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A 13-Year-Old's Methods

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I have been looking at your site and it kicks ass. I wanted to tell you about my masturbation experience.
My name is ____ and i am 13. I first "discovered" j/o-ing when i was 8 or 9. i wanted to know how long my cock was at the time. it was about 5 inches long. it has always been pretty damn long. right now it is about 7 to 7.5 inches know with a cir"cum"ference of about 5 inches.
one night during the summer, when everyone was asleep,i decided to measure my hairy cock. i had had hair on my dick since i was about 7 or 8. i had found out that by rubbing my dick on my hand, i had a quite pleasurable feeling running through my dick. then i dicided to try harder. i got into my bed and laid on my back. i started to rub my dick on the sheets. god it felt good. when i got my first orgasm, it must have looked like i was convulsing. my legs and upper body flung up and the pleasure was extraordinary. i used this method for about a yr and a half. somtimes, i j/oed so much that my skin would "melt" off and my cock would start to bleed. for a couple of nights, i couldn't wank. this was when i lived in ____.
when i moved to _____, i used the same method. soon i found that i would wank by rubbing my hands back and forth on my dick. i still had the same reaction when i orgasmed. it had occured to me that i could rap my hand around my dick, like i was having sex and my dick was in some girls pussy. i thought that this couldn't work. after about the 5th of the 9 mos. i lived in ______, i started to use this new approach. i felt just as good, but my orgasms weren't like convultions. i should tell you that about the end of 1996 when i was 9 i started to cum.
now that i moved, i have been using this mehtod. i absolutly love it. before i feel like i'm going to cum, i squeeze the base of my cock so my orgasm can last longer. when i come and get it on my hand that's it, i'm done.
today, i am a bi, i like girls and guys 50-50. when i wank i like to look at naked men.



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