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23 Year Old Virgin

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I'm very greatful to this site for giving me an outlet for this very special event.


I'd always been shy and awkward around women. And, though I'd had a few relationships, none ever went beyond a few feels. The topic of sex was taboo in my family-so I never really thought about-even as an adult. This would change when I met Noreen.

Noreen was a very tiny Philippine woman in her late 20s. In spite of being married she constantly flirted with me. I knew she would never stray from her husband, which made the flirting fun and risk-free. She quickly picked up the fact that I was a virgin and often teased me about it.

One day we stopped for drinks after work. The chit-chat (as usual) went sexual, but this time she wanted answers. She wanted to know if I was ready to lose my virginity-and who I wanted to lose it to. Too shy to mention the girls in the office I said, 'you Noreen.' She smiled, but I could tell she wanted a real answer.

After more coaxing, I told her I wanted to lose my virginity to Michiko, a petite japanese girl, 5'4' with pert B-cup breasts. I had adored her from a distance, but we never actually spoke.

'Michiko hmm,' Noreen smiled and winked.

Fast forward several months...Noreen invited me to dinner in her home one Friday; her husband was away on business.

During dinner Noreen seemed more coy than usual. It was almost natural to hear her say that she wanted to give me some 'special' lessons... and lesson one was undressing in front of a woman.

My heart sank as she lead me to the couch and started unbuttoning my shirt. My skin flushed as I became naked in front of a woman for the first time. Several times I tried to undress her but she stepped away. I was too scared and shy to say or do anything.

Once naked, Noreen sat me down and instructed me to stroke myself. In spite of her insistance that this would help me overcome shyness I just could not. Noreen wasn't out of ideas yet.

After turning the stereo to soft music, Noreen told me to just close my eyes, relax, and think of Michiko. She then grabbed my wrist and lead me to masturbate. In no time, I was erect-and stroking myself as Noreen whispered words of encouragement. 'Let loose, Daniel call out her name.'

Naked, eyes closed, stroking in front of a co-worker and calling out Michiko's name-I was slightly consious of how I must look. At the same time I was in heaven with the whole idea of it... I was getting lost in the moment.

As I approached the 'point of no return', I heard giggling. Opening my eyes-sitting with Noreen, was.. Michiko!

I stopped stroking but it was already too late; my orgasm had begun. Staring with fear into Michiko's wide, but kind eyes-my penis erupted uncontrollably, stream after stream flowed from my body like it never had done before. The feeling was both wonderful and horrific at the same time.

This girl, whom I was too shy to speak with had just watched me masturbate as I screamed her name. There was nothing to cover-up with, I wanted to die. With a kind smile, Michiko got up and kissed my cheek-then both women cleaned me up.

As it turned out Michiko (a virgin then too) also had a secret crush on me. Noreen was (in her own naughty way) just playing match-maker. Michiko and I 'played' often after that...but never again with Noreen.

As I type this story, Michiko is stroking me. At 52, her body is still as pert as it was nearly 30 years ago. Thank you Noreen-wherever you may be, and thank you, Solo Touch.



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