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A Bare-balls, Dirt-biking Afternoon

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It was a real thrill for me to see my previous submission on the site detailing my day out and about with a raging hard on, so I thought I would submit another one of how one of my other planned out-days went.

What I like to do is think up a general scenario of how to spend a day with a hard cock and then add more details to the plan as the mood strikes me. This one, I had been thinking about for a while. The plan was to head out to the hills, an hour or so out of town on a very hot summer day, for a day out in the wilderness to do some dirt biking. I had been thinking about the day all week and was really looking forward to it. Early in the week, I got so excited thinking about the weekend to come that I had to blow a load or I didn't think I would be able to make it to the weekend.

The day finally came and I awoke with my usual hard on which only got harder when I thought about the day's activities ahead of me. I cleaned up and readied myself to go, with my cock not letting up a bit; it was sticking straight out in front of me the whole time. I put on only my riding pants and boots with no shirt on and went out to the front driveway to load up the bike onto the truck.

It was about 8:00 in the morning, on a Saturday, with only a few people starting to stir. I was feeling very turned on and surprisingly brave so I cautiously reached down my pants and adjusted my rod so the head stuck out the top of my riding pants. I continued loading my bike in this state and it felt great knowing someone might be looking out a window and see me.

As I continued to throw stuff in the truck, I bent over and my cock pulled back into my pants thus ending the thrill before I had finished loading. As I was feeling braver than ever before and had only had my rod out outside a couple times before, I decided to undo my fly all the way and take my whole 7' cock and balls out. This felt incredible and I did the last five minutes of loading in this state on the front driveway of my house with my cock in plain view for anyone to see if they were to look over.

At one point during the loading, my cock got hooked under the tailgate and pushed up against the dusty cool surface and it felt surprisingly good and it left a wet mark of precum in the dust. What a turn on!

I finished up, forced my cock back into my pants and hopped into the truck, heading down the road with just my riding pants and boots on. The drive was about an hour and I tried to think about other things along the way until I was almost there so I wouldn't get too excited. When I pulled into the area at which I was planning to stop, I saw three vehicles and decided to go a little farther down the road to where I thought I would be alone.

During this last stretch, my cock became very hard again with the thought that there was a chance of being seen. I unloaded the bike and took a quick walk around. Once back at the truck, I promptly took off my riding pants and left only my boots on. It was getting very hot out by now and it felt great to be outdoors with my rod out and as hard as a rock starting to leak quite a bit of pre cum. I walked around for a while on the dusty trails and then took a short cut through the bushes to get to another trail. When I did this, bushes and branches and stuff brushed up against my cock and man it felt great! The harder things brushed up against it, the better it felt and the more pre cum I started to leak.

By the time I made it back to the truck,( I took the very long way) my dick was covered in dust with a clean line down the back from the pre cum. I knew I couldn't last much longer and decided to go for a dirt bike ride as it was the primary part of the day's plan.

I put on only my chest protector and fired up the bike. The bike's vibrations against my balls felt great and I knew it was just a matter of time. I headed down a trail in first gear at high revs leaning back and forth so the head of my cock and my balls were both getting treated to the strong vibrations. I rode around like this for a half hour or so and then headed for the truck. On the way back, I picked up the pace and got my cock swinging from side to side and up and down as I hit the bumps. At a few points, I managed to get the end of my cock to bounce off the tank even quite hard a couple times and it was a feeling like I had never experienced before and I knew I was about to blow just as I got back to the truck.

I quickly walked out to a part of the road coming in, where there was the most chance of being seen. I, then, lubed up by dusty cock with pre cum and within only half a dozen strokes or so, I blew a solid ribbon of cum at least five feet in front of me followed by three or so smaller ribbons. I stood there and milked the last few drops for a minute or so and headed back to the truck.

To my surprise, my cock stayed hard for longer after I came, than ever before, and my whole body shuttered as I came this time which had never happened before. Next time, I would like to see if I can go the whole day and come without ever touching my cock. That would be a real thrill!



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