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3 Girls, 1 Strip Club, 3 Hot Lap Dances

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I'll give you my panties but only if you give me your juice soaked thong.


This event took place after my brother told me about his experience in a local strip club. You may remember me and my brother from our previous submissions: Piano Lesson In Bed, parts 1 to 4, back in March, September and October.

After my brother's experience with Mrs. H, our piano teacher, (part 4), he was feeling very adventurous. It was this adventurous feeling that lead him to the Doll House. That's not the exact name of the place but I think it's close. Anyway, Michael shared all the details of his visit to the Doll House and my first thought was, 'he's making it up.' There was no way this place could legally exist-not by what he told me that went on in there. Anyway, me and my two girlfriends were going to check out his story with a vist of our own.

It was me, Lisa and Laura. We went in the afternoon to avoid having to pay a $15 cover which my brother had to pay since he went after 5pm. We dressed somewhat provocative in an attempt to fit in. Besides all the dancers, we were the only females in the place...so much for fitting in.

Fortunately, the bar was nonacoholic. Neither of us really drank so we each ordered a soft drink, which was all they offered, which, by the way, cost $5 for one little cup (what a rip-off), and proceeded to watch the show. There were two dancers on stage when we arrived and about a dozen girls scattered around the bar flirting with the men. The place was packed and we were lucky to get seats at the bar. As we arrived, three men were being lead back to a secluded area by three extremely attractive women, so we grabbed their stools at the bar. We got a lot of looks from the guys in the bar, we're fairly attractive ourselves, and we settled in.

It didn't take long to see that my brother may not have been exaggerating. I had my eyes fixed on one of the dancers making her way around the bar. She had an exotic look to her, tall, about 5'9', blonde, and extremely hot. She stopped in front of this one guy and her hands went immediately to his cock...and I don't mean from the outside. She slipped her hand right down his pants and started massaging this guys dick. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. However, from the corner of my eye I could see one of the girls on stage taking off the top to her bikini. I was torn, but I refocused on the girl with her hand down this guy's pants.

She kissed his neck and whispered something in his ear. A second later they got up and she lead him back to the secluded area I mentioned earlier. I had an idea of what went on back there from my brother, but I had to see for myself. As I turned to Lisa and Laura to get their reaction, I couldn't believe my eyes. They both had dancers hanging all over them. One dancer had pulled Lisa to the edge of the stool and was grinding her pussy up against hers. Laura's dancer had her hands up her blouse. I couldn't help but stare. Either could anyone else in the bar as all eyes were on them. As I stare at Lisa and Laura getting hit on, I felt a soft hand gently caress my neck. I turn around to see a beautiful brunette. She was making her move on me.

My brother told me this would happen, even though I didn't believe him, and he told me to make sure I had at least $150 on me in case I wanted a few lap dances of my own...I had $200.

The brunette introduced herself as Jade and whispered in my ear, 'hey sweetie, you want to play?'

My tongue was tied. I couldn't utter a word.

'Is this your first time sweetie?'

I just nodded my head.

Jade stood in front of me, placed her hands on my shoulders and began massaging. 'You're so tense sweetie. Let me see if I can loosen you up.'

She moved in close, her breasts right in my face, and continued to whisper comforting words in my ear. 'That's good. Just relax and let Jade do her thing.' Without asking, she moved my face in between her breasts and reassured me, 'go ahead sweetie, kiss my titties. Make Jade feel good.'

Her hands moved slowly down my back. I wore tight hip huggers so she reached forward, undid my button, lowered my zipper and then moved her hands inside my jeans to my ass. She pulled me closer and got a better grip on my ass with her hands almost touching my pussy.

'You want to go somewhere more private sweetie?'

I just nodded, took her hand and followed her back to the secluded area. My pussy was drenched. I had never been so wet. I could literally feel my juices dripping. My inner thighs were more than a little damp. I felt like I wet myself but it was 100% sex juice. As I slid off the stool to follow Jade I noticed that Lisa and Laura were gone...no doubt beating me to the private area.

As we arrived in the area Jade asked me if I wanted a booth which was $20 per dance, or a private room, $30 per dance. I did some quick math and determined that I wanted to be totally alone with this hot babe. I didn't want to leave this place wondering what I may have missed if I settled for a booth. Yeah, I would have gotten four more dances in the booth, but my first instinct was the private room. Besides, I didn't know what Lisa and Laura chose and I didn't want to make the drive home having to hear their erotic stories from the private room.

Jade lead me to a private room in the back with my heart pounding and my pussy throbbing. I'm sure my body temperature was over a hundred. I could feel the blood rushing to my face-I was totally flustered.

