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A Boarding School Adolescence

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This is a true story.


Given the number of boy/boy stories in this site I am rather surprised that there are relatively few concerning adolescents' emerging sexuality in single-sex Boarding School environments so I decided to share my own recollections of puberty and adolescence in the Sixties. I was the youngest of three - my sister and brother being 9 and 6 years older than me.

I was born and schooled abroad - that is until my parents returned to Scotland when I was thirteen. My first primary school, which I attended in the Fifties until I was eight, was a small co-educational school with roughly equal numbers of boys and girls. It was during this period - probably when I was seven - that I remember my little 'taily' (that was my mother's name for it) getting hard but I had no idea why. At that age I already knew that girls looked different 'down there' - at somebody's Birthday Party one of the girls had been caught short in the garden; pulled down her pants; and squatted down to pee. I think I was surprised, and probably very intrigued, but I don't think that this provoked my first hardon. I think that happened sometime later.

Anyway sometime later I discovered that I could sometimes voluntarily induce a hardon (not a word I knew then) by alternately clenching and then relaxing the muscles in my groin - as if stopping urinating & then letting the flow resume. I don't know why I did this, but I told my friend about it, and he discovered that he could do it too and this led a couple of times to us getting deliberate immature hardons so that we could see who could pee the highest against his garden wall. Then one day we thought that it would be fun if we invited a girl we both thought pretty to 'come round and play', hoping that if we showed her our little hardons she would let us see her mysterious slit - but when we phoned her mother said she was out. We didn't think to ask her round another time!

Not long after that my father was posted to a new job in another country and when we got there he decided that - at the age of eight - I should attend an all boys Prep Boarding School to prepare me for the British 'Common Entrance' exam. Consequently for the next 5 years I had very little contact with girls of my own age - even during the school holidays, my siblings both being so much older than me - with the result that I became increasingly shy of girls. However I did get to briefly see two girls' slits during the holidays. The first time at a school friend's house when he announced to the very surprised 3 or 4 of us that his younger sister (perhaps about 7) would take her knickers down and let us see her 'crack'-which she willingly (but all too briefly) did. We politely and silently gawped at it but neither attempted to touch it or to expose our penises to her. Then on another occasion a friend of my mother's visited us together with her daughter who was around my age - then around eleven. While playing with my Dinky toys in the sandpit with her - both of us squatting down-I noticed that not only could I see up her cotton dress, but also that her knickers were loose, allowing me some fascinating glimpses of her vulva. I like to think - in retrospect - that if I had been less shy I might somehow have brought up the idea of an 'I'll show you mine - if you show me yours' session in our adjacent garage.

Despite this early developing sexual awareness nothing significant happened sexually at that Prep School. We saw each other nude frequently - changing in the Dormitory for bed, or in the communal showers. Most of us, including me, were circumcised. We were 'Roundheads' whereas the others were 'Cavaliers'. Occasionally in the showers someone would get stiff at which point the others would call out is 'randy' to that boy's intense embarrassment. Also around the age 12 it became rather more common for boys to briefly 'de-bag' other boys during playtime - easy to do with shorts with elasticated waist bands - provided that no teachers were present. Although I was thirteen when I left that school I had not started puberty - nor most others my age. I had no idea about masturbation but had some basic ideas about the act of copulation, and had begun measuring my erections - probably aware by now that my 'Wang' should begin to grow. Oh - on reflection - my bedside neighbour quietly asked me one night after Lights-Out if my Wang ever got hard. Confessing that it did led to to his asking me if he could feel mine and he would let me feel his - which we briefly did - somehow it was daring and naughty without any real sexual feelings.

Unusually - on arrival at my Boarding 'Public School'-I was lodged out for my first year with a local family. Evidently the school had miscalculated the number of places available in the Boarding Houses. I found that I was to share a semi-partitioned bedroom with another boy roughly the same age as me. Evidently he already knew something about 'wanking' or 'tossing off'-because he quizzed me after a few weeks whether I too did that?. I had no idea what he was talking about, apart from sometimes my cock getting stiff. He in due course persuaded me a couple of times to let him try wanking me - it was as I recall rather mechanical and I gained little pleasure from it - other than a sense of it being both 'very rude' and 'naughty' Possibly he was a bit more sexually advanced and hoped that I might reciprocate - but his uncircumcised penis seemed too alien for me to want to. I wan't to experience my first dry orgasm until later that year, on my own.

The following year (now aged 14) I joined a dormitory of about 8 - all of a similar age - in one of the Boarding Houses. That was when I discovered from the stories of some other boys, particularly those with more pubic development than my own sparse growth, that during the past term some of them had participated in a couple of 'After Lights Out' dorm wanking competitions or displays, while some others had watched! However this was not to be repeated in my new dorm. In a voyeuristic way this disappointed me. I was by now sometimes secretly and quietly masturbating after Lights Out, still to dry orgasms, and was very intrigued by the concept of ejaculation. However by now I think we realised that we risked being labelled 'Poofs' if caught in such activities.

