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7 Years of Masturbation

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Hello, I have been coming to your site for about a year now, the new site
looks good. My Name is Amy, I'm 19 and female. I have never submitted
anything to the site, but now that I see it will be updated I decided to. I
masturbate all the time to the stories on here, and so does my roommate.
When I was 12 I would share a room with my sister who was 14, it was right
before my 13th birthday that I began to notice I was having stronger sexual
feelings. when I would watch sexual scenes in movies I would feel my pussy
get tingly and my heart would pound. I had known what masturbation was, but
It was right around this time I found our masturbation isn't wrong thanks to
my sister, without her, I would have likely just continued believing the
things my peers and parents had told me. One day I walked in on my sister
humping her pillow, she had her shirt on, no pants and panties. At first I
couldn't figure out what she was doing, but when she noticed me she jumped
off the pillow and scrabbled under her covers. I asked her what she was
doing, and she replied 'nothing.' Probably trying to determine how much I
had actually seen. I just left it at that, and left the room with her beat
read in the face, I knew there was something more to what she was doing
because I had seen enough women make the same motions in movies.. but with a
man, instead of a pillow of course. later that night we were lying in bed
and talking, we were fairly close sisters and she began talking about boys.
I hadn't really developed any crushes on boys yet but eventually this lead to
her talking about sex. She lead the conversation into the subject which I
had never really discussed with anyone, and I felt the tingly feeling begin
between my legs. After discussing what she thought a penis looked like and
all the friends she had who weren't virgins anymore she said 'I wasn't really
doing nothing earlier today.' I asked her what she was doing and she replied
with something like 'I was humping my pillow.' she told me about how her one
friend mel had told her about doing it and how it felt good. she quickly in
defense told me she had only done it a few times, but it did feel really
good. she said it was what sex was like without the man. we pretty much
left the conversation at that, without the word masturbation entering into it
once, though we both knew that's what she had been doing. later the next
night the lights were out and I woke up to the rustling of my sisters
blankets and the motion of her bed, I looked up and asked her what she was
doing. she said 'masturbating with my pillow', I remember feeling the pit of
my stomach fill with butterflies, as she said 'me and mel let each other
watch last time I slept over at her house. do you want to watch?' I told
her no. and tried to go back to sleep as she rocked her hips back and forth
against the pillow, supporting herself with her arms. though it was dark, I
could make out her body and her movements.. as I watched I felt my pussy get
wet, and then wetter, I reached into my panties and felt the slickness of my
pussy, I had never been this wet before in my life. I continued to watch
her, as she began to quicken her motions and hump harder against the pillow..
It finally ended with her sighing a few times and letting her head fall down
to the bed, leaving her ass in the air and pussy against the pillow. She
asked me if I was still awake and I pretended to be asleep. This late night
routine went on until I was 13. Shortly after I was 13, I tried humping a
pillow for myself, it was a night my sister was away, I humped and humped and
humped for more than a half an hour before I started to get a strong feeling
in my clit. I shortened my strokes against the pillow and centered my weight
on my clit, as all of a sudden I felt shots of pleasure run up the insides of
my pussy and stomach, I humped hard through my first orgasm and laid there.
This discovery that my sister had informed me of was like the discovery of
plutonium. I remember having about 8 orgasms that first night and I barely
slept. the next night I told my sister I had tried and so we humped our
pillows together, I was a little timid the first time, but by the end of the
month neither of us were cautious when it came to pleasuring ourselves..
