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A 3 Part Fantasy from News Lady (Pt. 2)

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Ben & MeHombre approach my Jaguar; I am sitting there waiting in the nude slowly massaging my tanned legs. Nature could not have been kinder with the weather.

Ben looks at me, unbuckles his belt, unsnaps the button, unzips and lowers his pants along with his briefs. He is not wasting anytime. Ohhh yeahhh... that enticing hard cock points straight at me, not more than a foot away from my mouth. Watching his hand moving back and forth on it, I see his cum hole and natures lubrication oozing out.

MeHombre asks if he can watch, 'I'm getting hard again' he says rubbing his crotch. 'Yes, on the condition that you take it out and play with it again' I reply, MeHombre laughs, unzips and pulls it out, and moves a bit to the side.

Ben is moving a closed hand a bit quicker over his cock. He stares at my body. I also waste no time as my legs open up and I move a hand to my hairy pussy and spread the lips apart. I remembered he once commented in Solo Touch he likes me to be very blunt.

I whisper 'This pussy loves to get fucked, especially by a hard cock like yours. But since I will not allow that' I slide a finger inside, 'It's going to be finger fucked' Sliding a second finger in I moan and say to him 'mmmm two's company' Ben is looking at me as if in a trance, MeHombre is rubbing that hard cock of his faster, observing us.

After revealing myself to Ben, I reached into the glove box and placed something inside a hand and quickly closing that hand.

I get out of my Jag and warn Ben in a stern tone 'Not to cum, hold back, I want to show you something else.' I turn around, close the car's door and lean forward, my breasts with their erect nipples pressed against the driver side window.

'I remembered you liked looking at your butt in a mirror, do you like looking at mine?'


Then with my fingertips I spread apart my butt cheeks apart, giving him a view of my ass hole.

'Answer me' I say louder.

'Hell yeah' was his reply.

'I also remembered in your comments that you would sometimes fantasize having your self penetrated.

'I bet you'd want to penetrate me right now, wouldn't you?'

Again silence.

I then open my hand that was hiding this object, turning it on... 'News Lady likes to be penetrated also, I love my little Pleasure Swirl' inserting it inside, giving him a demonstration of this wonderful anal toy.

It's so quiet outside, except for a bird chirping in the distance and the sound of hands massaging slippery cocks.

Then that I hear a moan and feel splashes on my calf, followed by a different moan and more splashes on the ground, turning around I see Ben has cummed in a very big way, and so did MeHombre.

I open the door and bring out tissues for them to clean up.

Now it will be Justaguy's turn, I smile and wait in anticipation.

(Part 3 to follow)



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