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70 Years of Masturbation

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70 Years of Masturbation
I'm a 70 year old male and have masturbated all my life. At present my wife is incapable of sexual intercourse. Thus, I practice masturbation on a regular basis.
When I was young, I had two older sisters that I used to observe bathing and enjoying their wonderful bodies. They had ample breasts and an unusually great amount of pubic hair. As a result I believe I developed a hair fetish. Just the sight of female underarm hair prompts me to masturbate as soon as I can.
At present I masturbate using large cucumbers and the like when I can. I also use a canister vacuum without the hose. My male breasts are rather large and stimulation produces a very hard erection. As you may guess mirrors play a large part in my solo "love affairs".
Thank you for allowing me to share these few thoughts. I hope the majority of your readers are honest in their rendering of their "solo" activities. --Anonymous in Florida
But, wait...there's more!!!
Having masturbated in most every way possible, I thought I would explain my pleasure with the cucumber. First I select a rather large cucumber and carefully "hollow " it out. .Then I put it in the microwave to soften it (not too much). Then I put a little super lube and rub that on the inside. It can feel very similar to a vagina. Sometimes I put an XXX video on and after a half hour or so cum at an "appropriate" time. When I use the canister vacuum, I clean it, insert a new bag and lube the opening. I turn it on low, surround it with pillows and close my eyes and imagine. As I 'm pumping the vacuum creates a really different sensation. Mirrors play a large part in my self love. I am blonde and not too hairy except in the pubic area and under my arms. My breasts would probably qualify for an A+. Their stimulation produces an exceptional erection. I sometimes fantasize for an hour as I love myself. And then what an "explosion".
My hair fetish goes back many years. European women (at least some years ago) never shaved. Some of the beaches in Germany produced women with exceptionally long underarm hair as well as pubic hair that exceeded the confines of a swim suit. For anyone with a hair fetish there's a great site on the internet. At age 70, I masturbate at least three or four times a week. I'm contemplating mutual masturbation with a male neighbor. By the way, I live in the outback of Florida and do many chores in the nude in this wonderful Florida sunshine. No close neighbors. By the way, I'm glad I finally found this site and can verbalize my self love without any mental reservation. Thank you SOLO!



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