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3 Way Mutual With Sis And Friend

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Great site! Been visiting since stumbling across the site 18 months ago reading all stories and techniques. Decided to share one of my experiences with the world.


This happened when I was 19 when my father and stepmother went away for the weekend to celebrate their wedding anniversary. It was a Friday afternoon and I'd just got home from work as my dad's car was pulling out of the yard, he stopped and reminded me that Jodie (my pain in the ass, but very sexy 15-year-old stepsister) was at a friend's house and would be back around 6pm. My plans for the night were ruined. I thought she was staying with her friend Kim this weekend. Jenni then informed me of a new trust commitment she had made with Jodie to let her stay at home unsupervised with Kim, besides I was going to be there as well. I went inside to make a few calls to rearrange plans for our night of girls and porn. As I hung up the phone from my friends explaining the predicament I was in Jodie's head came from round the door asking if I had a party planned. She was excited and said she didn't mind and wouldn't say anything to our parents. I told her no and that it wouldn't be the sort of party she would like. She wouldn't leave me alone and wanted to know why she wouldn't like it. So I told her what some friends and I had planned and if she said anything to anyone I'd tell her mother that I caught her sneaking out one night earlier that year. Jodie said she'd like to join us, as she's never seen a porn movie before and was sure Kim would be up for it too. I wasn't sure about this but she finally convinced me and I told her people might start masturbating while the movies were playing and not to get embarrassed and scream or say anything. She screwed her face and asked if it was only guys coming or would there be girls too? 'Girls too', I replied as the smile returned to her face. Don't you get embarrassed letting other people watch? Maybe the first time but it heightens your arousal and increases the intensity of your orgasm watching someone sitting next to or across from you bringing themselves pleasure knowing that your doing the same for them. Haven't you and your friends experimented with masturbation before? We talk about rubbing ourselves but have never done it in front of each other, 'why not' I replied! Too embarrassed I guess.
Just then I heard the toilet flush and Kim enter the hallway and into the kitchen where Jodie and I were. Hi how are you Mick? She said as I got a drink from the fridge. Yeah Good, I replied and you? Great she said. What have you got planned for the weekend? Kim asked. Jodie started giggling and told her what I had planned. Can we stay and watch was her reply, I said if you were going to stay you had to join in. She said 'ok' but as long as no one touches me, that's fine I said it's all about pleasuring yourself. You don't have to go any further if you don't want to. The two girls sat down at the table across from me while I finished my drink, they were asking question about who would be turning up. I told them who was invited and they both looked at each other in shock when Jodie said she didn't want to go through with it anymore if certain people were going to be there. Kim then said that she has never seen an erect penis and couldn't wait to see one trying to convince Jodie to change her mind. Well I have already rang and cancelled with my friends so it can be just us three if you like! After a slight pause they both agreed. Now let me tell you any guy I know including me wouldn't have a problem showing the girls his stiff cock. They were two of the most popular girls at school and had all the boys in town chasing them. Kim has blonde shoulder length hair tanned and toned body with the face of an angel and tits to match. Jodie on the other hand had dark brown hair, fair complexion, athletic body, and small tits with a line of freckles under her bright blue eyes and over her cute little button nose. Kim's words were taking an affect in my pants with my member starting to twitch just thinking about her looking at my swollen member. Jodie 'said you've seen one in those books before'! Yeah pictures but not a real life one. I've only seen my 8 yo little brothers soft one while he's in the bath. I asked the girls if they masturbated often, Kim said she does it in the shower every morning and at night when she goes to bed. Jodie asked did you do it when I stayed over last weekend? Giggling she replied yes while we were laying in bed talking before we fell asleep. You horny bitch! Jodie remarked. You do it too don't you? Kim asked. Well yeah looking at me and blushing. There's nothing wrong with doing it Jodie, its only natural you explore your sexual feelings. Yeah but it's a bit weird talking with your brother about it. Its not like you're blood related it only by marriage Kim said, 'I guess so' she replied. Kim asked me how often I do it and I told them at least every day. Jodie asked even when I had a girlfriend? Sometimes! What did she think about that? Asked Kim, I said she was fine she even helped me out whenever possible.
As I got up to get another drink from the fridge Kim noticed my growing erection straining my pants she laughed and commented to Jodie that it looked like I needed to pay some attention to myself. I turned and told them it was my intention to do just that so I would last longer later that night. Kim squealed in delight and asked if they can watch, I said no but you can join me, and at least you'll get over the embarrassment of being naked in front of other people with someone you know! 'Ok' said Kim get your gear off and show us how you do it! 'Hold on' I said were doing this together so you girls start taking your clothes off too as I removed my shoes. Now I'm no Brad Pitt but I'm not bad looking, short brown hair, blue eyes, 6' 2', slim, toned and slightly tanned. We were all getting undressed me getting out of my work clothes and the girls removing their school uniforms. Both Kim and Jodie stood there in their panties and bra waiting for me to get completely naked but I just stood there with my rock hard cock pitching a tent in my boxers and asked them to remove their bra's then I would release my manhood. The both began removing their bras when I pushed my boxers down around my ankles, both girls' jaws dropped and Jodie said, 'Wow! Now that's something I didn't expect'. My 7 inch pierced member staring at them. As both girls let their bra's hit the floor my cock twitched at the sight of two pairs of pert young titties, I nearly blew my load of population paste there and then but I held back trying to think of something else. 'Well are you going to show us or what'? Jodie asked. So with that I wrapped my hand around my shaft and started to slowly pump it up and down. Both girls then sat down on a chair each rubbing their breasts while looking at me building up a steady rhythm. I moved over and sat on the table between the two girls facing them, still stroking my cock with one hand and fondling my balls with the other. Kim then stood up and removed her panties revealing a neatly trimmed mousy blond strip of pubic hair just above her slit, she sat back down slightly parting her firm thighs placing one foot on the rail on the side of the chair and the other on the table next to me. She then sucked on her index finger and started to rub it up and down her crease and around her clit and occasionally dipping it into her love canal. I could tell from her breathing and the squishy sound of her finger moving around pleasuring her sweet honey pot that she was getting really excited. Jodie sat there with her legs spread rubbing herself through her white cotton panties, which were soaked and her long dark nipples erect and pointing straight out. I asked if she was going to remove her panties, she stuck her thumbs under the waistband and slid them off her left leg to let them hang around her right ankle exposing her wispy black sparsely covered mound.
What a sight! My little stepsister and her best friend naked, franticly fingering themselves to bliss. I started to shake uncontrollably into an orgasm that sent me over the top and 3 jets of cum flew out of my cock, most of which landed on Kim's leg and thigh. With cum dribbling out the end of my knob flowing down over my fingers and shaft I keep pumping slowly milking it all out when Kim started to moan and whimper as she came to an electrifying orgasm leaving a pool of sweat and pussy juice on the chair. Jodie had two fingers in her twat going to town with her thumb rubbing her pleasure button when she shut her eyes tilting her head back gasping for air as she shuddered to an orgasm that left her slumped in the chair with no energy left at all. After recovering all three of us then headed upstairs for a shower where we cleaned each other up got changed into comfy clothes ready for dinner and the festivities that lay ahead, but I'll keep that for another story.



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