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35 Years of Masturbation Fun

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35 years of masturbation fun!
As a 50-year-old man, who has been an avid masturbator for better than 35 years (my first orgasm was at 13; prior to that I did lots of stroking, but no ejaculating), I have come to believe that if God didn't want us to do it, He wouldn't have made it so pleasurable, and He certainly wouldn't have given women a clitoris, which seems to serve no purpose BUT providing pleasure. With that said, I'd like to share some of my experiences over the years.
The 1st time I ejaculated was an overpowering moment that took me completely by surprise, as neither of my parents had had 'The Talk' with me yet. At that time, when opportunity presented itself, I used to enjoy wrapping Magic tape around my cock when it was only partially erect and then stroking it to full hardness. I would start the tape at the base and wrap it around several times until it got to just under the head of my cock. I would then grasp the shaft and begin stroking it, the tape holding most of the skin and actually acting as a sleeve. Since I have no foreskin, having been circumcised as a newborn, this was about the only way for any loose skin to be able to slide up over the head, a truly enjoyable feeling.
This one particular evening, I had wrapped the tape around my cock as described and had stroked it to full hardness. At that time, being a lad of only 13, it was only about 4 to 4 1/2 inches long and about 1 2 to 2 inches around. Since that time it has grown, but not into anything that would make me want to star in a porn film (more about that later). Anyway, I was stroking my penis and pushing it down, watching it spring back to full front position, as young boys would most likely do, when it occurred to me to wonder just how strong a muscle it actually was.
I went to my brother's dresser and scooped a handful of pennies out of the box that he kept them in. As I stood there, I placed several on the top of my cock, watching it bounce with the added weight, but not sagging for long or for any perceptible amount. I then decided to hold the pennies on by way of the Magic tape and thus began placing them on my cock. I soon had a full >suit' of pennies ranging up my cock and all around it. The sight was truly impressive, like a copper colored suit of cock armor, the weight of which only made my cock twitch with extra effort, causing more and more clear juice to dribble out of the urethal opening. Altho I had never ejaculated at this point, I had been able to bring forth the clear pre-cum fluid that acts as lubricant during sexual acts, so was not surprised or upset over that.
As I stroked my cock, the tape and pennies moved fluidly over the purple glans of my prick, tugging the skin they were attached to, riding up over the head and causing a most pleasant 'itch' to occur. As the itch built, I decided that it needed to be 'scratched' and began removing my copper cock armor. After finishing with that, I stroked my cock a few more times with the underlying tape still in place. However, this only added to the 'itch', so I decided to remove all tape.
Naturally, as one would think and as I had experienced previously, removing the tape was a mixed feeling of slight pain as the tape gave up possession of the underlying skin and wonderful eroticism as the pleasure seemed to increase. When I had the last of the tape off, my hand went to my cock as if of its own accord, grasped it tightly and began to stroke up and down, quickly and tightly.
Standing at the time, I felt my knees buckle and realized that I needed to sit down. Fortunately, there was a chair directly behind me, so all I needed to do was to fall backwards. As I did so, I felt the most exquisite sensation begin in my groin, a feeling of warmth, tension increase, centering and so many other sensations I can't remember or describe them all. I didn't know what was happening, but I knew something was and wanted to see this thru to conclusion.
Without realizing the 'why' behind it, I aimed my cock at my stomach, gave one final really strong, hard stroke, and began to ejaculate on my stomach and chest. As I watched the thick, ropy, white fluid pour from my cockhead, I began to worry that something was wrong with me. However, despite that worry, my hand continued pumping until there was no more to puddle onto my gut and no more contractions happening deep inside my gut. I didn't know at the time, but I had just had my 1st orgasm, and when I realized that I wasn't 'coming apart', I knew that I had just learned how to provide myself with the most pleasure that a human can possibly stand.
