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30 Years of Fun

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30 Years of Fun
Thanks for putting up such an interesting site. Nice to read the experiences of other masturbators.
I donā??t remember exactly how old I was when I started, but somewhere around the age of 12 or 13, just at the age of going through puberty I guess. I remember seeing a really funny picture about then, a gorgeous woman, standing completely naked, lovely boobs, but with a huge erect cock sticking out where her pussy should have been. Obviously two pictures had been merged, her beautiful breasts attracted me, but I was equally fascinated by the size of the hard cock. At that point mine was only about 3 inches long even when erect, and I had only a little fuzz around it.
One day I sat on the toilet and started rubbing my penis - I am sure I had played with it before but not much had happened. From the comments of other guys in my class I had gotten a pretty clear idea of what jacking off meant, though I really didnā??t understand what the result was supposed to be. My little cock was as hard as it got then, and I remember being able to fit just three fingers on the underside. I was rubbing it pretty fast, and it felt good, then I felt a funny sensation in my balls - sort of tightening, almost a tingle, and then a very nice feeling and a few drops of cloudy, slick fluid same out, my first ejaculation.
Well, I was hooked and kept doing it often. Reading or seeing anything related to sex was enough to set me to jacking off, pictures of naked breasts in Playboy (no pussy to see in those days), or an even remotely sexual passage in a book - like in James Bond stories. I continued to develop gradually and by high school was using my whole fist around it rather than just three fingers.
Sometime in my sophomore year a friend loaned me Fanny Hill, and I couldnā??t stop reading and playing with myself - jacking off as many as four times in one night! I guess alot of guys are equally horny at that age. Gradually I learned about the real thing - my first real girlfriend letting me massage her breasts, but nothing below the waist. Just the thought of touching her breasts would give me a raging hardon which, of course, I needed to relieve by masturbating later. The next girlfriend let me rub her pussy, but only through jeans or panties - which of course led to more jacking off for me.
Then in college I met a new girl - things developed slowly, first long sessions of kissing, long soft wet kisses. I went home after some of those sessions with blue balls, jacking off helped, but my nuts often hurt for the rest of the evening. Then she let me play with her breasts, even more tension to relieve - then finally she let my hand slide down into her pants and play with her pussy, and her hand slid into my pants to rub my cock - which of course was hard before her hand even got near. The first few times it was just a little rubbing, then one evening we were making out in my car parked near her house after a movie when finally she kept rubbing the right way long enough that I was getting close - then her hand stopped and I whispered "Please keep doing that!". She renewed her rubbing and was soon rewarded with cum spurting in her hand and my pants. Gradually she let things go a little further, snaps came unsnapped, zippers went down and we were feverishly playing with each other. With a little more room to work I learned to make her cum too. For a few months we were dedicated mutual masturbators. In the afternoon I would go up to her dorm room when her roommate had to work, and soon she would be on the bed with her shirt pulled up and her pants unzipped. I would either kneel next to the bed, or lie next to her kissing and sucking her breasts, and fingering her pussy until she bucked in orgasm. She would rub me until I spurted - for awhile in my pants (leading to many changes of underwear), but finally the pants came down or off and I would shoot onto a towel we kept handy. It was even nicer to play with her pussy with her legs spread wide to give me full access.
Eventually we moved on to "real sex", though it was some time before it was a good as our mutual masturbation sessions. I still masturbate pretty often, although our sex life is good we donā??t get to do it as often as I would like and have to take things into my own hands. There are also special situations, like when I travel on business so my wife isnā??t there - if I hear a couple fucking in the next room I just cannot resist pulling out my cock and masturbating while listening to them. I have gotten off in all kinds of places, it feels so good. I am glad to hear about all the experiences of other masturbators of all ages out there.
Iā??ve been doing it for 30 years now, and expect I will keep it up for another 30! Happy wanking all!



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