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59 Years of Masturbation

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59 Years of Masturbating!
I just came across your website tonight (12-29-00) and am thrilled with what I have seen! (Both male and female bios)
Reading many of the solo bios on your website I find that in my many years of self-satisfaction I have experienced just about all of the techniques your various correspondants have written about, however there are a couple of my favorites I want to mention.
First I want to tell your readers about myself.
In February I will be 70 years old. My orgasms are no longer as intense nor the volume of cum ejaculated as much or as pleasureable as when I was younger, but it is still my favorite pasttime.
Let me start at the beginning. When I was in elementary school I often wondered why there were both boys AND girls; later- about 4th grade I saw my mother changing the diaper on a baby she was caring for and I noticed for the first time that therewasa difference between our legs. This interested me although I didn't have any idea why we were made differently. Anyway, this really piqued my interest and I started to try to find ways to see what other girls looked like between their legs.
When I was eleven I was sitting on the commode one day. Being quite alone I began to ponder my own little "pee butt" as my mother used to refer to it. Being uncircumsised, I soon slid the foreskin back out of curiosity (it was a bit tight) and suddenly out plopped a larger dark red part that at first sort of startled me (believe me, in 1942 eleven year olds weren't anything like they are today, sexually speaking). That sight intrigued me, so I pulled the foreskin foreward and the back so I could see the head pop out again. Doing this several times I notice there also was a good feeling associated with the back-and-forth motion. The more I did it the better it felt. Then I felt something so powerful and pleasureable and totally overwhelming! I suddenly got scared! Did I "break" it?? Was I goimg to die? I had no idea what had happened.
The next day I felt none the worse for it, and since it was such a great feeling, I decided to see if I could make it happen again. And I sure did! Again, with no ill effects, I made it a regular part of my day. I didn't know what this thing I was experiencing was called and was not completely certain it was not "dirty" but I was "hooked".
In a few weeks I began to see something ooze out of the pee opening a minute or so after orgasm. This worried me a bit but there semed to be no after-effects, so I kept doing myself almost daily. As time passed This oozing came sooner after orgasm and in larger amounts. By age 12 I was having really full-blown ejaculations.
Always looking for something better, I found that if I brought myself to a point just short of orgasm, then waited a short while, then repeated this stop-and-go technique several times, I could have longer lasting orgasms, although with slightly reduced intensity. Sometimes I could do this to prolong cumming for 15-20 minutes; if I jacked myself straight off without the stop-and-go I usually came in only 20 to 30 strokes. That was too quick for much fun.
One day when I was 13 my 10 year old cousin was staying at our house. We were alone upstairs. I got horny and pulled out my hard-on in front of her and asked her if she ever saw one of these before. She said "No" and then I said "Look at this" and pulled my foreskin back. When the head plopped out she about freaked out. I couldn't get her to show me her twat or let me touch it through her panties, so that is where it ended. I wished later I could have made her watch me jack off. Maybe that would have brought her around, too, but I'll never know.
By the time I was 13 I knew about girls, intercourse (sort of) and female masturbation. My fantasies were much more thrilling and of course so were my jackoff sessions. Knowing that men put thereselves into women's pussies to cum, I started on many occasions to conclude my masturbatory sessions by kneeling in front of the commode (seat up), resting my tool on the ceramic rim with my thumbs on top of my anxious dick, and pumping happily away to more or less simulate intercourse, watching a large amount of my joy juice spurting into the bowl. I could do the stop-and-go technique either while seated then kneel for the grand finale or do it all while keeling at my "throne of sexual pleasure".
Visual stimulation was hard to come by in my early teens, Sears catalog providing most of it in their bra and panties sections. Later, when in high school, I was able to get some "models" magazines (no nudity) which rounded out my sessions. I remember doing myself to pictures of Marilyn Monroe in bathing suit poses when she was still a brunette Norma Jean, also Bridgette Bardot when she was 13 or 14. Masturbation continued to be a daily thing through high school, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.
I had a girlfriend in high school who was a virgin. I couldn't get her to have intercourse with me and she refused to jack me off, but many times I was able to finger her off and she really was a cummer! After leaving her house sometimes I would park my car on a dark street and jack off.
Back in the fifties I would go to burlesque shows and whenever possible I would go to the balcony and masturbate when nobody was near me. In the sixties when porn movies and magazines were available my jackoff life really was wild! In some porno houses the booths were three-sided, being open on the aisle side. I found it great to let other guys watch me get off, and vice-verse. Then letting someone who was watching me reach in and finish me off was a treat. Sometimes I reciprocated. I've had blowjobs from both men and girls over the past 30 or so years. Guys get me off much quicker but the girls are much more fun. And 69 sessions with a girl are super. I have eaten at least 50 girls and loved it. I have tried giving blowjobs to a few guys, out of curiosity, but thats not for me.
So here I am, now with 59 years of masturbating behind me and looking forward to getting off to the next issues of Beaver Hunt and Baby Face.
Now the two things I wanted to mention regarding making masturbation different or more intense:
1. Put on a reservoir end rubber when you expect to be coming soon. (If you're like me you will prefer working with a naked penis as long as possible) When you approach climax pull the end of the rubber out away from you, let it retract, then pull it again, and again, and again, making sure you are pulling on it as you shoot. The suction created by pulling the rubber away from you can do wonders! The rapidity and length of pull should be whatever suits your pleasure. After a few times you will have it down pat. Enjoy!!
2. This is a variation on the above but has some improvements, especially creating greater suction. And if you like eating your cum, it can be a drinking cup after orgasm. Take an empty cylindrical stick deodorant tube (Brut or similar) The sizes vary with brand, so choose the one which will provide a snug but not real tight fit on your tool. Discard the deodorant slide, leaving just the cylinder. Drill a 1/4" hole in the cap for a pressure control.
To use this, place the uncapped tube as far back on your rod as possible without the head protruding from the front. You may use it this way to work toward cumming or wait (like I do) until close to orgasm. Then, as orgasm nears, screw on the cap and place your finger over the hole. How well you cover the hole with your finger regulates the way movement of the cylinder back and forth effects the sensation. Do what feels best to you. But when you feel the onset of orgasm, with the sleeve all the way back toward you, place your finger over the hole and pull it forward from you, creating suction to pull your cum out with a blast! Alternate pulling it toward you with your finger removed from the hole and then pulling it away from you again with your finger over the hole. Timing the forward (suction) stroke to coincide with cum spurts will provide the ultimate sensation. After cumming you can remove your finger and slide it off, then put your head back and drink it all down. Thats called recycling!
Ray in Pa.



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