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A Boy Enthralled With His Dick

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From the age of 10 I masturbated quite often. This was a pleasure that I
could give myself just about any night in bed when I felt like it.
However, there was one drawback. Because the only way I had found to
masturbate (which I'd discovered quite by accident) was to use the cover
above me to rub my swollen dick head against. It was nearly impossible
to masturbate any other way. So, I was thus relegated entirely to night
time encounters with the sheets.
I did try one time to masturbate by rubbing my dick head against the
fender of a car. That didn't work to well as I recall.
Then one day I was enlightened! I was fooling around with one of my
cousins, a boy named Joe, who was also ten like me. He asked me if I
plaid with myself. He acknowledged that he had been masturbating for some time
and wondered if I had learned how yet. I confided that I plaid with
myself at night under the covers. Then he told me that it was possible to
masturbate any time that I wanted by simply placing my hand over the end
of my dick and pulling on it. I was a little confused so he unzipped his
pants and pulled his dick out to show me. Without hesitation he started
beating his meat. Watching him masturbate soon had my cock hard so I
followed suit and pulled mine out too. I was a quick learner and in no
time had the technique down pat. As you might guess, we wound up
masturbating each other, his dick in my hand and my dick in his.
Well, I thought this was remarkable! No longer would my self-lovemaking
be confined to my bed at night. So that very afternoon I eagerly tried this
new masturbation method out, with immediate results I might add.
I was and am now eternally grateful for him teaching me this technique.
And speaking of teachers, there is one time when I masturbated in front
of one of mine at school. I was in the seventh grade so I must have been
maybe thirteen at the time.
At about that time my hormones were running away with me. I was
constantly getting a hardon. Just my dick rubbing against my pants as I walked was
enough to get it hard. I was all the time masturbating or so it seemed.
One day in English class was one such occurrence. Some other students and
myself were sitting at our desks in a work study group. We had or desks
arranged in a semicircle facing the teacher as she taught us or lessons.
Well as quite often happened in those days I started unconsciously
rubbing my dick which quickly responded with an erection. I was using my pencil
to do it as I sat there at my desk. I naively assumed that the desk top
would hide my actions. I was wrong as I later figured out.
The teacher, Mrs. Matthew's, had each of the other four or five students
go to the board to work on a problem leaving only me at my desk. She,
however, staid sitting there in front of me. I, however, kept masturbating with my pencil in front of her. My stiff dick was protruding down into my
pants and laying along side my leg. This maid it easy for me to keep
running my pencil up and down it.
I sat there alone masturbating in front of her thinking she wasn't
noticing what I was doing. I know now that I was really dumb to think so.
But I was young, stupid and horny.
I wonder if she noticed the moment that I cummed. In my pants. Probably
so. In fact she probably went to the teachers bathroom at her earliest
convenience and tried a little masturbating of her own.
As I think back, I just may have given teach a real thrill that she may
not have had in a while. In any event, I bet she went home that night and
got her some.
There was another classroom incident that I'm almost reluctant to tell.
It was the same teacher's class as it happened. One day I was so horny that
I couldn't stand it. I didn't excuse myself to go to the bathroom to jack
off. No, I just went to the back of the classroom in the corner and
turned my back to the room. There I proceeded to pull my dick out of my pants
and masturbate with all my might. I only did it for a minute before I put it
back in my pants being temporarily satisfied. As soon as I got home I
finished the job. I donut know if anybody saw me or not. If they did
nothing was said. Or maybe they just didn't want to interrupt a private
moment between me and my hand.
The place where we lived when I was thirteen had an old wooden shed in
back of the house. Now this old shed faced toward our neighbors house in
such a way that when the shed door was opened you could easily see into
it from their back door - but not from ours.
Our neighbors were a married couple in their late twenties. And as far as
I can recall, she was a very attractive and very sexy looking young woman.
Of coarse any young woman in my wild hormone days was attractive and sexy
Now me and that old wooden shed spent a lot of time together. Just about
every time I needed to jack off I was masturbating in there.
I can remember 'experiencing' my hardon with great pleasure. These were
the days of my most personal and most intense associations with my dick.
These were also the days when I jacked off in my teacher's classroom. I
was completely out of control!
I used to get an erection out in the shed and do all I could to enhance
the pleasure. In some what of a masochistic style I would inset things
like broom straws into my urethra just to see how far up into my dick
they would go. Also, I would take my hardon in hand and bend it in the middle.
Sure it hurt but it also felt good.
Back to my sexy neighbor. I do not recall her name but here I'll call her
Anne. Now whenever I was busy in the old shed masturbating I always kept an eye
out for her. That's because when Anne just happened to walk out her back
door I would just happen to let the shed door swing open to where I could
be seen. All she had to do was look in my direction and she couldn't help
but see me. In fact I know for a fact that on at least one occasion she
did. I was busy pounding my meat one day when I saw her through the shed
window. Anne walked out of her back door and stood on her back porch. On
cue I went to the shed door and with a gentle nudge swung it open. There
I was with my pants down and my hard dick in my hand. As I plaid with
myself I watched to see if Anne would look over where I was. She did. She stood
there looking at me for a brief moment and then she turned and went back
inside. However, I left the door swung open. I envisioned her peeping out
her kitchen window and watching me masturbate. Of coarse that's what I
fantasized. And in my fantasy she would get hot watching me and start
playing with her pussy.
Who's to say she didn't?
Now keep in mind that I was just a thirteen year old boy doing what all
red blooded teenage boys do best. And since she was a 'mature' woman I'm
sure that she took that fact in to account. Or maybe when she was a young
teenage girl she spent some time alone with her own self love and seeing
me doing it brought back fond memories. Or just maybe she actually did do
as I fantasized. I donut know. But in any event, I suffered no adverse
consequences from my somewhat risky attempts at exhibitionism. In fact, I
got immense pleasure out of it. Just the thought of a woman seeing my
penis and watching me masturbate was a real heady experience. At that
time, the risk wasn't even considered.
When I was young I was extremely horny as I've shown. All through my
teens I was constantly masturbating. It didn't matter much what over. I
frequently used pictures of naked women. As a matter of fact, that's
still one of my favorite techniques. Only today, the pictures are much more
graphic, or should I say pornographic, than they were back then. Also, a
good piece of erotic literature gets my cock jumping. The mind is one of
the most powerful aphrodisiacs there is. Whenever I wasn't actually doing
it I was always thinking about jerking off. It seemed that my dick took
over my brain. There's a joke that God gave man just enough blood to
operate either his penis or his brain, but not both. Through my teenage
years I continued to masturbate with frequency. I was quite shy as a boy
and later also as a young adult. So, my best lover was my hand. I guess
you could say that I had a very active sex life with myself.



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