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40 Year Anniversary

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I found this site many years ago and having enjoyed the stories for a long time thought I'd submit one of my own.


I've recently had my 55th birthday and still masturbate several times a week. All of a sudden it dawned on me I'd been wanking off for 40 years, and my very first successful effort came vividly to mind.

I was fifteen at the time and had not long started work here in the UK. Although I hadn't really been playing with myself to that point, I had for a few years been going through the waking up in the morning with my pj bottoms soaked in sperm, but wasn't quite sure what that was all about other than at some time during the night I felt really nice.

Anyway, back to the story. One morning I was in need of the toilet so went upstairs to the W.C. taking my morning paper with me. I went into a cubicle, had a quick pee then put the lid down to sit on and opened up my paper for a quick read. As most people over here know, one of the most popular daily's has topless models on an inside page, and today it was my current favourite. I sat looking at her big tits and started to get an instant hard on. I'd heard about masturbation but never really tried it, but then all of a sudden I was rubbing my stiffening member through my trousers and enjoying the feeling. I then stood up, placed the open paper down on the toilet seat and continued rubbing my bulge whilst staring at the picture.

Before long this didn't seem enough for me so I undid my trousers and took them and my underwear off, letting my rock hard 7.5 inches spring into view. I was feeling horny as fuck by what I was doing and then without much of a thought I grabbed hold of my dick and just started sliding my hand up and down the shaft. The feelings I was having were all new to me and I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but I just kept staring at the girl with the big tits and thinking how much I'd like to fuck her, and fucking my fist harder and faster. I was leaned up with my back to the cubicle door which was just as well, coz very shortly I began getting this feeling rising inside me. I had no idea what it was but it sure felt great so I just continued up and down my hardness where the head was looking bigger than I had ever seen it, purple and angry sort of. The next thing I knew my balls which felt huge started tightening, a feeling of euphoria started washing over me, and then it was there.

My cock started spewing out rope after rope of thick spunk and as my knees weakened all I could hear was splat, splat as my load hit the vinyl floor. I seemed to be shooting for ages and gradually slowed my masturbating hand down as I finally finished gushing, only to be gobsmacked as I looked down to see multiple gobs of my thick white cream all over the floor and thinking shit, I need to get this lot all cleaned up. (I learned from that first experience to pump my wad into the toilet pan on many occasions following, as all I had to make sure then was that none of it was left clinging to the bowl after flushing before I left) About half a toilet roll later I'd cleaned up both the floor and my still cum leaking cock, got my clothes back on then washed up before going back to work.

I have to say I was a bit wobbly on my feet for a short while after, but wow was it worth it. Despite the fact I don't produce such copious amounts of cum (sadly) as back then and the fact I have to be a little more imaginative to get off, through any relationships or not since I have continued to enjoy masturbating from that time onwards, and still love a good wank.

I know it's almost habitual in men, so I do love reading the ladies stories, and hearing how many of them love to self-pleasure themselves. Keep sending the stories in ladies, and of course fellas too. Here's to my 40th anniversary, think I'll go and celebrate in the time honoured tradition and pop my cork one more time.

Keep on jackin n jillin out there.



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