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2nd Time With Wife

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Second masturbation time with wife. Follow up from June 20th


As stated in my first story from June 20th the first time I masturbated in front of anybody was with my wife probably about a year ago. This has greatly increased our sex life and my weekly ejaculation quota.
The second time started with my wife coming into the room and she is a beautiful woman with a woman's shape and as my best friend says a definite MILF and he loves to hear my stories. Anyway she came into the bedroom to get ready for bed and I was thinking about the first experience from just a couple of nights ago. As she undressed to get on her pajamas the site of large dark brown nipples and sexy ass sent me over the top. She has always been a little bit of tease to me and enjoys getting me excited especially when we don't have time to do something about it. She slips on her tank top and that's it and climbs into bed. She notices the tent that I am pitching and says that 'Sorry I didn't mean to get you all excited'. Yeah right, and says you can take care of yourself. I am surprised that she is offering to let me do it right there in bed beside her and I tell her how much her ass turns me on when she bent down to get her tank top out of the drawer. She ask if I would like some inspiration. Much to my delight she says why don't you stare at me while you jack off. I now know that it really turned her on the other night watching me jack off. She then looks down at my cock which I have begin to slowly rub but since I'm still a little shy to this I ask her if she is really OK with this. She says I don't care and you need the relief. I lick my hand between my thumb and index finger like I always do to moisten my hand and start stroking myself faster. She is laying on her back beside me in a white tight tank top with those beautiful nipples dying to get out. She is watching me stroke my cock which since I've started working out and have flattened the abs and started trimming down my pubic hair and shaving my self around my penis and balls do look quite a bit larger. She is watching and lifts her shirt and starts rubbing her nipples which point up an inch in the air and which are silver dollar size but when she is excited scream suck on me. I can hardly stand it with her rubbing her hands on herself and feeling her nipples I reach down to touch her while I continue to stroke myself. She says no take care of yourself I love your big dick and making you excited. I feel myself start to come and and precum starts to leak out I slow down not wanting this to be over and watch her watching me is so exciting. As I continue to get closer she ask what the precum is and I explain I almost blew my load but stopped it and that some cum came out making even more lubricated. She is really putting on a show now and she spreads on leg over mine and now when I reach down and touch here she is so wet and starts spreading her legs wider as I rub her wet lips while I continue to stroke my glistening cock from salvia and precum.
As I stated earlier we have had your basic sex me on top or from rear 99% of the time up until the past year or so. So this was really blowing me away that my wife who probably let me go down on her maybe once a year for a couple of minutes was pushing my head down off the pillows and onto the bed. She climbed on my face and I started licking her all over the place and she was buring her sweet trimmed pussy back and forth all over my tongue. She said stick out you tongue and continued to rub her clit all over my nose and tongue. She then leaned back and I started rubbing my fingers on each side of her clit and licking her at the same time. She then leaned all they back while on her knees and spread them even wider where all I could do was rub her with my fingers on wet pussy. Then she slid forward and her anus was right there in my face and she was pushing forward.
Now from the day I met my wife if she said lick my asshole I would have at the drop of a hat. I did not know if I touched her there if she would hop off in disgust and our little episode would be over but I couldn't resist. I slowly licked the bottom of her pussy and between her pussy and asshole and she moved forward. I continued fingering her and licked even closer this time to her asshole and she spread her legs a little more. There it was 2 inches from me and I couldn't help it I licked her asshole all the way from top to bottom and she gasped. I did it a couple more times and she moaned and I continued until she leaned back more and gave me full access. I not taking this as a sign to stop so I am start licking all around her asshole, reaming her good with my tongue while rubbing her pussy with my fingers that are now dripping wet. She says this is the most intense feeling and crams her asshole into my face and as I feel her thighs tighten I look up to see her erect nipples let me know she is cumming and then she floods me with her juices and rolls off not able to breath from her orgasm. She says I don't know what you did but that was not fair it felt to good. Of course this all started to relieve me and she said you can't touch me down there, can you finish yourself. I am ready to bust from fulfilling one of my fantasies to ream my wife's asshole with my tongue that I know this won't take long.
I am up on my knees looking at my wife's ass and rubbing my dick that is so electrified and can't wait to come. She lifts her ass off the bed and starts placing it inches from dick and rubbing my testicles with her ass which is so soft. She lets me place the tip of my dick at her asshole as she rocks back and forth and I fell myself at the point of no return. She jams here beautiful ass up against my balls and dick and as thrust my first wad it lands right on her shoulder. She says how warm it is as continue to deposit several shots all the way down her back and she moans with delight as I shoot at least 6 or 7 shoots and I haven't come like that since I was 15 maybe never. My dick is so drained but I can't sleep from the excitement that I actually had to go the bathroom at about 3am to get some medicine but wound up jacking off to the thoughts of our 2nd night of a new tradition in our house.
Next installment will be depositing on my wives stomach.



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