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4h Whacking

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A true story about sexual awakening.


So, now I'm 15, and I live in one of those 'in between areas' of the country, where it's not exactly out in the sticks, but it's no big city either. It's just... there. I'm bi-- meaning I've date girls and slept with guys. Anyway though, I attend a 4H camp every year on MSU's campus, and this is where the story takes place.
This year I was pretty excited to go because I was going to have some hefty seniority over the other people attending because I'd gone for so many years. This meant I could choose the best room (even though they're dorms, some are in quite a different state of disrepair), and my roommate first. I chose a 2nd year, who is a DESPERATELY hot rock climber. Him and I got along pretty well last year, so I figured this year would be fun.
The first day down there was a long bus ride, and then shopping, so when we got to the dorms late that night we were all in the mood for a shower. We're both older than our suitemates so we basically told them to just sit there and smell themselves, because we were showering first. So, I went first and lathered up, spending a little extra time on my cock until it was nice and hard, then I got out, wrapped myself in a towel, and walked out. By this time my rod was only semi hard, and left a less noticeable bulge under my towel.
When I walked out I was shocked to see my roomie undressed and instead of wrapped in a towel, holding it as he halfheartedly scratched his pubes in front of the mirror. When he saw me he sort of covered himself with his towel and embarrassedly muttered 'uh!... sorry...' and pushed past me into the bathroom. Just before he jumped in the shower I yelled to him. 'Don't worry about it, it's not like it's something I don't have!' and whipped off my towel so my semi hard cock was in plain view for him. His gaze dropped down real quick and then he jumped in the shower.
When he came out from the bathroom, I was already in bed. It was a hot night, so I was in the buff (that and I hoped something would happen between the two of us because he was really hung-- at least 9 inches-- and extremely cute). He was apparently over the shock of nakedness with me, because he was completely nude, and he was at least half hard and growing. I think that embarrassed him a little though, as he jumped into his bed pretty expediently.
Once he was in there, I knew it was my chance to seduce him, so I started talking about 'hey, isn't Katie hot? I'd love to bone that hottie' and things like that. Eventually you could kind of feel the sexual tension, and that's when I made my move.
'Do you ever jerk off?' I asked.
'Uh.. no, you?' he responded hesitantly. I knew he was lying because I thought I could hear his fisting at that very moment, actually.
'Of course! At least twice a day!' I knew he jerked it sometimes, but if it was a lot less than that I didn't even care. 'In fact, I'm soooo horny right now.' I paused for a second to see if he'd be totally grossed out by me telling him that, but he didn't object. 'Are you positive you never jerk off?'
'Well, okay... maybe... I guess... sometimes...' he was still really nervous, but I gave him a minute. 'Yeah, about the same as you usually, about twice a day, but some days none, and other days more like 5 times.' He paused for a second. This obviously wasn't the kind of information he was used to sharing with people. I didn't want to alienate him, but at the chance of seeing that beautiful dick in action, I had to push forward.
'Have you ever done it with another guy?'
'No! What are you gay?!' He scolded me. But once again with a little time he mellowed out and apologized.
'Eh, it's no big deal. I'm not offended. Anyway... have you?'
'No, you?'
'No, but I'd like to try.' This was a lie, but I figured I'd have a better chance if he didn't know I really WAS gay (or bi at least). What happened next surprised me though.
I heard him get up, and figured he'd go report me to our chaperone, or go to the bathroom and either whack it or vomit, but instead I saw him come closer to the bed, so I moved over, and let him hop up with me. He started fondling my nipples and my hard dick, and I kissed him deeply and rolled his balls in my hand.
We continued like this for a while. Oh, I should probably mention something about myself. I have a KILLER sweat fetish. I love sweaty guys, and love to lick them down all over. That's what I did next, was start licking him... all... over.
I wound up around his feet and licked in between every toe. By now he was stroking his cock, and god it looked good. I told him to get on all fours, so I could jerk him off with a little something extra. He did, and I immediately went for my prize. I started tonguing his balls as I wrapped my fist around his shaft and stroked it. Soon though, I knew I had to have more, and as I continued stroking him I moved my head up and rammed my tongue into his hot, sweet, sweaty ass. I ate him like it was going out of style while I jacked him, and eventually added a finger into his hole while I licked his balls and jacked him. He held out for a while though, and just as he told me he was about to cream I bent his dick back and took my head under him and cupped his dick so he'd blow in my mouth.
He tastes like watermelon ':-)
More to cum later... like me ':-)



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