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29 Years in the Making

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I often thought about him through the years. I indulged my memories from high school remembering the night we snuck outside his house and had sex on the grass under the moonlight; pretty romantic for two 17 year olds. I am sure to him it was just getting laid where we couldn't be caught, but after all these years I liked to envision it in a romantic way.

I had come to live with his family for a short time as a teenager through some pretty heavy drama in my house. My step father was a serious alcoholic and we got in a fight one night. I was never one to bridle my tongue which made it worse. It culminated into him grabbing me around the throat and tossing me down the hill in our back yard. I took off running at that point. I ran through the night, hiding and knocking on the doors of guys I knew from high school. I always had male friends; even now most of them are men. Eventually I called Steve, I knew him from a co-op class. We were acquainted. I never knew how taken he was with me until 29 years later. He asked his mother if I could stay with them. His mom, being the good mother she was called my mom to make sure it was ok.

So there I was, living in the same house with the guy who had already decided last month he would have my ass eventually. I had only been with one other guy at this point having lost my virginity about two months prior.

Shortly after arrival we were up late one night. His parents had gone to bed. Sitting on the couch the inevitable began, touching through my clothes, hands through my hair, kissing wildly. My hand slid down his stomach and I was still amazed at the hardness of a man's cock. Bulging through his jeans, I rubbed it intensely. I kissed his neck and slid down onto my knees on the floor. I undid his jeans and down to his knees they came with his underwear. His cock was so amazing. I had never looked at porn as a young girl so the sight of a real dick was fascinating. I started teasingly rubbing the tip. I could see his face fighting between sheer joy and fear of his parents catching us in the living room like this. There was no way he was going to tell me to stop. I was pretty creative for someone who had never jacked a cock before. Teasing and looking up at him from my knees, his hand reached down and landed on the back of my hand encouraging me to rub him harder. I wasn't that creative and began to lose time. He let me go, and he jacked himself, and it wasn't long before he was shooting cum onto my face, grunting through his orgasm. It never dawned on me to spit it out; I guess I just thought I would swallow it. I still had some cum on my mouth and stood up to kiss him leaning over the couch. I forced it into his mouth. He freaked a little. Can't really say what drove me to do that afterwards.

Eventually my mom shipped me back home to my dad's in Virginia and I never saw Steve again. My life consisted of a marriage to an alcoholic, big surprise, and three beautiful boys. Nineteen years was all I could take of that and finally found the courage to leave and stay gone. Divorce and three years of getting my life together ensued. Went back to college and my career began to take off. I had joined a very strict religious organization. Fast forward to sitting on Facebook one night, thinking about Steve. Began searching for his name; low and behold there he was. Wow, he had really gotten tall, and gorgeous! He was standing in his picture, cargo shorts, t-shirt and a pair of flip flops. I could view his other profile pic, he was a fireman. How hot was that?

I sucked up the courage to send him a message. I had no idea if he would remember me or even speak to me. The last time I saw him we had a teenage argument and he broke up with me. We were just kids though and 29 years had passed. I tried to be as casual as possible, asked him a question about someone we both knew in high school. He responded and we chatted back and forth a little. Finally it dawned on him who I was and the question came for my phone number.

That first conversation was amazing, we talked for hours. The next call became a little more open, sex was discussed and I had talked about my frustration during my marriage and the three years after my divorce. I had quit masturbating after joining the religious organization. It wasn't easy and I would slip and feel guilty for days. This conversation wasn't helping. Steve mentioned there were guys out there who liked sex as much as I did, even some who would prefer it three times a day. We were still talking in third person. I said if he found him to please send them my way, he laughed. I really had no idea he was talking about himself. The next day I was so embarrassed thinking this guy must think I am some kind of sex fiend and I apologized in an email thinking I had been inappropriate on the phone. He emailed me a kind of confession that had me glued to the screen. He talked about how he loved sex, partner and masturbation. He described his habit of masturbating on a daily basis. He was opening up to me to make me feel more comfortable about my own desires.

Needless to say, the conversations became more frequently about sex. I wanted to encourage it even more without seeming inappropriate. We were talking every other day and I had given up on restraining myself any longer. My sessions with myself were filled with fantasies about watching him jack off. He told me he was flying to Florida to visit with his parents. I was disappointed figuring I would not hear from him for a couple of weeks. Surprisingly he called me one evening from their house.

It wasn't long before the topic turned to sex again. I had begun writing out one of my fantasies with him and was kind of stuck explaining the sensations from a man's point of view. I got the nerve to ask him what it felt like. His descriptive words were more than I could handle. He talked about how it was like liquid velvet. I positioned myself across the bed and pulled my panties down to my ankles. Quietly as he spoke, I began fingering myself, carefully controlling my breathing so he would not know what I was doing. We spoke intimately about the feelings and I described what it felt like to have a cock inside of me. Steve was in the bedroom of his parent's house. I did not realize how far we had gone when his statement to me set me straight. He said 'Are we officially having phone sex?' Of course with my fingers in my pussy I said 'Yes, I think we are,' chuckling a little. I was delighted to find out he was touching himself, stroking his cock quietly to keep from being discovered by his parents, just like it was 29 years ago. I had never done this on the phone with anyone before, but I was delighted. I began softly speaking to him about the things I wanted to do to him. I was dripping onto the sheets by now, trying hard not to finish myself off too quickly. The thought of him sitting in the dark on the floor, stroking himself while listening to me talk was wonderful. I continued talking about sucking on his balls and licking him. It wasn't too much longer before that familiar sound rang out. That attempt to muffle an orgasm and grunting through it. I was absolutely delighted as he laughed. He couldn't believe he was back in his parent's house having an orgasm at my encouragement again after all these years.

He really encouraged me to embrace my masturbation again. I had to quit the religious organization, we weren't in tune anymore. They forbid masturbation. He talked me through sessions on the phone, bringing me to an orgasm and enjoying every minute of it. We began to understand that we had the same love for solo sex, sharing our porn and techniques. I cannot even count how many times in the last three years we have masturbated together on the phone. Early on I got to see it. He had a video camera for his computer and the most wonderful event happened one night. I got to watch it from beginning to end. He turned on the camera and there was that magnificent cock. His hand around it, his fireman's shirt unbuttoned and draped to the sides. His balls were shaved and he caressed them slowly, beginning to stroke his cock. Seeing his hand wrapped around himself was more than I could take. I took off my panties and propped one leg up on the computer desk. Watching with enthusiasm he began stroking it. It was so beautiful. He leaned way back in his chair so I could get a good view. I could tell he was well versed in this as he stroked it in different ways. The excitement level rose as he began bucking his hips, reaching for all he could in his hand. The head became so swollen and purple. I was stroking my clit vigorously watching all this. Then it came, that grunting sound he makes when he cums. His cum shot out of his cock onto his stomach and dripped down his hands. My mouth was watering; I just wanted to taste him. He ran his fingers through the cum on his stomach, scooping it up and showing me in the camera; sheer delight. I had no idea how much I loved to watch a man jack off, my ex had never done that for me before.

I am grateful to him for helping me embrace my masturbation again, encouraging me and sharing himself with me in this way. I am so open now and it brings me great pleasure to have sessions with myself, exploring new ways to pleasure myself. He has bought me some amazing toys and I have sent him a few too. We share a long distance love for masturbation. Who would have thought 29 years ago that we would find each other again and be so in tune with self play?



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