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A Big Surprise

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My best friend and I often talked about boys, sex and masturbating. But she had been keeping from me a secret. One which she revealed one night as a huge surprise.


"Margie, you just gotta come home with me tomorrow" my best friend Samantha said, "I got a big surprise for you." Regardless how much I pleaded with her, she wouldn't tell me what it was. Next day when school let out, I got on her bus and we rode to her home together.

At her house, her babysitter was already home waiting for her and me. Sam introduced us. She was sixteen, but seemed much older than that to Sam and I. After the introductions, she said come to my room and we scrambled up the stairs and she slammed her door behind us. "So what's the big surprise?" I asked. It's Laurie. "You have a sitter. That's the big surprise?"

"No. It's what she is going to do with us tonight."

"What is she going to do?" I asked suspiciously.

"Don't worry, it's nothing bad. You are going to love it" and she started giggling.

"Listen Sam, I'm not going to do anything with her if you don't tell me what it is."

"You don't have to do anything if you don't want to. I'll go first, you'll watch and then decide."

Laurie made us a nice dinner. She was very polite and mature acting and asked us a lot of questions about school and other stuff.

After dinner, Sam and I did the dishes, then she said "Let's go in the den."

In the den, Laurie was sitting in the recliner with her legs up on the recliner's footrest and hands clasped over her stomach. She greeted us with a smile. Sam went right over to her chair while motioning for me to sit in the matching recliner on the opposite side of the room, facing them.

Then to my astonishment, she turned to face me and backed up towards Laurie, swung a leg over hers and sat down right on top of her, facing towards me. She had a huge smile on her face as if to say 'Watch this!'

Laurie wrapped her arms around Samantha, hugged her and nuzzled her face next to Sam's. "Did you miss me?" she asked. Sam nodded and closed her eyes. Laurie's hands started caressing all over Sam's front, softly over her blouse. Clearly, this was not their first time doing this. She unbuttoned first the highest one, then next one and so on until her blouse was completely open. Sam sat up and took off the blouse while Laurie unhooked her training bra and she threw that off too. Then Sam settled back onto Laurie who caressed her tiny titties and pinched her nipples. Sam raised her hands over her head and grabbed hold at the top of the recliner. Sam's eyes closed and a sexy half-smile emerged across her face. Laurie was staring intently at me, with a look that I imagined meant I was to be next.

She continued playing with Sam's tits with one hand while the other moved lower on her body. Occassionally switching, the hands took turns between the high and low roads. The lower hand gradually worked lower and lower, eventually just barely slipping under the elastic waistband of her skirt, then probing further downward.

Sam kicked off her shoes and put her feet on the recliner's footrest and lifted her hips off of Laurie. Laurie unhooked her waistband and unzipped the skirt, then pulled it down to Sam's knees. All this while Sam was stretched out, her tits exposed completely to Laurie's gentle touch. She continued staring at me all the time.

I was glued to my seat, watching this go on. I didn't know what to do, or say. I felt awkward yet, I couldn't stop watching. I was no stranger to masturbation, having discovered it years earlier. I have been masturbating often since that first time, and I wanted to masturbate then and there. But I just wasn't daring enough to take that leap. Especially with Laurie staring at me.

Meanwhile, Samantha was now wearing only her panties and socks. Laurie fervently masturbated her over her panties with one hand while the other alternated between playing with her tits and caressing the inside of her thigh. After a short time, Sam's breathing quickened and her hips started rocking. Laurie continued rubbing while Sam came to a very vocal orgasm in her arms while I watched with rapt attention and considerable embarrassment.

When she came back down, she lazily opened her eyes and looked directly at me, smiling while recovering her normal breathing rate. I still didn't know whether I should say anything or not. Laurie's penetrating gaze was still fixed on my eyes. I felt so embarrassed sitting there, feeling horny as hell but awkward at the same time.

Sam said "Your turn." I shook my head no. "Oh c'mon, you'll love it. You're not a prude are you?" she taunted. I looked at Laurie and she just motioned me to take Sam's place. Sam climbed off, reached out to take my hand, led me across and helped me sit on Laurie's lap as she had done.

She started doing the same things to me and it felt wonderful. When she started opening my blouse I helped her. Same with my skirt. Soon I was dressed only in my panties. I abandoned myself to the wonderful feelings she was giving me. I even raised my arms like Sam did, I felt so sexy and free. When she started masturbating me I came almost instantly.

When I opened my eyes, Sam was on the chair watching us, still wearing only panties and socks and half masturbating. She applauded and we all laughed. "See, I said you would like it. Was I right?"

"Yes" I breathlessly assured her. I climbed off of Laurie. Sam and I stood, nearly naked, facing Laurie. I took hold of her hand and turned to whisper in her ear "What about Laurie?" She said "It's time for the main event."

I soon learned she wasn't talking bout masturbating her. They had sex together while I watched and masturbated. They fingered each other, did sixty-nine together, kissed a lot. Though the lovemaking was strictly between Sam and Laurie, we all were naked by then.

At one point, Laurie retrieved her overnight bag from behind the recliner and opened it. Inside were three dildoes of various sizes. Two were rubber and looked like penises. The other was glass. It had colorful bumps all over the slightly curved shaft and a clear smooth head that slightly resembled a penis head. She said pick one. Sam took one of the rubber ones. I took the glass one and Laurie was left with the other rubber penis. She gave us each a bottle of lube and we spent the rest of the evening masturbating on the floor together. That was the first time I had had anything up my pussy. It hurt a lot at first. After I wiped the blood and cleaned up the dildo, I couldn't help trying again. It still hurt some but at the same time it felt really sexy. I came so many times it didn't hurt any more and I lost count.

It was truly a night to remember. And Sam said next time her parents go away again, I am invited to sleep over with her and Laurie again. That came to pass three more times over the next couple of years. Eventually Sam and Laurie developed a lesbian relationship and moved in together. To this day, I visit them occasionally and we have a ball, so to speak.



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