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A 13-Year-Old Boy's Experiences

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A 13-Year-Old Boy's Experiences
I'm only 13 right now. One night i was watching a adult program on T.V and I got horny. I decided to take a look and i saw some sperm so I decided to try masturbating! I didn't see what was so good about it until I got this EXTREMLY good feeling and then I stopped. The following day I did it again and this time I let the orgasm go through and man was it good! I now masturbate One or more times per day in front of nude pics or sexy pics. I think I have an addiction.
My Experiences So Far:
1.When I was camping out back at my friends house I was thinking of my porn and sexy pictures so I got horny. While my friend was talking I started to masturbate and he didn't even notice and then I got an orgasm. I find this cool that he doesn't even know that I masturbate and i did it a few inches away from him.
2. I was on vacation and one night we were down by the swimming pool and I saw lots of hot chicks so I got horny and I wondered was it possible to get an orgasm underwater. My Mom and Dad were talking to me and I was masturbating away and suddenly I got an orgasm and i was happy that they didn't know I masturbated yet I was only feet away from them!
3. My mom and dad went out for awhile on vacation and me and my brother were on our own in the hotel room. He went to the toilet. I stood up and started to Masturbate in front of the mirror just to see my face when I got an Orgasm and man did I look happy.
4. I was in my friends house when I needed an orgasm bad so I said I have to go to the toilet. When I got there my pants immediately came down and i started rubbing my penis up and down. Then a few minutes later I got an orgasm into his sink.
5. Wednesday I read the personal experience page of a masturbation site so i got horny and stripped myself. I then lay on the sitting room floor and started to masturbate and then when the orgasm came I stopped, waited and started again and I got a good long orgasm which lots of sperm coming out!
As I am writing this I am sitting in the nude rubbing my cock and there is sperm on the top of it. When I am finished typing I am going to lie on my bedroom floor and masturbate. --Anon.



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