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40th Birthday Party

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My male co-worker, Jerry, had a friend (Jenny) with whom he once upon a time (occasionally) performed as a musical duo at local clubs. She had a nice alto voice and he was OK on guitar. And their work was during the James Taylor / Carly Simon era, and similar to their music.

Jump ahead about 15 years, and Jenny was about to celebrate her 40th birthday, and she arranged her own party at her condo. At the time, Jerry was separated from his wife, and I was divorced from mine and not dating. We were both invited. I should mention that I had previously met Jenny (who, by the way, was a very attractive lady) a couple of times, she knew Jerry and I were buddies, and I have no other idea why I was also invited.

Jerry was not eager to attend, but we had other mutual friends and previous co-workers who we were told would be there, so we said, WTF, let's go. We each purchased a minimal birthday gift (bottles of wine, if I recall) and went.

About a dozen people were present at a very quiet gathering. A lady friend of Jenny's co-hosted the party, and directed when gifts would be presented and the obligatory cake cut. I observed the festivities with Jerry and we both concluded that Jenny might be bi-sexual, given the exchanges between her and the co-host, who was sort of butchy and nowhere near as attractive as the guest of honor.

As the evening wore down, folks began to leave. The aforementioned co-hostess was the last to leave (apparently reluctantly), until Jenny authoritatively said, 'I'll talk to you tomorrow.' The lady then departed.

Jerry and I (we drove separate cars just in case we had an opportunity to hook up with someone there) were about to make our exit (without companionship) when Jenny approached us and said, 'You two aren't going anywhere yet.' Jerry and I looked at each other with bewildered looks and visually agreed to ride the moment out.

Once everyone else had left, Jenny plopped herself down in the middle of the sofa and demanded, 'OK, you two, over here; one on each side of me.' We had no idea what Jenny had in mind, but we obliged the birthday girl. Once seated, me on the right, Jerry on her left, Jenny looked at me and said, 'Give me your right hand.' I reached across my body and put my hand in her outstretched right hand. Then to Jerry, 'Give me your left hand,' and she took it with her left hand. She next brought our held hands to her breasts over her shirt. I was touching her right tit, and Jerry her left. Then she said, 'I'm sure you two can figure out what to do next.'

I was not into the MFM scene, but it had been awhile since I encountered a woman so brazen and obviously desiring my attention. I lifted Jenny's jersey top, exposed her bra and lifted it over her right tit, and then since Jerry was doing nothing on HIS side, I exposed her LEFT tit as well. I then began to rub and pinch her nipple and caress and squeeze her tit.

Jerry on the other hand, wanted out since (I later learned) he felt Jenny wanted to replace his separated spouse and he had no interest in that scenario. Nevertheless, Jerry began massaging her left tit while I performed my duties on her right one. Jenny began to moan and say things like 'Ohh, THIS is what I need. Please keep going guys, undo my slacks' At this point Jerry said, 'I'm outta here.' He got up and made for the door. Jenny said, 'Wait, I don't want you to fuck me, just BE with me for awhile. Get your dick out and I work on it.' Then to me, 'Both of you.'

In the meantime I was beginning to work on her slacks and had them down to mid-thigh exposing her panties (pink, and looked to be quite wet). I took her invitation to heart and got my cock out and guided her right hand to it and she wasted no time in stroking it. Then directing her attention to Jerry she said, 'Please, I want to see it again. I want to touch it again. I want to make you cum again.'

It was obvious to me that they had been here before, but she was still able to stroke my interested member while I began to rub her slit through her panties. It occurred to me later that what I was doing was fueling her lust for Jerry's cock, but I didn't give a shit. I was getting my dick stroked and my finger wet, better than a solo JO session, anytime.

Jerry could not resist and flopped out his uncircumcised wang and Jenny went to town yanking on it pleading with him to cum. It wasn't long before he obliged with a few ropes of spunk all over her tits and face while I rubbed away at her panties. As soon as his last shudder ended, Jerry announced his departure, put his cock back in his pants, zipped up and headed for the door. Over his shoulder on the way out he said, 'Happy Birthday!' and left.

So there we were. Jenny, with Jerry's load all over her face and tits, and me with my dick in her hand and my fingers still stroking her pussy over her panties. I looked at her and said, 'Do you want to cum, honey?' She said, 'What the hell. Let's do it,' and went to work stroking my dick with both hands. I got her panties down and sunk my fingers through a fairly hairy bush and found her cunt. But I also found a rather large clit and concentrated on it for awhile and was shortly rewarded with a shuddering orgasm which immediately brought me to the brink and I added my load to Jerry's on her tits and face. While her heaving chest and sighs subsided, I did as Jerry had done, put my dick away, zipped up, and headed for the door. On my way out I echoed Jerry's sentiments 'Happy Birthday, Jenny.'



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