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A Boy and His Toy

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Here's how I've been masturbating lately...(My cums have been mind blowing to say the least).

I recently purchased a 'cyberskin' dildo. This dildo is amazingly life-like by the way...8' long, and about 2' around. A nice thick vein runs along the underside. It also has alot of veiny nooks and crannies all over it.There is also a nice head with a pouty little piss hole, and a pulled back foreskin. It's complete with a squishy sack of balls, and a handy little suction cup. If you close your eyes and stroke your own prick and this dildo at the same time, I gaurantee you won't be able to tell the difference.

Anyway, here's how I've been getting off...

Let me begin by saying I am a straight male. I've never indulged in gay sex nor do I have any intention of ever doing so. I absolutely love women. Always have and always will. But for some reason, dildo's really get me off when I go 'solo'. I don't know if it's some kind of perverse solo role playing, or just a good old sexual fantasy, but playing with dildo's tends to really get me off. Fuck it. Leave it to the psychologists to figure...I'm having a great time.

I usually start my 'play' in the shower. I'll attach my dildo with the suction cup on the bottom, to the side-wall of my shower stall. (Usually at about the same level of my own prick.) I'll shower thoroughly, and develop a nice soapy, slippery lather. I'll rinse myself, and at this point I'm nice and squeeky clean. The steamy hot water beads roll down my chest. The water beads and drips lanquidly off my slowly swelling, fully shaved, and cock ring bound dick. I'll take the soap and once again lather up my prick. Tugging and pulling at myself...pumping and probing around the fat purple-ness of my dick head...massaging my tight ball-sack...fingers toying at my butt-hole, I continue this way until my cock is harder than granite. I stop and look down at my thick, swollen, and pulsating dick jutting so straight and hard from body. It bobs ever so slightly up and down as the blood courses through my fat dick while I stand temporarily 'hands free.'

When I can't stand not touching myself anymore, I start jerking at my soapy cock once again. Now I'll start to lather and soap up the dildo. I tug and pull at the dildo, matching it stroke for stroke with the same pulls and tugs I'm giving to my own fat, swollen prick. I fondle the dildo's balls, while I fondle my own. I can feel my butt-hole clench so tightly as I become more and more turned on. I'll grab my dick and the dildo in one hand and masturbate both myself and the dildo. With my other hand I find my ass and pull at my ass-cheeks. Spreading them I slowly insert a finger in my butt and start to finger myself. My butt-hole relaxes as I pump at my hole like it's a tight little pussy. I'll insert another finger and find my prostate and massage it as the cum begins to boil deep inside my ball sack. I keep jacking my dick and the dildo all the while, perilously close to a thick and gooey cum.

At this point I'll get out the shower, dry off, and take my dildo and my still fully engorged penis to my bed. I lay down and start furiously masturbating myself. My dick could'nt get any harder if it tried to. I pump at myself as my mouth lazily opens slack. My heart pounds as I pull and jerk. Tug and pump. The head so fat with its tiny little hole juts through my fist. My shaft, thick, wide and a road map of glorious blood filled veins grows even more. I pull downward and stop where my shaft meets my balls. I pull back very hard and stare at my dick standing out so long...so fat...and soooooooooo fucking hard.

I grab the tube of lube on my bed-stand at this point and generously lube my prick, my ass, (naturally pausing to give myself a nice quick three finger, finger fuck in my hole), and most generously I lube up my dildo. Up and down the shaft I stroke, while I stroke my own dick at the same time. Whew.....I'm a nice slick, and slippery mess at this point, and loving every minute of it. Every nerve ending in my ass and cock is insanely, ultra sensitive at this point. The hole of my dick head drips pre-cum. My dildo and hard cock glisten with lube.

I keep masurbating myself, my hand slipping and sliding all over my tube. I rub the dildo on my dick and balls, and again jerk my dick and dildo at the same time. I'm getting close to not being able to hold on anymore. It's time for my big finish. As I keep jacking myself off, I spread my legs wide, arch my back slightly. and stick my butt up in the air. I take the dildo and rub its head all over my puckered b-hole. I rub and start to slowly insert the head into my boiling hole...all the while tugging at my turgid meat. I relax my anus, and slowly insert more of the dildo. I can feel the ridge of the head against the inside of my butt as I give myself more. An inch of the shaft...two inches...three inches...four inches...I stop to give myself a breather...holding my prick in my fist, I relax so I can accommodate the 'intruder' in my butt. The incredible feeling of fullness, and pressure on my prostate, is indescribable. I take a deep breath, start masturbating again, and push more of the dildo inside me. Five inches...six...that's about all I can take. I slowly pull the dildo out of my hole. I can feel my butt grip the shaft, pulling at it, wrapping around it. I'm soooooooo close to cumming, it's ridiculous....I feel every nook and cranny of the dildo as it pulls out of me. I stop at the head and slowly insert the dildo again. Deep moans escape my throat, and I pull the dildo out again...this time a little quicker. Now I start to fuck myself quick and hard with the dildo. The slippery lube eases the prick into my hole, and I grip so hard at dick......In...Out...In...Out...In...Out...In...Out. My eyes are shut so tight...sweat pours from my body as I my pulse pounds throughout my body. I keep fucking myself gripping at my cock, as the cum starts to erupt from my shaft....I keep pumping the dildo in and out, as thick gobs of cum shoot all over my body...my face..my bed...absolutely everywhere. I keep going until every last drop of jelly is emitted from my body. I pull at my prick, til it starts to soften. I pull the dildo out of my ass, and feel my hole all wide open and slick. I'm a sticky, gooey, sloppy and slippery mess, and I love every minute of it.




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