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A 3 Part Fantasy from News Lady (Pt. 3)

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Ben and MeHombre wave to Justaguy, inviting him to come over.

I'm sitting in my Jag completely naked looking out from the wide open door, waiting for my favorite fan.

I sure hope not to disappoint him.

Justaguy is on his way. I tell Ben & MeHombre that this will be more of a 'private session', however this evening the four of us will meet at a great Italian restaurant nearby for dinner, my treat.

They both start putting on their clothes and leave with great big smiles towards their cars.

Justaguy has arrived.

His extremely handsome face and athletic body made my heart melt. He's a tall man, probably over six foot and what looks to be about 200 lbs. of pure muscle.

His first words were 'I am in awe and very honored to be here, with you, like this'

I explained to him that me being a celebrity has nothing to do with it.

It is needs, pure sexual needs that brought us all together today.

Sure I may have a famous name and face, but I am also a very busy single mom who hasn't had any kind of sexual contact with a man for a very long time.

We all have similar sexual interests, especially since the four of us are frequent readers of Solo Touch.

'Justaguy (of course I used his real name) the beauty of this secret encounter is that there is no worries of 'will she go all the way' no concerns of 'how far can I go', we know what the rules are, and in fact masturbation in front of each other is an extremely intimate act'

With all that said, he smiled and slowly unbuckled his pants. Sliding them down to just above his knees, he then lowered his blue shorts and I suddenly saw the hardened cock that he would rub and make cum while reading my confessions.

I was honored.

'Come closer I want to get a very up-close view of it.'

I admired that rock hard cock. With those two huge sacks attached to it. Sitting there, with that cock just inches away from my mouth, oh how I wanted to give him a wonderful blow job. My right hand was already caressing my left breast, thumb teasing the nipple.

I loved looking at this thick veined monster. Wishing it would be inside me. I glanced up at Justaguy; he was looking down at me, with a smile and slowly shaking his head as in total disbelief with this encounter

'Kneel' I commanded.

He did. Then I heard a slight chuckle. 'What's so funny?' I asked.

'Just that this is so unreal, and your legs a little bit freckled, News Lady....you are such a turn on.'

'I am? Prove it' Then in a much softer tone 'Masturbate for me'

Quickly he wrapped his hand and fingers around this cock.

I slowly opened up my legs, 'Would you like to see more?' I teasingly asked.

'You know I do News Lady, you know I do'

I then spread open the pussy lips apart, to give him a good view of the wet and pink treasure he has been waiting to see.

His hand moved quicker, then he slowed down 'I almost came, I need this to last longer' he said.

Licking two of my fingers I lowered them and inserted them inside my very slick and warm tunnel.

'Take your hand off your cock, raise it to your mouth and lick your palm and fingers.' I told him as I continued fingering myself.

Justaguy did as I told him. 'Now lower that hand and wrap it again around your cock, and masturbate. Keep looking at me finger fucking myself, just pretend you are inside me and that your cock is being coated with my juices'

Now his hand was moving quicker back and forth, I treated my pussy to some wonderful finger movements. Justaguy continued staring, breathing harder. He watched as my thumb teased my hardened clit. My hips gyrating in my mind he was deep inside of me.

I closed my eyes for a moment and pretended my legs were wrapped around his waist as he pounded hard inside.

I heard him grunt, my eyes opened just in time to see his explosion, which was immediately followed by my own.

Lots of grunts, moans, followed by our exclamations of 'oh fuck' 'oh yeah' 'damn that was hot' 'I came so hard'

Justaguy with a very satisfied expression looked at me and said in his wildest dreams he never thought something like this would happen.

Smiling I told him this was so wonderful, and with his permission I would like to submit this encounter to the Solo Touch readers. He looked stunned; I told him that both Ben & MeHombre gave me their OK.

He laughed and said 'I'll be looking forward to revisit our encounter.'

Later that evening all of us went out to dinner, I had a great time getting to know these gentlemen better. There was lots of laughter, and comradery.

That day will never be forgotten.

Now you will have to excuse me, as News Lady needs to take care of something. (You know what it is). Bye!



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