My dormitory bed neighbour, 'John' slightly younger than me and a little more undeveloped, one night whispered could he feel my prick? I was excited by the idea, but instead led his hand under my bedclothes to a small inflated long balloon that I happened to have with me, which seemed to rather annoy him. It was during the next school holiday that I finally experienced my first ejaculation - in the bath at home. Stimulated by a Sunday Supplement picture of a very pretty mini-skirted blonde I had been slowly stroking my very stiff cock when it suddenly erupted like a geyser onto my stomach. It felt fantastic of course, but I was totally unprepared - no tissues or washcloth, and it was messy! I now of course rapidly became a wanking addict, and luckily had my own bedroom at home.

Back at school in the dorm it was a different matter! Although we all knew everyone did it you had to wait until after lights out, and try to wank very quietly to avoid being teased and ridiculed. If I was feeling very randy and couldn't wait until night I would sometimes do it in a toilet cubical - fortunately there was one on its own under a staircase! Very occasionally I managed somehow to get back to the Boarding House early from school and would then sneak a daring quick wank on top of my bed before the others came back.

When I was 16 we were promoted to smaller 4 bed dorms, and once again my bed was next to 'John'-with 2 others in beds next to the window. 'John' was a slim built quite good looking boy, with little in the way of body hair, who I was quite friendly with. Like me he was circumcised. At night I would sometimes hear his bedclothes rustling, or heavy breathing, and I found it quite exciting knowing that he must be wanking a few feet away from me! Then in the Summer term when it didn't get fully dark before lights out, one evening I saw in the half-light his blankets form a 'tent' above his groin, together with a slight rhythmic movement, and I realised that he must be holding his bedclothes above his cock with one hand while wanking with the other. This got me feeling instantly very randy, and I thought that I would like to observe him doing it openly!

Sometimes 'John' and I would go to the local swimming pool together, and this happened a few weeks later. The pool was busy so we shared a cubicle to change in. After a while we were larking about in the pool, trying to duck each other, and I found my groin rubbing against his hip, causing me to get stiff! Then I heard an insistent electric bell signalling the end of pool time and, in a crouching run, I made it to the cubicle. A few seconds later 'John' came into the cubicle and I noticed straight away that he too had popped a boner in his tight trunks! At the same time he noticed my own, and if anything his own bulge seemed to get a bit bigger. We both realised that we had no option but to get changed in front of each other and once his was revealed I was fascinated how similar his hardon looked to my own. We were both rather embarrassed and probably giggling nervously. Well on the way back to the boarding house our route took us along a secluded path with some rough bushy ground on one side, and I still had an uncomfortable hardon. I told 'John' that I had to go into the bushes and have a wank. 'OK' he said, and to my surprise he followed me in to the secluded area. I thought maybe he might be going to wank-off too, which made me feel even more randy, but he said I just want to sneak a cigarette. Even so it occurred to me that he might be interested in watching me, and I nearly decided it would be too embarrassing, but I then said 'Please don't tell anyone about this' and he said 'Of course not'. As I laid down and unzipped my trousers he sat down near me and fished out his cigarette pack. Then just as I started to stroke myself I heard him say 'Damn! I haven't any ciggies left'. Maybe I thought that watching me wank would lead him to feel the need to do so too, but he just sat there-looking away when my eyes met his - but watching me once more when I looked down at myself again and finished 'the business in hand'. Nothing was said on the way back, and I by now felt both guilty and embarrassed.

'John' was true to his word and did not tell anyone else about this incident - he probably realised that he would be asked why he came into the bushes with me in the first place! Well that broke the ice between us somewhat and we soon began to talk more openly, between ourselves, about masturbation techniques / fantasies etc. Somehow we both admitted that we would like to know what it would be like to be tossed off by someone else - maybe after fantasizing about having a girl wank us off! Well not so very long after this both of the other boys in the dorm were allowed home for the night, for some reason, and after Lights-Out that night I hesitantly and rather nervously said to 'James' 'This is our chance. Would you like me to toss you off? I will if you do me?' As soon as I had said it I wished that I hadn't and there seemed to be a rather long silence before he eventually said 'Well-OK - who goes first?' I tried my luck and said 'If you do me first - I'll then do you' (in case he changed his mind after I had tossed him off) - and he agreed. It was a bit awkward as we both stayed on our beds, leaning across the gap between them to reach the other's hardon. However it was also exciting and nice - his hand felt very different on me than my own - and as I recall we both came rather quickly.

Neither of us talked about that event again.

Well that is the one and only same sex experience that I ever had, and I imagine that would probably also be true for 'John'. Basically I think we were both horny heterosexual adolescent boys, starved of female company, who took sexual experimentation a bit too far. It wasn't until I reached my early twenties that I finally did get a girlfriend to masturbate me - and it blew my mind! There was none of that earlier feeling of guilt or shame, and it felt so much more sensual! There was also that delicious very 'rude' and exhibitionistic feeling of arching my groin upwards and thrusting my unashamed stiffy between their delightful feminine soft, small, and delicate fingers, knowing that at the same time the girl was intently watching my very aroused masculine organ.. Of course I love intercourse too, but have thoroughly enjoyed being masturbated by a number of girlfriends over the years, and of course, reciprocally coaxing them too to orgasm either digitally or orally!



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