At the time, because of my father's business, we would visit the state fair to exhibit his produce (he had his own flower growing business) and, hopefully, drum up new business. After helping to set up his display, I was free to roam the fair grounds. It was at this time that I learned of the pleasures of frottage. For those who have never heard of it, and I certainly wasn't aware of the name of this particular practice at the time, frottage is the practice of rubbing oneself against unsuspecting targets, usually in a crowd or crowded area, for the purpose of erotic stimulation. With some practitioners, this can even cause orgasm, altho I never was able to attain that final plateau.
I would spend hours wandering thru the various exhibition halls there on the fair grounds, looking for the most shapely female butts, in the tightest slacks or Capri pants (this was the early '60s and women were not wearing jeans on a regular basis), within the thickest part of the crowd. When I spotted a potential subject (victim?), I would worm my way thru the crowd - fun in and of itself - until I was directly behind my subject. As the crowd would move, so would she and I, with my front side, hard cock pointed down the leg of my pants or shorts, rubbing against her butt.
Usually, I would be tolerated for a short period of time, until the crowd would get to a point were my subject would very obviously turn to look at me, down at my hard cock and then walk away. Sometimes, tho, I would encounter a woman who did enjoy the contact and would even encourage the rubbing with a glance over the shoulder, a brief smile and then a nudge from her butt, into my crotch, letting me know that it was OK to rub her ass. It was such encounters that would cause me to exit the exhibit hall to find a place of solitude in order to be able to stroke off until I achieved orgasm. Delightful, but a time consuming practice that I did not continue.
The summer I turned 16 (1964), I enrolled in a weeklong US Wildlife Service conservation course at the UofI. Since my family lived in the farmland west of Chicago and UofI is in Urbana, a two+ hour long drive, the course required that I stay on campus for the week since I couldn't commute, in a communal dorm area. Days were spent in a combination of classroom lectures and fieldwork; a thoroughly boring time that provided me with the opportunity to realize that I would never work in that field. However, the nights were ours to do with as we pleased.
Being underage, I naturally couldn't access any of the neighborhood bars, and probably wouldn't have anyway, as I had no desire to drink alcohol, at the time. I did, however, want to be able to pop my rocks daily and was unable to do so in the dorm. Therefore, I would simply walk around campus, in the dark, looking for a quiet spot to hide in order to stroke myself to ecstasy.
One evening, while taking my stroll, a foreign exchange student approached me and suggested that we walk together for a while. As this was still a mostly innocent age in the course of American history, I accented to the suggestion. He immediately began talking about matters of a sexual nature, causing me to become hard while walking.
Several times during our stroll, he was quite obvious in looking at the bulge in my jeans and the growing wet spot from the pre-cum leaking out. Altho embarrassed about it, I didn't want to part company as I was enjoying our conversation. Finally, he must have decided that the time was right as he suggested that he needed to 'take a leak' and that the nearby bushes would be a good spot to do so. I agreed and stepped into them with him. As we each unzipped, I saw my first hard cock other than mine, and it was truly impressive!
As we finished 'draining the dragon', he let it be known that he enjoyed masturbating and that he would enjoy stroking my cock and seeing it shoot cum. I was a bit uncomfortable with this request, but my desire to know the feel of someone else's hand on my cock overcame my reticence and I nodded my approval.
As his right hand closed around my cock, he began stroking his own with his left hand. Several times he asked that I take over that duty, but being new to this, I declined. Over the years I have regretted that decision each time I think of the incident.
As my pre-cum flowed, he squeezed my cock tighter and stroked faster. Feeling myself becoming weak kneed with the need to shoot, I told him I was about to cum. Hearing that, he slowed his stroke on my cock, while speeding his stroke on his own. As he approached his orgasm, he increased both the pressure and speed of the stroke he was using on my cock, to the point that I had to grab his shoulder to stay on my feet.
As my cum started to shoot from the head of my prick, he gasped in pleasure, causing me to open my eyes and look down at his two hands. As my jizz shot out of the tip of my cock, his also began shooting. Because of the position we were standing in, his cum and mine joined in their earthward fall, mingling and mixing in a puddle on the ground. After several minutes of post-cum stroking, he released both cocks and stepped back. Commenting that we both seemed to have needed that, he tucked his penis into his pants, turned and walked away, leaving me standing in the bushes with my cock out, trying to catch my breath.
