I knew that I had not urinated. The only way it could have got wet I figured was as a result of what I had just done with myself. I wonder if my mom noticed the stiff sheets the next day.



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