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A Beautiful Butt

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I'm eighteen and live at home with my mom and dad. They both work and mom is a model for women's under garments. This incident happened just last week and I continue to think about it daily.

Mom was getting ready for work and she was in her room dressing. She called to me and asked me to bring her a blouse which she had left on the ironing board. I walked into her room and she was standing at her mirror in her bra, panties and stockings. It was impossible not to notice her lovely round rear and I complimented her on her nice butt. Mom thanked me and I told her it looked so firm for a woman her age. I think I may have offended her with that comment and she replied, 'firm, you bet it's firm, come here and feel it.' I walked over to her and ran my hand and fingers over her rear. It really was very firm and I continued to rub it. It's like petting a dog's head, you want to continue doing it.

Just as I took my hand away and was ready to apologize for my insensitive remark mom pulled the waistband and the panties down over her rear to the place where her butt met her legs. She leaned forward and placed her hands on the top of her dresser. She then said, 'now get a better feel for how smooth it is.' I now got that funny feeling in the pit of my stomach and I really did want to feel her smoothness. I ran my hand all over her bare cheeks repeatedly and gently squeezed them once or twice. My arousal was intensifying as I felt the smoothness of her skin.

Mom then slightly spread both of her legs and I almost immediately allowed my fingertips to enter into the insides of her cheeks. I continued rubbing. Mom again opened her legs and I again moved my fingers in deeper. I could now tell that my mom was breathing more rapidly because I could hear her. I pushed my fingertips just a little bit more into her crack and felt her hole. Mom let out a slight gasp. Her legs now opened even more. I slowly inserted the first joint of my middle finger into her butt hole and mom moaned. With my other hand I continued rubbing her cheeks. Little by little I moved my fingertip deeper into her hole. I was now sexually aroused beyound description and I had no intention of stopping what I was doing. Most of my finger was now up into her and with my other hand I stopped rubbing her cheeks and put my fingers between her legs and quickly found her slit. She was quite moist and I put one of my fingers up her pussy hole while I continued to move my middle finger in and out of her butt hole. Just then, mom said, 'stop! take your fingers out of me. What are we doing?' I pulled out my fingers from both holes and just stood there. I felt totally frustrated and quite upset. Mom pulled up her panties and said, 'what was I thinking?' She then said to let her get dressed and that she would be late for work.

The minute mom left for work I went to my room and brought myself to orgasm. I have now been masturbating every night as I think of that afternoon. Mom has yet to bring up the subject and I'm suspecting that she never will. I would totally love to have sex with her but based on her reaction that afternoon I seriously doubt that she would be receptive to my thoughts.



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