when our parents weren't there after school we would often walk in on each
other humping pillows on our couch in the living room.. or before school we
would wake up to one of us humping away. we never took off our panties, and
being fairly close sisters we never really felt insecure. it was about 3
months into our masturbation together that my sister told me about watching
mels fathers porn with her, she told me about fucking and penises, and how
guys came, and then about how girls pleasure each other. she told me that
her and mel had decided not to lick each other, but instead humped each
others asses like it was a pillow. she told me it was even better and asked
me if she could hump my ass. I told her that I didn't know, but after enough
pressure gave into her request. she told me we both had to take off our
panties and so we did, I had never felt someone else's pussy in my life, but
when hers hit my ass, I was instantly horny. all I could feel was how wet
she was, and the dampness of her pubic hair sliding up and down my ass. as I
had watched her cum many times before, her strokes got faster and faster
until she came. she then thanked me and asked me if i would like to do it to
her, I said yes. that night we both came about three times humping each
others asses, and by the end of the month we had moved to humping each others
thighs, and finally a position where we humped our pussies together. She
could cum twice or three times before I would even come once. We never
though of us being lesbians, because we never directly touched each other
with our hands, and still haven't to this day, although I am sure she has,
and I have had lesbian experiences in our lives.
It was around the time that I was 14, and she was 16, that she got her first
serious boyfriend. She had told me about making out and how she felt his
dick get hard, but was afraid to jerk him off. By this time we had both see
plenty of porn, and both masturbated with our hands instead of pillows. Us
masturbating with our hands made the frequency increase, and now we could
both make ourselves cum in under 5 minutes, so we would often masturbate
while watching mels porn together. Anyway, she had told me that she needed
to practice jerking off before she could do it on him, so she got good.. we
used a cucumber, and other objects that looked like penises that night.
later that week she got an idea which grossed me out at first, we had a male
and female dog Betty and Duke. they were both Dalmatians, pure bred. we
knew about how doggy sex worked having 3 or 4 batches of puppies in our
lives, but when Betty got sick the doctor said she couldn't have anymore, and
the best thing to do was have her fixed. The family got her fixed and bred
duke with local dogs for a fee, but every once and a while our Mom would have
to jerk him off in the garage so he wouldn't pester Betty. I overheard her
tell my dad that her dad had done it on the farm, my dad seemed pretty
grossed out on the idea, but instead of fixing him, my Mom got use to doing
that once a week around mating season. My sister had said that if Mom could
do it, maybe she could do it to get better.. the idea grossed me out, but the
next night duke was in our room, and Julie (my sister), had syked herself up
into doing it. I watched her sit down on the floor and begin to pet him,
then she ran her hand all of a sudden down to his penis and began playing
with it, slowly his little red poker started to come out, and slowly he
became more and more erect. when he was fully erect my sister began jerking
him off, rubbing her hand up and down his shaft, it only took about 5
minutes. duke started humping her hand, and she began doing it faster and
faster.. all of a sudden, he shot cum all over the floor in front of him,
three or four long streams and then it started to pumped down her hand and
onto the floor. I had never seen anything cum so much in my life, not even
in porn, we just sat there in bewilderment. a few minutes later when she
came back from the bathroom I was in my bed under the covers masturbating
over what I had just seen and she knew it. She said 'did that turn you on?'
I told her that it did. she sat on her bed and began to masturbate herself.
I'm sure we both came hard that night. I never seen duke involved in any
activities from that point on, but julies boyfriend was pleased with what she
had learned. just last year julie told me she had let duke lick her, and had
continued to jerk him off occasionally. When Mel had been over, she had
shown what she did with duke to her, and mel decided to fuck him. later that
year it was discovered that mel had been being molested by her older brother
from age 9 on. both her and my sister are in therapy currently.
Now I am in university, and me and my roommate masturbate quite often.
Around 16 I realized I was bisexual, and had my first bisexual experience at
a sleep-over.. me and my sister continued to masturbate freely until she
moved out when she was 19. I am happy and healthy, although my sister has
mental problems over the dog, I don't feel they are too serious, and see her
making progress. I am glad I could share with you today, and I hope you
enjoy my story, and realize that masturbation isn't incest, it only becomes
incest when you touch. If you can't find the privacy, confide in a sibling,
most times they will understand, just don't take it further than that. Happy
Jilling, Amy.



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