Over the course of the next two nights, the time I had remaining at UofI, I looked for him on my nightly walks, determined to return the pleasure, but never did see him again. Unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to stroke another man to orgasm and have regretted it since.
Over the course of the next several years, I experimented with masturbation techniques. Because I have, until just recently, never measured more than 5 2' long by 2 2' around, I have been able to use certain inanimate objects that other, larger men have not. I have been able to use the cardboard tube in a bathroom tissue roll, a plastic glass lined with a warm, wet washcloth, baggie and lubricant, and even an old-fashioned milk bottle, the kind with the long neck. Looking back on that experience, I would say that I would not repeat the attempt, just because of the potential danger of becoming stuck. But at the time, horniness prevailed!
The tissue tube is a simple masturbation devise: using either the cardboard tube alone or with a condom as a sleeve, liberally lubricate your cock, stick it in and go to town. I would recommend the use of the condom if you take any length of time to climax, as the tube will fall apart from the lube, if you don't.
The warm washcloth/glass/baggie method I actually read about somewhere, maybe even in the Playboy Advisor. Simply wet a washcloth in hot water, ring out and fold to the needed size to line the inside of the glass. Using a sandwich size baggie, stuff it into the glass, lube it up and fuck the hell out of it. The baggie provides lots of texture because of its size/shape, while the wash cloth makes it seem very life-like with the warmth.
As I approached the 50-year mark, I began to experience certain difficulties with maintaining erections; I could attain one, but not for very long. I began looking thru the >Food Supplements' at the grocery store, GNC, etc. I found two things that I use that have helped considerably.
A product called Cobra Performance For Men, a blend of such things as Ginseng, Oat Straw (Avena Sativa), Nettles and other such botanicals has been a big help in restoring my erections. I have also added an OTC hormone called DHEA to my daily regimen of vitamins, etc. Altho there are certainly legitimate concerns in the medical community about the use of this item, I swear by it, as I know that it has added to my stature.
As I stated previously, until recently, I have never been more than 5 2' long by 2 2' around. Since adding DHEA to my diet, (over the course of the past 20 months), my cock has grown a full 2'. It now measures a full 6', when measured along the top, when fully erect. I had begun to suspect as much, as I had recently noticed more of my cock head popping thru my fist when jerking off. In fact, it used to be that I had to push my fist into my groin a bit harder than I really care for, or else stroke my cock without wrapping my whole hand around it (usually holding my 'pinky' finger out as if sipping tea with Queen Liz!) in order for the head to pop thru on the down stroke. Since taking DHEA, I have not had to do either.
I know, someone out there is going to say, AYeah, sure, you just lost weight, your pubes aren't as fat and therefore more cock shows when you're hard'. WRONG! If anything, I've gained weight over the past year. Be that as it may, I know what I know, and I know that my cock has grown, at least in length. Its still 2 2' around, but that's a nice size, as it allows my hand to wrap around it nicely, covering it totally like a mouth or pussy. Plus, it may be longer by a 2', but being the same in girth still allows it to slide into my wife's anus, when she allows it (I think I'm due for another turn at it on New Year's Eve -2001!).
One thing that has happened, and is mentioned in the warnings on package insert that comes with the DHEA, is that my tits have grown. Between the weight I've put on recently and the DHEA, I'm probably up to a healthy A-cup (an A+ or B- if there were such). This isn't a problem for my wife and me, tho, as I don't go without a shirt in public, not even my own back yard, my wife doesn't really care what I look like (she assures me!) and, since we're both into the B&D games, they are very sensitive. Altho she doesn't enjoy nipple clamps when she is the receiver, we've found out that I do when I'm on the receiving end (we're very democratic about our B&D!). Actually, I'm considering adding some of those snakebite suction cups, but that's a different fetish.
To close, I have to say this is a great site. I hope you never give it up or get shut down and that you can use at least some of what I've said above.



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