As soon as Jade shut the door she told me to have a seat on a fairly large, cushioned bench. It was big enough to lay down on. I sat and watched Jade undo her top. She then sat on my lap, tossed her top onto the bench and pressed her breasts into my face. 'Enjoy 'em sweetie-they're all yours.'

I caressed both of her tits and breathed in her scent. Her aroma was intoxicating. Her tits were perfectly shaped with huge areolas and extremely hard nipples. All I wanted was to latch on to one of her nipples and suck. She must have read my mind as she immediately let out a direct but gentle commancd, 'Suck 'em sweetie. Suck my nipples, please.' She started to beg me, so I complied. After several extremely enjoyable minutes, Jade pushed me onto my back, lifted my legs and started to pull off my jeans.

'You want another dance cutie?' she asked, knowing that I couldn't resist.

She was about to strip me down to my soaken wet panties...there was no way that I could say no. I just nodded and she pulled them off, caressing my thighs as she did. She quickly lifted the wet crotch of my jeans to her nose, closed her eyes and inhaled. With her eyes still closed and a smile forming on her face, she exhaled and let out the sexiest moan I ever heard. 'I love the smell of cunt, don't you?' she said in a very low, sexy voice.

I just sighed and let out a moan of my own. Jade brought her nose down to my pussy and inhaled again through my wet panties. 'Your cunt smells so hot. You want to smell mine?'

I nodded again which was all I could do, and she quickly lowered her pussy to my face. She left her G-string on but I could see that she was soaked as well. Her inner thighs were very moist, to say the least. She stopped about an inch from my nose and I inhaled. WOW! I had never been so horny as I was at that moment. I knew that I couldn't do anything with her and that drove me crazy. If I was over Lisa and Laura's house, I could have my way with them, and I have, but this was more of a look, touch and feel experience, but there was no way that could I do anything.

Still, her pussy smelled awesome. As I continued to take in her scent she bent down and took a few more wiffs of my sweet snatch. Before changing positions she kissed my belly button, making me even hornier, and stood up. I sat up and watched her dance on the floor. She pulled her G-string up, exposing quite a bit of her pussy lips. She was shaved bare. WOW! What a view. She then reached down inside her thong and started fingering herself. I could see her hand go all the way down and I knew that she had penetrated that beautiful cunt of hers. After a minute of fingering herself she pulled her hand out and placed it under my nose.

'Your turn,' she said, as she laid down next to me. 'May I?' she asked.

'It's all yours Jade,' I replied.

'She talks,' replied Jade, flashing me a great big, sexy smile. 'Talk dirty to me sweetie. What nasty little things do you want Jade to do to you?'

'Make me explode Jade. Please,' I begged, a little whimper to my voice.

'Oh, I like it when you whimper sweetie.'

I continued. 'Finger me Jade. Please. I want to cum all over your hand so you can smell my fingers.'

'What do I get if I make you cum?'

I didn't even hesitate. 'I'll give you my panties but only if you give me your juice soaked thong. I want to take the smell of your cunt home with me.'

She agreed, stripped off my panties and her thong and began to gently massage my cunt. I closed my eyes and let Jade have her way with my snatch. She was a pro. She worked my clit like no one else ever has and that's saying a lot, because Lisa and Laura had brought me to some really great orgasms.

I sucked on her right nipple, totally lost in the moment. My head was spinning, my heart was throbbing and my pussy was gushing.

Jade brought me to the brink several times, making me squirm and producing more whimpers. 'Please Jade...I want to cum. Please make me cum. My pussy is ready to explode.'

She kissed me on the neck, increased the speed of her two fingers on my clit and produced a climax unequalled by anyone. (Sorry Lisa...sorry Laura) I had never felt so good in my life. I asked Jade for one more dance but I just wanted her to caress my body. She pulled my shirt and bra off and caressed my naked body for what seemed like only a few seconds.

'How about one more?' I asked.

'Only if you beg,' replied Jade.

'Please Jade. I need your fingers all over my tight little body. My nipples need your tongue all over them. Bite those nipples Jade...pleeaasssse.'

She complied and gave me the experience of my life. I couldn't wait to hear the details from Lisa and Laura. I had Jade's thong, so I was wondering what she was going to do. She must have known what I was thinking and replied, 'I have a ton of of these in the dressing room sweetie.' She put my panties on, pulled them into her cheeks, making them look like a thong, and gave me a great big smile.

I smiled back and got dressed. I went bare ass though as I wanted to smell Jade's pussy all the way home...and I'm sure Lisa and Laura wouldn't mind a wiff themselves. I stuffed her thong in my pocket, paid her the $150 I owed her and left-but there's no doubt that I will be back.



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