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A Beach, a Stranger at Midnight

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I was allowed to sleep uninterrupted during the flight. My dragon, she who fills my soul with sensuality also slept coiled deep within my womb.


The room was hot and airless, and there was no relief from the pathetic dribble from the air conditioner, nor from the pathetic dribbles of sweat that bathed me.

I lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling, already missing my husband so much. I missed every part of him from his tenderness to his sadism, from his gentle smile, to his brutal cock. It will be another month before we are reunited in an orgy of lust that will, I am sure, begin at the airport.

Tonight, sleep would prove to be an illusive mistress. I wriggled my thin cotton dress up high and felt my panties, wet, of course, and the thought to masturbate myself to sleep raised its head. Instantly, my dragon snarled her disapproval. Even rubbing my hard clit through the damp material yielded no pleasure, no mounting expectation. When SHE denied me, there is nothing I can do.

So, looking from my balcony, the beach beckoned. If I could not sleep, then I would walk in the breeze caressing the sand and the surf.

Oh, but tropical nights are idyllic! They are a dizzying array of sounds, sights and scents, and how quickly my senses become attuned to the darkness of a tropical night. Palm trees reach over the bleached white sand, and in their impenetrable depths, what depravity is on offer?

I walked on, a sigh, then a moan, I froze in the moment and let my mind reach out. Another sigh, and a short cry more of desperation than fear. And then, I saw them. Teenagers barely of age. She on all fours just beyong the treeline, her dress over her back and him kneeling behind her. The world, for them, did not exist. For them, it was just the here, the now, and their moment of exstacy. I smiled and walked on.

For how long? I have no idea. It seemed perfectly natural to me to just shrug my dress off and leave it where it fell on the sand. My panties followed and I walked on, skyclad. Naked under the velvet blackness of a tropical night sky, I met him. Suddenly, he was there. The boy I saw earlier. He looked at me in surprise, and I sank to my knees spreading them widely. His eyes fixed between my legs, I started to caress myself. SHE purred. He moved closer, so close, I could smell her still on him. He dropped his shorts and I could smell her in a different way. He did well to get hard again so quickly, but then, youth brings it's own rewards. I felt lustful, but knew that having him was not what either of us desired. Closer still he moved, until his masturbating hand almost touched my face. If I only opened my mouth, I would have tasted both him and his girlfriend. His foot was between my thighs now, and it would have been easy to rub myself against his firm leg. We both stared into each others eyes as we masturbated. I felt his foot right between my legs, I was almost sitting on it.

Then I felt myself stop. I held my pussy lips far apart and looked up at him, he knew and nodded. I sighed and let myself bless his foot with my soft amber benediction. A slight touch more and I orgasmed as he, in turn, blessed my face and breasts with his seed.

When I opened my eyes again, he was walking away.

My dress and panties were where I left them and I put them on before walking back to the hotel.

Tomorrow night, on the orders of my husband, I will wait in the treeline for whosoever comes along.



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