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9 Years of Joy Featuring Mm, Mfff And Mf

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this story is not just about MM, it also contains MF stuff too. I am a long time lurker, first time poster. Enjoy.


I have engaged in many wonderful sexual activities since I was about 8 or 9 years old, however, have yet to have full intercourse.
at about the age of 8 me, and a girl in my class, we'll call her sharon, used to go in to the toilets together and 'touch each others bits'.
See, the girls and boys toilets used to just be two stalls at the back of the class, with a large gap at the bottom of the partition.
We could simply get down on the floor and put out hands and feet under the partition to feel each others private parts.
Occasionally, we would go into the same stall and have a real good feel, and in fact got caught once by another student who told the teacher... but we had pulled our pants up by then, luckily.
After this, me and 3 girls used to go to a secret place in the woods, and play dares... these were all sexual. My favourite would be to put my dick against one of the girls pussys, there was never any penetration, I think I was probably too young to even get an erection.
That all ended when one of the girls (my favourite one) moved away...
My next forray in to the world of sex was when I was 11 and was with a cousin of mine. He was a year younger, and although I'm not sure how, we ended up playing a game which would involve us giving the other a blow-job for the amount of time we asked for it... we also did some hand jobs, and even put our dicks between the others butt cheeks. Again no penetration (except oral) and no orgasms even.
The same summer this all happened with my cousin, I was also involved in sexual play with a friends younger sister. We used play with each others parts, me fingering her was the furthest that went, and even then, it was just me putting my fingers between her lips, I didn't enter her. Another thing we did was fuck with our clothes on... it was really just getting on top of one another and pushing our parts together to stimulate them... fond memories though. I do think I orgasmed, but no cum came out.
my last actual encounter was with my best high school friend, this was at the age of 14-16. He - we'll call him paul - and I used to play cards, and that would progress to truth or dare, and then we progressed to mutual masturbation... we never touched each other though. We used to have competition to see who could shoot the furthest... he always won. This stopped when I moved away.
now-a-days with work stopping me from going out too often, and when I do, I'm not hooking up with people, I rely completely on masturbation for my sexual release... as much as 6-10 times a night... every night.
My now best fried sleeps over quite often, and as I stay up late working, he sleeps in my bed, which is situated right behind where I sit on my computer... as soon as he start snoring, I click through to solopages and have my wicked way with myself. He's nearly caught me a few times, but so far hasn't. I don't think we'll ever get in to anything mutual, and I'm not even sure I'd want to with him...
I certainly wouldn't mind some more MM action, but I'm definately not gay... and when I do find a woman with whom I wish to share my life, I will also make sure I share my love of masturbation, and be sure to educate her in the joys too should she need it!
I know this story could contain a lot more detail... but then it would be really long. Maybe I'll submit each part seperately as a full length story one day!
Hope you all enjoyed what I've written, and will join me whilst I masturbate over it!



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