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A Blast from the Past

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So several years ago I was riding my bike down Q. street here in lovely Sacramento Ca. I was in the bike lane and riding at a good pace past this Acura Integra when the driver side door suddenly opened and right in my path and I struck the door with my handlebar and pinky finger. It startled both me and the driver who was very upset because he thought I was hurt. He was a beautiful cat. Armenian descent thick beautiful nose and lips, swarthy complexion, jet black hair and I would later find out, about 5 years older than me. He apologized profusely and invited me up to his apartment to bandage up my finger.

He turned out to be a really nice dude. He got my finger all bandaged up we chatted for a bit and he gave me his number in case there were any complications as a result of my (very minor) injury. I took his number, because he was really cute and I was and am still quite the horn dog.

We stayed in touch and I began hanging out at his place from time to time. I was immediately put at ease by him. He had a great sense of humor and was not the least bit inhibited by the fact that I am gay when it came to talking about sex and his various turn-on's. I found it very refreshing to have a friend who was so open about talking about jerking off and maybe some taboo sexual subjects that most people will not discuss with ease. I am the oldest in my family and so I never had the benefit of an older brother to talk about sex stuff with, so I was really taken with how comfortably he spoke about these thing with me.

I knew that at the time he had a pretty blonde girlfriend and so I never expected anything to happen between us, yet I would always leave his house with a painful hard on in my jeans because of how beautiful he was and our horny conversation.

One day during one of our chats he pulls out his favorite porn magazines and begins to tell me about his fantasies with the various girls within the pages. He said, 'I like to look at porn on my computer, but always come back to my old girlfriend in the magazines every once in a while'. Then he took me by surprise and told me about how when he was a teen he and some of his buddies would jerk off together.

This made me almost dizzy with lust for him. I asked if he was interested in doing something like that with me. He smiled so warmly when he said 'sure, we can do that together some time' I was on cloud nine over the very idea.

Nothing happened that day but the next time I visited I waited for him to start with the sex talk again and I brought up our discussion about rubbing one out together. He said 'Okay, let's do it' and he got out his laptop (one of the first ones I ever saw) and magazines and we proceeded to undress in front of one another. His only rule at the time is that we not touch each other. I was cool with that. I just wanted to be near him while he pleasured himself, to see him in the throes of ecstacy. I was soooo not disappointed.

His body was liberally covered in straight shiny black hair and his cock was about seven inches long when he got a boner and his head was fat and juicy looking.

He was really fascinated by my cock as it is eight and three quarter inches long and as thick as my wrist at the base. He was very complimentary about my dick and my body which was amazing for my self esteem since I have always been selfconcious about both.

We watched one another lube up and work ourselves over while commenting on the porn and checking each other out. He came before I did and shot a copious load onto his chest before sitting back and cheering me on with dirty talk as I stroked myself to bliss. I came a few minutes later and as I shot all over myself, I heard him say 'that was beautiful, bro' That made me feel awesome. We never did it again though we seemed to just become better friends after it happened. Now all the barriers seemed to fall away and no topic was taboo in our discussions.

We continued as friends for a couple of years and then he moved away to San Jose to live with his hot girlfriend. I was all wrapped up in another dude at the time and we just seemed to lose touch. I thought about him a lot over the years and certainly after my relationship ended, but after trying to re-establish contact for several years without success, I gave up looking.

Fast forward 16 years to earlier this year. I get a call at work, from him. He said that he has been trying to find me for years and just happened to come across someone I work with who put him in touch with me. He was so happy that I remembered him (as If I could forget). At one point he told me that a day hasn't passed for the past several years when he hadn't thought of me. This really turned me to putty. Well, most of me. My heart melted, but my cock got rock hard when he said it.

We have stayed in close contact since that phone call. I have had two meals with him since then, he is a little greyer and a little older, but so am I. He is still just beautiful. I told him so and he said the same thing to me (I think mainly out of graciousness).

Of course we have talked about what happened those many years ago. I told him how special it was for me and he agreed that it had been special for him too.

He is in a relationship with another woman now. I know he told her about what happened between us so long ago, before we met for dinner the first time, because she was not friendly the one time I called to chat. I also think he told her that he would like it to happen again. She has been very vocal to him, about her disapproval of the prospect. We haven't done it again, but I get the impression that it is just a matter of time, I think his girlfriend gets that impression too. If he wants to do it again, I doubt that I will have the strength to deny him. He's my horny big bro and I am down for whatever he wants to have happen.



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